Whazzat? These 10 cricketers have the weirdest bowling actions

Updated: 20 January, 2020 09:20 IST | Shawn.Dsouza
  • Paul Adams

    Paul Adams: The former South African bowler probably tops the list of weird bowling actions. Former England cricketer Mike Gatting compared the unorthodox spinner's bowling style to that of a 'frog in a blender'. Despite his head pointing towards the sky, he could perfectly place the ball in the area he intended to. Initially, he caught most batsmen by surprise, but later on, it wore off and so did his career. (Pic/ Midday archives)

  • Muttiah Muralitharan

    Muttiah Muralitharan: Unarguably one of the best spinners in history, this Sri Lankan bowler tends to flick the wrist in the outward direction and release the ball. This coupled in with his scary and intimidating facial gesture is pretty lethal to any batsman. The leading Test wicket-taker's vital doosra delivery is almost unplayable by a batsman. He was accused of throwing the ball during his career but he was yet undeterred. (Pic/ Pradeep Mandhani)

  • Sohail Tanvir

    Sohail Tanvir: The Pakistan left-arm pacer has quite a surprising bowling action to make it difficult to judge. To begin with, he delivers the ball off the wrong foot and his rapid arm motion gets the ball to come in quicker than it appears. He has been quite the treat in the T20 cricket format and also bowled a record spell for Rajasthan Royals taking six wickets. (Pic/ Midday archives)

  • Lasith Malinga

    Lasith Malinga: Malinga, or as he is famously known as ‘The Slinga’, can be quite intimidating right from the start of his run up. He rushes in full pace and then slings the ball in with a straight hand which appears to look like a throw. Although he is not much of a surprise to batsmen today, he still plays a huge role in bagging crucial wickets. He was pulled up for suspected bowling action but it has still not hindered his flow or form. The Sri Lankan pacer is a huge star in the IPL as well. (Pic/ Suresh K.K.)

  • Abdul Qadir

    Abdul Qadir: The Pakistani spinner was famously known for his wrist spin during the 70s and 80s. His variety of deliveries which he bowled with a straight arm caused confusion for the batsmen. It was later revealed that this style of bowling was all part of a plan to distract his opponent. (Pic/ Midday archives)

  • Colin Croft

    Colin Croft: One of the most deceiving run ups in cricket came from the West Indies pace bowler, Croft. He would run up to a wide angle at the crease and then release the ball inward bang onto the stumps or more so, into the batsman. He was known to be quite the aggressive pacer who inflicted pain on his opponents. (Pic/ Midday archives)

  • Saeed Ajmal

    Saeed Ajmal: One of the finest spinners in cricket, Saeed Ajmal was also pulled up for suspected bowling action. His rather slower-than-normal run up is followed by a stop after which he releases the ball with a straight arm. This also enables him to spin the ball effectively in both directions. (Pic/ AFP)

  • Johan Botha

    Johan Botha: The South African spinner is primarily an off-break bowler, but is unusual because he spins the ball with his wrists rather than fingers. This style rules out the possibility of him gaining much spin and hence goes for aplenty. (Pic/ AFP)

  • Jeff Thomson

    Jeff Thomson: The slingshot style of bowling was actually initiated by this Aussie paceman. Thomson's rather slow run-up would end with a surprisingly fast release of the ball towards the batsman so much so it looked as if he hurled it at him. This weird technique of bowling proved rather favourable to the Australian bowler.

  • Mike Proctor

    Mike Proctor: The South African pacer begins with an open-chested bowling stance followed by a double loop with his arm and then finally releases the ball. This helped him to swing his delivery late enough to make it almost unplayable. Later on, he switched to spin bowling due to several injuries. (Pic/ Midday archives)

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