Who is the real celeb? Bollywood doppelgangers, see it to believe it

Updated: 14 June, 2020 07:55 IST | Nikita Wagh
  • Aishwarya Rai's doppelganger

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: TikTok Star Ammuzz Amrutha is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan lookalike who has taken the Internet by storm. After Iranian model Mahlagha Jaberi and Marathi actress Manasi Naik, now Ammuzz Amrutha has been dressing up like Ash's characters from her various films and mouthing her well-known dialogues. The Idukki youngster is referred to as Ash's long-lost twin in her hometown.

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's doppelganger

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Mahlagha Jaberi, an Iranian model, also is famous as Aish's doppelganger. The gorgeous model's resemblance to our very own former Miss World is quite uncanny. Mahlagha Jaberi enjoys a fanbase of over 3 million followers on Instagram and after several polls conducted across the globe, she has been declared as the world's most beautiful woman.

  • Kiara Advani's doppelganger

    Kiara Advani: Meet Kalpana Sharma, a TikTok user, who has been garnering humongous attention on social media as she bears a strong physical resemblance to Kiara Advani. Kiara's look-alike is recreating dialogues that the actress' on-screen role Preeti mouthed in the 2019 blockbuster Kabir Singh. While Kiara continues to go from strength to strength in Bollywood with her consecutive hits Kabir Singh and Good Newwz, Kalpana is winning new fans on social media by being called as the doppelganger of the actress, who is quite nicely is aping her dialogues and mannerisms.

  • Priyanka Chopra's doppelganger

    Priyanka Chopra: Navpreet Banga, a Vancouver-based fitness blogger, took the internet by storm with her striking resemblance to Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra in February 2018. Navpreet was reportedly approached to be part of Bigg Boss 11, but apparently turned it down. She runs a YouTube channel on fitness titled BrownGirlLifts. This picture of Navpreet can be easily mistaken as Priyanka Chopra. Don't you agree?

  • Katrina Kaif's doppelganger

    Katrina Kaif: Netizens also unearthed a judwaa of Katrina Kaif. Model Alina Rai, who is a TikTok star, resembles Katrina and how! Alina Rai describes herself as 'a public figure shuttling between London and Mumbai' in her Instagram bio. She does have an uncanny similarity to Katrina. She has a massive fan following of close to 38 thousand followers.

  • Alia Bhatt's doppelganger

    Alia Bhatt: The Internet is proving to be a treasure trove of judwaas. And the most epic in the list is Alia Bhatt. A video of the actor's lookalike, dressed in Alia's Gully Boy character, had gone viral during the release of Gully Boy. The doppelganger is said to be from Uttarakhand and is seen mouthing the 'Mar Jayega Tu' dialogue from the film's trailer. The lookalike's bio on Instagram reads: "Pataka kudi from Uttarakhand. Pahadi girl (sic)." The youngster's uncanny resemblance with Alia's character had taken the Internet by storm.

  • Anushka Sharma's doppelganger

    Anushka Sharma: This photograph of Anushka Sharma's lookalike - American singer Julia Michaels - went viral for their uncanny resemblance. Julia even took to Twitter and shared a collage of their photographs and captioned it: "Hi Anushka Sharma, apparently we are twins." Anushka acknowledged the message and wrote: "OMG Yes! I have been looking for you and the remaining five of our doppelgangers all my life."

  • Sridevi's doppelganger

    Sridevi: Recently, the Internet found Sridevi's judwaa. A user, who goes by the name Rakhi on the social media video app, TikTok, is a lookalike of the late star. Her resemblance to Sri is uncanny. Rakhi has been attracting attention not only for her physical similarities but also for grooving and lip-syncing to the star's chartbusters. We wonder what Boney Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor have to say about her.

  • Madhubala's doppelganger

    Madhubala: The world always likened Madhuri Dixit to Madhubala, especially because of the softness in both their faces and their matching sunny smiles. Now, however, the internet has found another Madhubala lookalike and we think the resemblance is uncanny! Priyanka Kandwal, who is popular on TikTok, looks so similar to Madhubala that you will have to do a double-take to figure out who's who!

  • Jacqueline Fernandez's doppelganger

    Jacqueline Fernandez: Her lookalike Amanda Cerny is a Germany-based YouTube star. She enjoys her own popularity and has over 24 million followers on Instagram. Jacky met Amanda in 2018 and the duo had a fun time with each other. The Race 3 actress even shared pictures on Instagram and wrote, "We are convinced we have been separated at birth! (sic)". Recently, Amanda came to India for the sixth edition of the YouTube FanFest. Amanda came to India again in March end and met Jacqueline, and even attended a film screening with her.

  • Shah Rukh Khan's doppelganger

    Shah Rukh Khan: He has ample of doppelgangers, no doubts about that. But this doppelganger of SRK resides in Jordon and is a professional photographer. Several Instagram users shared some pictures of him who looks like the spitting image of SRK. In one of the pictures, we can see the man getting mobbed for selfies and autographs. According to one social media user, the lookalike is a professional photographer who goes by the name Akram al-Issawi. We are waiting for Shah Rukh's reaction about his internet twin!

  • Salman Khan's doppelganger

    Salman Khan: In January 2019, fan groups started sharing a video of Salman Khan's doppelganger in Karachi. The lookalike, whose identity is still not known, created a lot of buzz. The video is said to be recorded in Bolton Market in Karachi, which is known for its wholesale rates. Sallu's double was seen fiddling with a bike. Fans shared the video hoping that the Dabangg star would react after seeing his judwaa across the border. Some even started wondering what Sallu wanted to buy at wholesale rates at the market.

  • Jr. NTR's doppelganger

    Jr. NTR: Where there is a star, there is a fan. And where there is a fan, there is always a doppelganger. And south superstar Jr. NTR too found one! The popular Telugu actor Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr's lookalike also known as Tarak recently created a buzz on social media with NTR Jr's fan groups sharing his videos. The lookalike, who has been identified as Shaminder Singh is all the way from Bhatinda, Punjab. Shaminder, discovered his new identity when he went without a Sikh turban, his friends told him that he looks like Tarak.

  • Tiger Shroff's doppelganger

    Tiger Shroff: In July 2018, David Saharia, a model and fitness enthusiast from Mangaldoi, Assam, took the internet by storm with his pictures that had an uncanny resemblance to Tiger Shroff.

  • Emraan Hashmi's doppelganger

    Emraan Hashmi: In September 2018, Emraan took to his Instagram account to share the photo of his lookalike on his social media account, and netizens were stunned to see the similarities. He uploaded a collage of his doppelganger and anyone would confuse him to be the star. Emraan captioned the photo as, "Who's this cheater !! trying to copy me look ! [sic]." His caption supporting the photo was, "Nakal mein Hi Akal Hai" [sic]. That's a quote from his recent release Why Cheat India.

  • Karan Johar's doppelganger

    Karan Johar: In August 2018, Karan Johar, who is usually never short of words, went speechless after seeing the picture of his lookalike on Twitter. A user named Usman Khan, tagged the filmmaker and wrote, "People say I do look like Karan Johar, is it?" As soon as the photo was brought to everyone's notice, Karan Johar's fans couldn't get enough of it and started commenting on it. Comments such as: "Karan, you have a twin bro!", while another user wrote, "I really thought it's your old picture. Is he your lost brother?" A fan also wrote, "Yes! Karan Johar's doppelganger [sic]."

  • Saif Ali Khan's doppelganger

    Saif Ali Khan: This doppelganger of Saif Ali Khan is one of the most popular lookalikes of Bollywood celebrities. The picture of this gas station attendant, whose name is still not known, went viral in 2013 but is still being shared on social media. Such is the doppelganger's popularity. During Saif's movie Humshakals promotions, he joked about the virality of his doppelganger and said it was him changing his tires on that day. Saif said, "There is this rumour that there is a guy at a petrol pump, but that was me. That is me changing my tires in Bombay."

  • Ranbir Kapoor's doppelganger

    Ranbir Kapoor: In 2014, Junaid Shah, from Srinagar, Kashmir, made headlines as Ranbir Kapoor's lookalike. Junaid had told mid-day, "When Ranbir began shooting for his debut film Saawariya, my best friend Sana told me, 'Ek naya banda aaya hai and you look like him.' I was 17 then. Until 2010, only my friends noticed the resemblance, but after that, a lot of people started mistaking me for the star. I get a lot of female attention. I remember, at Lal Chowk in Srinagar, a group of girls hugged me and asked me for pictures. They said they will show off the pictures to their pals. Once at Boulevard Dal Gate, a group of girls stared at me. When I got into my car, they started running behind me and asked me whether I was Ranbir Kapoor."

  • Parineeti Chopra's doppelganger

    Parineeti Chopra: Her lookalike, Harneet Singh, is from Delhi, who belongs to a fashion designing background. Harneet shared her experience with mid-day, in 2014, when people noticed her striking resemblance to Pari. She said, "Ever since Parineeti entered the scene, people have pointed out the resemblance between us. But recently, after I got a pixie haircut like the actress in Hasee Toh Phasee, the resemblance became more obvious. Thankfully, I have not had any crazy moments till now, but a lot of people come and tell me that I look like Parineeti Chopra. When people compliment me I thank them but that's about it. I am not a Bollywood fan at all. I am not proud of the fact that I resemble the actress."

  • Arjun Kapoor's doppelganger

    Arjun Kapoor: Arjun Kapoor's lookalike Hitesh Gwalani is from Hyderabad. Fans noticed Hitesh in 2014. Sharing his experience to mid-day, he was quoted saying, "One of my uncles was the first one to tell me that I resemble Arjun Kapoor. I was also overweight like he used to be. Arjun used to weigh 137 kg at one time and so did I. One of my teachers put up my picture and a snapshot of Arjun on Facebook. People were confused between the two of us. While working out at a gym, a group of guys approached me and asked me whether I was Arjun Kapoor."

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