Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

Dec 28, 2018, 17:00 IST
  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    In what has been termed as a sensational Mumbai crime case, Kirti Vyas (28), a finance manager at BBlunt salon in Andheri was reported missing by her family on March 16. Kirti Vyas's co-workers Siddhesh Tamhankar and Khushi Sahjwani were arrested by the police and have been charged with murder and kidnapping. Interestingly, the cops have not been able to find the victim's body and the case rests mainly on traces of blood found in Sahjwani's car, CCTV footage and Call Detail Records (CDR) of the accused.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A 45-year-old self-styled godman was arrested for allegedly raping a 37-year-old housewife repeatedly for two months under the pretext of curing her of infertility. The housewife was desperate to conceive and approached the godman, who assured her of motherhood by performing various kinds of 'poojas' along with her at his home. The accused invited the woman to his residence on the pretext of performing pooja and he offered her holy water which was spiked. After she lost her consciousness, the self-styled godman raped her. He sexually assaulted the married woman on several occasions. Later the godman threatened to ruin the survivor's life by methods of witchcraft if she revealed the incident to anyone. However, she gathered the courage and registered a complaint with the police. The self-styled godman was arrested from his residence in Virar.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A 33-year-old woman who was a resident of Malad was murdered in cold blood by her brother-in-law. He stripped her naked before stabbing her to death at a cottage in Aksa beach. The police revealed that the duo was having an affair. On the fateful day of the crime, the woman told her husband that she was going to the market to buy a bag for her son and she would return home later. However, she went to spend time with her brother-in-law at a cottage in Aksa beach, which eventually led to her death. Later, it came to light that the accused acts were in self-defence as the woman, had pulled out a knife to stab him. The accused escaped the scene with minor wounds after fatally stabbing the woman by grabbing the same knife from her hand. He also revealed that the victim was allegedly having several other extra-marital affairs.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    Dombivli's Manpada police arrested two men for allegedly luring a seven-year-old boy to an isolated place and killing him after sexually assaulting the boy. According to the police, the accused raped the boy after giving him a sleeping tablet. They later raped him and threw him in a water tank. The incident took place in the afternoon near an under construction building. When the boy did not return home, his parents lodged a police complaint. A kidnapping case was lodged and the cops began investigations. They soon zeroed-in on the killers and arrested them.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A 14-year-old porn addict in Navi Mumbai took his obsession with sex too far when he raped his 16-year-old sister. The boy got addicted to porn and took advantage when his parents were out by forcing himself on his elder sister. This gruesome act continued for a couple of months before the abuse came to light when the family found out that the minor girl was pregnant. The boy was taken into custody.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A 38-year-old man from Thane, who was an alcoholic husband, raped and brutally murdered his wife by inserting a broken bottle in her vagina. He later strangulated her to death. On May 1, the Sahapur police found her body and arrested the accused. it was  revealed that the man earlier worked as a labourer and had to quit his job due to alcoholism. In order to support their two children, the wife took up a job at a packaging company. The man would beat her up if she did overtime. He later began suspecting that she was having an affair at her workplace. He later hatched a plan to kill her. He took her for a walk to an isolated place outside the village and began beating her up before he raped her. He then broke the bottle he carried along with him and inserted it in her vagina. After stabbing it 3-4 times, he strangulated her with her own saree. A case was registered against the accused.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A 24-year-old housewife beheaded her husband with the help of her lover in Bhiwandi. As per reports, the woman committed the crime and fled the area. the body was recovered after neighbours complained of a foul smell emanating from the woman's house. According to the police, the woman allegedly had an extra-marital affair with a 27-year-old man from the neighbourhood. The police said that the victim found out about his wife's affair, which led to frequent quarrels. While The woman then hatched a plan to kill her husband with the help of her lover. The cops are yet to arrest the accused.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A senior citizen was brutally murdered in Koparkhairne, Navi Mumbai by unidentified people, who barged into his flat. They pushed their way in and started beating him up with rods and utensils. When his son tried to intervene, they beat him up, too, and fled from the house. He was found lying on the floor, covered in blood when the Koparkhairane police reached the spot. The police are interrogating his son who was at home at the time of the incident. The search for the accused is currently on.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A 70-year-old mother was allegedly strangulated to death by her son after a quarrel over a trivial matter in Maharashtra's Nashik district, police said. After a squabble with his mother, the son tied her hands and legs and choked her to death. The incident came to light after the accused's brother reached home later that day. The culprit was arrested later and has been charged with murder.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    The Mumbai police arrested a man for allegedly raping an 18-year-old teen with an intellectual disability. Shockingly, this was the fourth instance of sexual assault against the survivor in as many years. While the 11 accused from the previous three cases were put behind bars, the latest accused had raped the teenager after 'marrying' her.

    According to sources from the Dindoshi police station, the rape was preceded by the teenager's disappearance. She suddenly left from her family's residence on November 14, and was nowhere to be found. Her family members approached the police, but were turned away by being told to look for her at their relatives' homes instead. On November 21, the Dindoshi police finally registered a missing person's complaint and launched a massive manhunt to find her. The cops and her family began looking for her in Versova and found her sitting outside a temple one night. She revealed that she had left with the accused who bought clothes and jewellery for her, including a mangalsutra and they got married in a temple. After the marriage ritual, she was raped by her 'husband' at his home. The very next day, he snatched her mangalsutra and threw her out of his house. The culprit, Raju, confessed to his crime after being taken into custody and booked under Section 376 (rape). Illustrations/Uday Mohite

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    The police arrest a husband-wife duo for killing a pregnant woman and stuffing her body in a suitcase in Ghaziabad. The arrested couple were staying in a rented accommodation in the same building as the victim. They hatched a plan to eliminate the woman and steal her expensive jewellery and clothes, which the victim had naively shown to the accused woman. After inviting the victim home, they strangled her to death and stuffed her body inside the same suitcase in which she had kept her jewellery and clothes.

    They took her valuables and her mobile phone and the accused woman went to her maternal uncle's house, while her husband disposed of the suitcase somewhere in Indirapuram. However, the couple was soon tracked and held, along with the stolen jewellery, clothes and the victim's mobile phone. They have been booked under Sections 302 (murder), 201 (causing disappearance), 316 (causing death of unborn child), 394 (robbery) of the Indian Penal Code and sent to jail.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    The Dindoshi Sessions court sent a 30-year-old laundryman Rakesh Kumar a serial molester, to seven years in prison. Rakesh Kumar was found guilty of molesting five minor girls. the survivors informed the cops during a police campaign in school in July 2016. The five minor girls of Std IV told their principal about the sexual harassment by the accused every time they went to fetch ironed clothes from him. The DN Nagar police were informed and they arrested Rakesh Kumar from his residence in DN Nagar.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A group of four men brutally beat up a 19-year-old boy and killed him at the Vikhroli Park Site area on the suspicion that he had stolen a resident's mobile phone. An officer of the Vikhroli Parksite police station told mid-day, "The arrested accused knew the victim and they have had tiffs over several issues. Around 6 pm on Monday, when Panchal was passing by the area, they stopped him and asked him about the mobile theft. When he denied having stolen it, they started beating him up." The victim was beaten up so badly that he became unconscious, after which locals rushed him to Mahatma Phule hospital, where he was declared dead.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A minor girl was allegedly gang-raped by a doctor and his friend inside the former's clinic in Ghaziabad. The incident took place in a residential locality under Muradnagar Police Station, said the cops. The eight-year-old was alone at home when the accused duo lured her inside the clinic by giving her Rs 20 and gang-raped her. When the girl's parents returned home, she narrated the ordeal to her mother and complained of pain in the abdomen. After a complaint by the parents, the police registered an FIR against the quack and his friend under section 376 of the Indian Penal Code and the Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The accused are still at large.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A pregnant goat was gang-raped by eight men in Haryana's Mewat district. The goat died to its injuries. When the owner of the goat realised that his goat went missing he launched a search with some of the villagers. On hearing strange noises from an old home in the village, the owner was shocked to find three men gang-raping his goat. On confronting them they alleged that five others had earlier raped the goat. In August 2018, two of the eight accused people were arrested for the crime.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A 21-year-old man was arrested in MIDC area in Mumbai, for raping and throwing a minor girl out of a second-floor building window. The 17-year-old girl resided in the same building with her aunt and uncle. On the day of the incident, the accused suddenly pulled the girl into the second-floor apartment and raped her. When the girl's uncle started looking for her, one of the neighbours told him that he spotted a man pulling her into the apartment. The accused panicked and pushed her out from the window of the apartment. He was later arrested by the police.

  • Worst crimes of 2018: BBlunt staffer murder, godman rapes housewife

    A boy after watching porn videos with his friends lured a girl with money and took her to an under-construction building in Satara. He then forced himself on her and when the survivor screamed, he threatened her. But when she threatened to complain to her father, he strangulated her. He then, with the help of his mother, disposed of her body. The Satara Police arrested the mother-son duo and registered offences against them under various sections of the IPC and POCSO Act.

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