WWE Raw highlights: Edge attacked by Randy Orton on return; Lesnar vs McIntyre at WrestleMania

Updated: 28 January, 2020 11:00 IST | Shawn.Dsouza
  • WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre

    Royal Rumble 2020 winner Drew McIntyre opened WWE Monday Night Raw as he signalled the WrestleMania 36 board and announced who he would face for the WWE title at WrestleMania 36 - Brock Lesnar! 

  • WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre, Brock Lesnar

    Drew McIntyre was later interrupted by Gallows and Anderson who stated that would want to have a go at him. Drew challenged them both to a Handicap match and won after hitting the Claymore on them. Although, WWE champ Brock Lesnar interrupted the celebrations and hit an F-5 on Drew McIntyre before leaving. This war just began!

  • WWE Raw, Charlotte Flair

    Charlotte Flair, who is fresh off after winning the women's Royal Rumble 2020 entered Raw in grand fashion and also was about to announce who she would face at WrestleMania, before Asuka interrupted the proceedings. Asuka went on to say that if she was in the Royal Rumble, she would win it, but Charlotte disagreed. 

  • WWE Raw, Charlotte Flair

    Asuka and Charlotte then took off where they left at WrestleMania 34 and fought each other. Both knowing each other well kept on countering their respective moves. Kairi Sane would then interrupt with the InSane elbow, thus giving Charlotte Flair the win via DQ.

  • WWE Raw

    Liv Morgan and Lana faced each other to potentially try an end their way with Rusev and Bobby Lashley banned from ringside. Liv Morgan managed to pick up the win after hitting the springboard flatliner on Lana

  • WWE Raw, Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy

    Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy defended their Raw tag team titles against Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens

  • WWE Raw, Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy

    During the match, Samoa Joe suffered an injury, which led Seth Rollins and Murphy to gain the upper hand on Kevin Owens and pick up the win, thus retaining their WWE Raw tag team titles

  • WWE Raw, MVP

    Montel Vontavious Porter - known as MVP made a big comeback to WWE at the Royal Rumble and was not going to close the book there. MVP made his return on WWE Raw and face Rey Mysterio but did not manage to win on his comeback

  • WWE Raw, Aleister Black

    Aleister Black, after his win against a local competitor, blamed himself for his elimination at Royal Rumble and vowed that he would not make the mistake he did in the past. Instead of waiting from some WWE superstar to bring the fight to him, he would take the fight to them

  • WWE Raw, Andrade

    Humberto Carrillo, who lost to Andrade at Royal Rumble in a bid to bag the U.S. title. However, Zelina Vega interrupted the match just when Humberto was about to pick a win, thus disqualifying Andrade, helping him retain his United States title. An enraged Humberto then DDTd Andrade on to the concrete

  • WWE Raw

    Mojo Rawley faced No Way Jose in a singles match for his 24/7 title and after the win R-Truth would pin Mojo to win the 24/7 title for another time again. However, before he could retreat, Mojo pinned him again to win his title back

  • WWE Raw

    Eric Rowan was livid after his quick elimination at Royal Rumble and a local competitor was at the receiving end.

  • WWE Raw, Edge

    WWE's Rated R Superstar Edge made his high-profiled return to WWE Raw after his comeback at Royal Rumble last night. Edge entered to a rousing welcome by the WWE Universe

  • WWE Raw, Edge

    Edge went on to address how he fought and trained hard to eliminate what ifs ever since he retired nine years ago. Edge went on to thank the WWE fans for their belief and support and although he did not confirm how long he would wrestle, he wanted the fans to be with him on the 'ride'.

  • WWE Raw, Edge, Randy Orton

    Edge's former tag team partner Randy Orton then came out and applauded Edge for his return and even proposed for a Rated RKO reunion. Edge was all game for it, but...

  • WWE Raw, Edge, Randy Orton

    ...Randy Orton, being the Apex Predator he is, hit Edge with am RKO that left the WWE Universe stunned.

  • WWE Raw, Edge, Randy Orton

    Randy Orton then went on to attack Edge as he placed his head between a chair and hit him with another one. As officials came to check on Edge, Randy Orton basked in the glory of his vicious attack

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WWE Raw after Royal Rumble saw some major announcement and a huge Rated R return! Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre announced who he would face at WrestleMania 36, Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy defended their RAW tag team titles against Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens while former WWE champion Edge marked his return on Monday Night Raw after 9 years. Pictures/ WWE

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