Civic officials claim that the paint fades owing to the extreme heat and humidity in the city. File pic

Motorists who stop right over zebra crossings because they can't spot them, will not be able to use the excuse anymore. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has earmarked Rs 10.44 crore to get all roads repainted with zebra crossings, lane markings (kerb lines) and stop lines in the suburbs (Bandra to Dahisar and Sion to Mulund).

The move will also benefit pedestrians, who face a lot of inconvenience from unruly motorists while crossing roads. According to civic officials, on most roads in the western and eastern suburbs, zebra crossings have all but disappeared, having faded away over time.

A senior civic official from the Roads and Traffic department said, "The faded road signs create a lot of trouble for citizens. Also, in the last six months, we have received several requests from the traffic police to make zebra crossings and lane markings visible. After the traffic police introduced the e-challan system, many motorists have been fined for halting ahead of or on the zebra crossing."

The official added, "Most times motorists argue that the zebra crossings or stop lines are invisible. So, we have finalised five contractors for five zones (western and eastern suburbs) to repaint these lines."

BMC has often been criticised for using poor quality paint that fades quickly. The BMC uses thermoplastic paint and civic officials claim that the paint fades owing to the extreme heat and humidity in the city.

The proposal for the work will be tabled in the Standing Committee tomorrow for final approval. Once the proposal is cleared, the agencies will have to finish the work in the next one year. The work also includes marking yellow strips for BEST bus stops and putting information boards to curb the speed of vehicles.

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