The recipe is divided into three different steps: 

Almond Sablee Dough Ingredients
>> 167 g flour
>> 100 g butter
>> 2 g salt
>> 62 g icing sugar
>> 21 g ground almond
>> 37 g eggs method
>> Mix flour and cold butter
>> Add salt, ground almond, and icing sugar
>> Add liquid ingredient (do not over mix)
>> Roll out 2 mm, cut 16x16 cm, and 8x8 cm inside
>> Bake at 170°C for 12-15 minute

Chef Fabrice at Taj Land’s End, Bandra. Pics/Satyajit Desai

Creamy mousse
Red fruits

>> 56 g raspberry purée
>> 56 g blackcurrant purée
>> 149 g eggs
>> 16 g sugar
>> 108 g white chocolate
>> 3 g gelatin leaves
>> 12 g lemon juice
>> 200 g whipped cream

>> Make an anglaise from raspberry purée, lemon juice, sugar and eggs. Add gelatin
>> Sift, then pour on white chocolate, cool down to 20°C
>> Combine with whipped cream 


Comme une meringue red fruits
>> 10 g gelatin leaves
>> 115 g sugar
>> 135 g water
>> 63 g lemon juice
>> 63 g blackcurrant purée
>> Soften gelatin in cold water
>> Boil water and sugar
>> Add lemon juice, purée and gelatin, and boil once again
>> Pour on candy tray,
Put in freezer
>> Put in mixer bowl and whisk till a marshmallow texture
>> Put back in candy with a lot of icing sugar, cut in small cube
>> Decorate with fruits

Complimentary campari at Maritime
Enjoy a complimentary glass of Campari at the newly-opened Maritime by San Lorenzo at the Taj Land’s End. The Campari cocktail will be paired with Italian specialities.
Where: Maritime by San Lorenzo, Taj Land’s End, Bandra
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Sunday brunch
Sunday is a day to break the diet regime, and the brunch at Seven offers over 30 dessert options including the ice-cream bar, chocolate fountains and made-to-order puddings, crepes and waffles.
Where: Seven, Palladium Hotel, Lower Parel
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In the story carried last week, October 13 -- Year of Good Food -- the name of Chef Ambar Samtani was spelt incorrectly. Also, Birdsong serves only organic food. The non-organic ingredients in the recipes were for readers to try at home.