David Beckham's pet dog Olive goes for grooming in a limousine

London: Football star David Beckham treats his pet pooch to trips in a limousine for a grooming session twice a week.

David Beckham's Instagram picture with his dog Olive
David Beckham's Instagram picture with his dog Olive

The 40-year-old, who owns an English cocker spaniel called Olive, treats his pet to a beauty treatment called a dogzilian, which involves the pooch getting a haircut under her tail, reports

The treatment is also used by Beckham's movie director friend Guy Ritchie's dog called Coco.

"It's mad. Becks and Guy are both devoted to their puppies and spend a fortune sending them in a limo to a groomer twice a week together," The Sun newspaper quoted a source as saying.

"They even go to each other's houses so they can play and get walked together. They know people will laugh but they don't care. They go down to the pub with Olive and Coco and show them off to the other drinkers," the source added.

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