'How do I get her to stop rejecting me repeatedly?'

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I have been in love with a girl for 5 years, but she shows no interest in me. I can't live without her but she doesn't want to be involved with me at all. How do I convince her or stop this feeling? — Sajad

If she's not interested, she's not interested. There's nothing you can do about it because life is not a Bollywood film. Most human beings have, at some point or another, been madly in love with some unattainable person. They deal with this and move on. I suggest you forget about her and think about why you are denying yourself a possible future with someone who may love you as much as you love this person.

The girl I was in love with has been engaged to someone else chosen by her parents. My exams are coming up and I can't concentrate on anything. I am terribly depressed and am not in touch with any of my friends either. I have no support, but my memories of her are killing me. Please help me. — Jeelan B

I don't know how I can help, to be honest, considering you haven't mentioned whether or not the girl in question reciprocates your feelings. Being in love with someone is perfectly okay, provided that person feels the same way and chooses to be with you. If you are simply in love with someone else, who has decided to abide by her parents' wishes, I'm not sure what option you have but to accept that decision made by an adult, and move on. Your exams will shape your future and, like everything else, time will help you deal with this. I suggest you focus on things that matter for now, as opposed to things that are completely beyond your control. Don't isolate yourself. Speak to family and friends, go out and live a little. Depression and isolation are inter-dependent. You need social interaction, so please don't shut yourself in. There is no shame in seeking help.

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