Rohan Chaubal (31), who passed away on Sunday due to blood clots in his brain, will continue to live on. After he was declared brain dead, Rohan’s family decided to donate his organs in the hope that it will help save lives.

Rohan Chaubal was admitted to the Sushrusha Hospital in Dadar on May 3, after he suddenly collapsed
Rohan Chaubal was admitted to the Sushrusha Hospital in Dadar on May 3, after he suddenly collapsed

Rohan was admitted to Sushrusha Hospital in Dadar on May 3 after he suddenly collapsed. Post the incident his left side was paralysed. His wife Gauri Chaubal recalls, “When we took him to the hospital, we found out after several tests that he had blood clots in the right side of his brain. The clots continued to increase with time. As a result, his brain was affected and he slipped into a coma in the next 2-3 days. The doctors were quite transparent with us and kept giving us updates. At one point, they told us that there is no hope left.”

No hope
It was then that the doctors put forth the option of organ donation and asked the Chaubals to decide. “He was on a ventilator. His blood pressure was in control, but we knew there was no hope as he was not breathing on his own,” Gauri said. When doctors told the Chaubals about organ donation, it was made clear that since Rohan is brain dead and his organs can be donated because they are in a good condition.

Gauri, who is a media professional, added, “By the end of it, he was on ventilator. It was for us to decide, after doctors clearly told us there was no chance of him recovering from this condition. It had not struck to me till doctors told us about the option of organ donation. We made a quick decision because it could help save lives and it is also a way for him to live on, through his organs. His father has been very supportive in taking this decision.”

Felt good
“We had two options — either taking him off the ventilator and taking the body home for cremation, or keeping the ventilator on and preserving his organs to donate them and then take the body home. We chose the second option. It felt good,” said Gauri. The decision was taken on Sunday morning. It took one and half day for the entire process to complete and Rohan’s body was then cremated yesterday afternoon.