I am 22 and like to wear diapers

To add to my ordeal, I have a fetish for wearing adult diapers and acting like a baby. I don’t see anything wrong with it because I do it in my privacy. But at the same time, I’m worried someday my roommate, who is also one of my colleagues, will find out about me and create a scene in office. Please help me.
— Felice

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Felice,
You certainly have a strange fetish for wearing adult diapers. If you don’t suffer from urinary problems, it beats me why you need to pad up! It’s really strange and combatting with diaper rashes is another problem. I assume you dispose it off quietly in the trash so your colleague-cum-roommate is unaware of it. Having a sexual preference is a personal choice and your colleagues have their choice. You need to respect it. May be socially you need to mingle with groups who subscribe to your thoughts, you may then find people who reciprocate your feelings.

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