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In the 2011 American documentary, Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, which lets you in on the renowned 85-year-old Japanese chef Jiro Ono’s quest for mastering the art of making sushi at his 10-seater, three-Michelin starred sushi diner, Sukiyabashi Jiro in a Tokyo subway station, Ono mentions, ‘The most important part of making good sushi is creating a union between the rice and the fish. If they are not in complete harmony, the sushi won’t taste good.’

If you’re keen to learn the art yourself, sign up for a two-and-half hour hands-on sushi masterclass in Khar, organised by Bluebulb, a city-based experience curating company. “We have been organising this workshop since last December and the response has grown quite a bit.

Sushi is still a fine-dining phenomenon, and will stay so until more budget sushi outlets debut. However, there is a growing awareness that sushi is not raw fish. You can also make vegetarian sushi, because essentially it is a roll prepared with vinegar-soaked cold rice and a garnish, which can be anything you like, even leftover tandoori chicken,” says co-founder Regan Rodricks.

Celebrity chef Anjali Pathak, who has taught sushi-making classes for four years in London, before she moved to India last year, will conduct the workshop. Each guest will learn to craft two Maki rolls — Futomaki (fat roll) and Uramaki (inside-out roll). “I will use salmon as the raw fish filling and also teach guests how to make Yakitori, Japanese-style grilled skewered meat or vegetable served with a tare (sauce). They can choose vegetarian or non-vegetarian options,” says Pathak.

On June 18, 7 pm
At: Khar (W).

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Cost: `2,699

What makes a sushi spread?

1. Futomaki (fat rolls) made with three fillings by chef Anjali Pathak comprise:

2. Sushi Rice is short grain rice with a sticky texture flavoured with vinegar, salt, sugar and occasionally with sake. Sushi can be made with brown, black or white rice.

3. The black-coloured seaweed wrappers are called nori. They’re made from sea kelp or algae, rolled thin and allowed to dry in the sun before being cut into sheets.

Chef Anjali Pathak
Chef Anjali Pathak

4. Sushi grade fish must be frozen at extremely cold temperatures to kill parasites. Salmon is a favourite variety of fish used in sushi. Other varieties are tuna, soft shell crab, eel, yellow tail, snapper, crab and mackerel.

5. Made of wooden bamboo sticks, the mat used to roll sushi is called makisu.