Khau Galli: Shree Datta Boarding

Oct 24, 2013, 09:09 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The non-vegetarian menu is short and simple, and offers plenty of chicken and seafood preparations including Malvani classics like Pomfret Fry (R150) and Chicken Liver Fry (R100) and Mutton Curry(R120) among others. 

Pic/ Sameer Markande

The food is served both as standalone dishes, but we would suggest you try any of the Thalis, which offer a mix of almost everything. We, loved the Chicken Thali (R155, in pic), especially; it is served with Kombdi Wade, Chicken Curry, Rice and Sol Kadi.

The Sol Kadi is to die for — thick and spicy, it makes for a great alternative to refresh your mind after a hard day at work. The food might be a tad spicy for a few, but less than what is served at most Malwani eateries.

What we love about the eatery is the urgency with which they tend to your orders, as if they knew in advance that you are dropping by. A great option for authentic fare, be ready to wait a bit due to its tiny space and popularity.  

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