MSSA claims another Rizvi school cricketer is overage

Mar 03, 2016, 08:15 IST | Sundari Iyer

The Mumbai Schools Sports Association (MSSA) yesterday claims that one of the Rizvi Springfield's (Bandra) U-14 Giles Shield players is overage and that the boy has also breached another important rule, which restricts a player from featuring in the inter-school tournament for more than three seasons.

MSSA has claimed that the boy, whose name has been withheld by mid-day as the charges are yet to be proved, has been playing in the Giles Shield for four years.

Birth date varying
According to MSSA cricket secretary Esmero Figueiredo, the school sports body's checks have revealed that this particular Rizvi player's birth date varies.

"This boy played for St Xavier's High School (Fort) in 2012, as a Class VIII student, with his birth year being 2000. Then, in 2013, he was admitted to Anjuman-I-Islam Allana English (CST) in Class VII and the birth year was changed to 2002. The boy has been playing for Rizvi since 2014 and is currently in Class VIII. His year of birth is 2002," said Figueiredo.

The player's father, however categorically, denied that his son ever played for Anjuman. Figueiredo said a decision on the matter will be taken later this week: "We have the necessary details, but MSSA president Fr Jude Rodrigues is out of office for a few days, so we will initiate action only after he returns to office on Saturday."

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