Makhana, also called fox nuts or lotus seeds, has been creating quite a buzz as a guilt-free snack. But the humble, non-cereal grown in the stagnant water of wetlands, tanks, ponds and ditches, caught our eye in a different avatar when we spotted it at a supermart recently. Though there are many flavours and brands of the 'super food' available, Divinutty's assortment of makhana flavours in jars stood out on the display shelf. Our favourite picks were the wasabi, jaggery and sesame flavours.

This gluten-free snack is light on the tummy, and the kick from wasabi gave our evening cravings a pungent high. The jaggery and sesame combo is sure to be a hit among sweet-toothed folk, even more so since the natural sweetness of jaggery is a healthy bonus.

Other flavours include Tomato & Pepper, Mint (Pudina), Peri-Peri, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Caramel, Cheese & Herbs.