Mumbai food: This pocket-friendly Dadar eatery is perfect for hangouts

A new, restaurant in Dadar gives your regular night-out a boozy kick with imported liquor served at MRP rates, modern Asian fare at affordable prices and drinking games that wait at your table

 It was love at first sight as we locked gaze with a wall covered with a fun, illustrated maze of questions directing us to eat, drink and play at soon-to-launch MRP (My Regular Place) in Dadar (E). Located on the ground floor of Hotel Midtown Pritam, the latest offering by Pritam Group of Hotels (also own Grandmama’s Café, Terttulia and PDT) promised to be more than just a regular eat-and-drink night-out, and held on to it by offering cool, wooden gaming boxes on each table — featuring a spin bottle, deck of cards, dices, ping pong balls and even join-the-dots coasters — and shots that came attached to a mini foosball set. Featuring an indoor and al fresco section, a well-stocked bar, rope chandeliers and tables large enough to accommodate both, dart games and food platters, the spacious restaurant presented a cheery vibe, offering pocket-friendly, modern Asian bistro fare. While molecular gastronomy techniques made a stray appearance as foams and spheres, thankfully, they didn’t overpower the flavours.

(From left) Molecular DSLR; a DIY version of Prawn & Fish Fajita
Molecular DSLR

Drinks at MRP
In sync with its name, the bar stocks a variety of imported liquor (from sake and single malts to Chilean wines), which you can avail of at the MRP. However, it comes with riders — the offer is available only on full and half bottles of imported alcohol and if you can commit to a minimum spend of Rs 750 per head on food. From the drinks menu, we tried two of their house cocktails, Orient Express (Rs 280) and Molecular DSLR (Rs 320). A lip-smacking blend of vodka, orange juice and homemade basil and lemongrass syrup, Orient Express was perfect to help us get rid of the monsoon blues. Meanwhile, the vodka, litchi and passion fruit concoction that appeared in a glass shaped like a DSLR, with litchi spheres on the side, was high on presentation and flavours.

A DIY version of Prawn & Fish Fajita
A DIY version of Prawn & Fish Fajita

Miso meets Mac & Cheese
Helmed by chef Puronjoy Das (of Cafe Nemo fame) and chef Gracian D’Souza, the food menu featured soups, small plates, baos, dim sums and Asian mains with innovative combinations like a Caesar salad with a Korean Gochujang dressing and Patrani Fish with ramen noodles. We began with Boneless Chicken Wings (Rs 280), a small plate of crispy and succulent meat squares on a bed of a heavenly, sweet bourbon glaze. Served with tapioca chips and a jalapeno-mayo based Bang Bang sauce, the sponge soft Wheat Protein (Rs 220) bao, stuffed with cilantro, cucumber, pickled daikon and kungpao sauce, was a burst of spicy-tangy flavours.

Wheat Protein Bao served with tapioca chips and Bang Bang sauce
Wheat Protein Bao served with tapioca chips and Bang Bang sauce

Next, a traditional bamboo container featuring corn tortillas appeared on our table, with a platter of piping hot Vietnamese fried rice, crispy wontons, Singaporean chilli sauce drizzled on cooked fish and prawns. We loved this DIY version of Prawn & Fish Fajita (Rs 490) that scored high on taste, especially for its melt-in-your-mouth prawns.

Boneless Chicken Wings With Bourbon Glaze
Boneless Chicken Wings With Bourbon Glaze

A wall covered with a maze-like illustration of questions. Pics/Datta Kumbhar
A wall covered with a maze-like illustration of questions. Pics/Datta Kumbhar

While we failed to detect any Asian flavours in MRP Mac & Cheese (Rs 370), it was comfort food at its best, with crispy, seasoned mozzarella sprinkled on a bed of well-cooked shitake bolognaise. As we wrapped our meal with a not-too-sweet and light Coconut Milk Panna Cotta (Rs 225), including delicious macerated pineapples, from the dessert section over Coldplay’s Hymn For The Weekend, we were happy to have found our perfect weekend haunt, away from the din of Kamala Mills.

Opens on: June 29 (12 noon to 3 am, no children post 7 pm)
At: 20 Dharamputra, Pritam Estate, Dadar (E). 
Call: 9699990036

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