Dear Diana,
I always make fun of my girlfriend about the way she dresses. She comes from a middle-class family whereas I'm better off than her. We are committed and plan to tie the knot next year. The only glitch is she doesn't take my jokes kindly anymore. Earlier, she used to laugh like hell whenever I pointed out her middle class upbringing in jest. The worst happened last weekend when she threatened to break off if I didn't stop throwing stupid jokes at her expense! Is her behavior normal?
- Tushar

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Tushar,
There is only a limit you can take. And your girlfriend is in no mood to take any more of your nonsense. Initially she must have laughed off your jokes but now she feels offended. That's natural because you are repeatedly making digs at her. Once in a while it is okay but constant jibes hurt. What if she had to make fun of your background and your dressing sense. How would you like it? I am sure you would have created a big hue and cry. Remember she is dressing according to what suits her and what she can afford. If you feel dressing is so important, she is not the girl for you. Naturally she wants to break off. So think hard next time you make a dig at her again.