My wife has lost interest in me

I don’t even know when exactly this phase started but now when I look back, it becomes pretty apparent that we have lost interest in each other. She works six days a week and is always tired. We haven’t started our family yet so my friends think that it’s better to have a kid soon. That might help our case but I’m not so sure. After all, it’s not just physical intimacy, it’s also about not being able to connect with each other like we did in the early days of our marital union.
— Pranay

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Pranay,
It appears that you have lost the magic feeling with your spouse. After a number of years of marriage, you may have gotten so comfortable together that you lost that spark that brought you together. Or your life may be so demanding that you have no time to connect. Don’t give up on your marriage or settle for the mundane, instead recapture the magic. And why blame your wife only? You too are equally to blame. Take the initiative by giving her a helping hand at home, so that she has time to spend with you. 

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