Mumbai: Ten puppies stoned to death in Oshiwara

Sep 29, 2016, 14:58 IST | Gaurav Sarkar

The mother of the puppies comes to check if any offspring is alive
The mother of the puppies comes to check if any offspring is alive

The growing intolerance towards animals in the city touched another high when brutalised bodies of ten puppies were found in a Oshiwara slum on Wednesday morning. An animal activist alleged some local drug addicts and alcoholics are to be blamed.

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“It (Bhagat Singh Nagar) is a very big slum, and you will find many notorious people, who are usually drunk and/or under the influence of drugs in certain isolated parts, who might have killed the puppies. In the past too, they have attacked the dogs in the neighbourhood,” said Amit Pathak. A group of teenagers found the pups while on their way to school.

“On Tuesday around 7 pm, I checked on the litter and they were fine. But when I was going to school today (Wednesday) morning, I saw that all the dogs were dead. Most of them had injury marks on their bodies. Ears of some were almost ripped apart. A puppy was assaulted so badly that it had a hole in its chest,” said Victor Moses (14), who used to take care of the litter.

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He then informed his mother who called up Pathak. “She told me that apparently it seemed like someone has smashed the puppies with stones and other instruments. One puppy was still alive when she called up, but it passed away within the next few minutes,” said Pathak, adding that the incident took place after 2 am.

Victor and his friends buried the dead puppies and finally left for school. That the locals did not lodge any complaint throws light on how casually we take cases of animal cruelty, still.

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