In what could possibly be a first in Mumbai, if not the world altogether, a set of quadruplets, who were born in Byculla's Masina hospital on September 17, 1987, will also share another important date in their lives -- December 17, 2011 -- the date they all got married.

Sirajuddin Sakharkar, 48, and Banu Sirajuddin, 44, who gave birth to sons Nofil, Navid and Naqeeb and a daughter named Naila, married off their children on Saturday in a common ceremony in Byculla.

The newlyweds Navid and Sajida, Nofi and Shadma, Naila and Sabir,
and Naqeeb and Afreen. Pic/Bipin Kokate

According to Sakharkar, who runs a bakery and a pickle factory in Ratnagiri, a common wedding was logical since they were all of the same age and would also save them the expenses of organising four different weddings. "There was no use for having different ceremonies for each of them and I had always wished that they get married on the same date," said Sakharkar.

Among the children, two are working. Nofil is employed in the sales department of a Colaba restaurant called The Lalip, while Navid works as a sales executive in a watch showroom in Saudi Arabia.

The other two, Naqeeb and Naila are completing their education. According to Banu, becoming a mother to quadruplets completely changed their lives. "Giving birth to my babies was very difficult. But what God bestowed upon me is more than anything in this life. They grew up together and never had any fights among them."

All four of them were reportedly very close and even went to the same school -- Rosary High School in Dockyard Road. Banu said,"I now pray to Allah that I get lovely grandchildren."