RSS takes up drought-relief works in Maharashtra

Dec 10, 2015, 10:37 IST | PTI

Mumbai: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) today said it had taken up several drought-relief works in Maharashtra, such as construction of barrages, spreading awareness about water conservation and providing fodder for animals.

Speaking at a press conference here, 'Seva Pramukh' of western region, Dr Upendra Kulkarni, said, "After a meeting on December 3, RSS, with the help of almost two dozen associations and NGOs, has taken an initiative to implement several measure to overcome the drought in Maharashtra, especially in the Marathwada region.

"Our volunteers would work in the field of water conservation with a plan to build barrages as well as widening, deepening and rejuvenating of rivers in 12 districts with an expenditure of Rs 7 crore. A group of experts and
engineers has carried out a survey of some villages in Aurangabad and Jalna district which are severely affected by the drought," he said.

The funds would be raised through public participation and contribution from the industry under the corporate social responsibility. The work would continue till the next monsoon arrives.

"The RSS is experienced in the field of water conservation and has been active in drought relief work in 180 villages in 12 districts through its associate organisation Jan Kalyan Samiti as it has already built five big water sources in 2013 with the help from donors. It helped increase the water level in 100 villages," said Kulkarni.

The organisation would also be making available food for the children in drought-affected areas. It will also provide fodder for animals at 70 camps for 180 days.

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