Should I meet the guy I met online?

Oct 11, 2011, 09:32 IST | Diana
Dear Diana,
I met a guy through an internet chat room three months ago. We talk about all kinds of things, but mainly about life, our thoughts and feelings. There are no sexual overtures in the mails. I am 26 and single while he has told me he is 30 and single. But of late I have started considering him as a soul mate. I look forward to his mails everyday. There is no talk of meeting up and we are happy just emailing. Do you think this is wrong? Also, what if we really are soul mates, do you think one day we should plan to meet? Or have I started falling in love with him?
- BP

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear BP,
Good heavens! There is nothing wrong in two adults exchanging emails as long as it doesn't prove to be harmful to anyone. If it makes you happy, write on. But if you're thinking of him as a soul mate then you you would want to meet him. It looks like you have fallen in love with him on the basis of his mails. You don't know what he looks like and whether what he tells you is the truth. Now that you have developed feelings for him, I suggest a meeting. See how he reacts but at the same time be prepared that there could be a disappointment waiting for you. Anyways best of luck.


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