Security guard broke into the Zaveri Bazaar jewellery shop he was supposed to be protecting, stole 2 kg gold and 30 kg silver in the wee hours and fled

A watchman allegedly burgled jewels worth Rs 80 lakh from the jewellery shop in Zaveri Bazaar he was supposed to be guarding in the wee hours yesterday.

Break-in: It is suspected the accused had alcohol with the other
watchman and after the latter passed out, he cleaned out Mateshwari
Jewellers of gold and silver worth Rs 80 lakh. Pic/Milind Karekar

Dalpat Singh, the owner of Mateshwari Jewellers, Dhanaji Street, Silver Mansion was shocked when he saw that his shop had been broken into and around 2 kg of gold and 30 kg of silver had been stolen.

"On Monday morning, Dalpatbhai reached his shop in Aadeshwar Market and found that he was burgled while one of the two watchmen standing guard was asleep outside," said S P Gupta, secretary, Aadeshwar market.
Singh registered a house break-in case with the LT Marg police station. Along with the jewels, the other watchman also went missing.

There are two watchmen to keep guard at the shop -- Anil Mishra and Devraj Singh. Devraj was recruited from a private security firm and he was deployed at the shop on night duty. On Sunday night, Devraj and Anil had alcohol together, and after ensuring that Anil was sound asleep, Devraj must have fled with the valuables, cops said.

"We suspect the role of the watchman (Devraj) and are investigating the case," confirmed Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone II) Anil Kumbhare.

"The security firm does not have a photo or address of Devraj. The police are having a tough time tracing him," said Gupta.

Meanwhile, Anil was admitted to GT Hospital as he was feeling drowsy even the morning after.