• The India Pakistan merry-go-round

    The India Pakistan merry-go-round

    Narendra Modi’s invitation to SAARC leaders for the swearing in May was a smart move and it threw three groups into a spin

  • What can Shastri do in a few weeks?

    The Indian cricket board’s decision to appoint Ravi Shastri as Director of Team India as the fires of defeat still burn on the current tour of England makes little sense in the long-term benefit of Indian cricket

  • Belonging everywhere and nowhere

    Belonging everywhere and nowhere

    A year ago I took the decision to leave Mumbai which has been my spiritual and real home for most of my life and shift to Dehradun

  • Enjoy festivals, but put safety first

    With Dahi Handi over and all the controversy that marked the run-up to the festival on the ebb, it is time to take stock of how the festival was marked in Mumbai this year, given all the brouhaha about children not being allowed to break the handi, the political claptrap that accompanied statements and finally, the festival itself

  • Assessing Indo-US defence ties

    Assessing Indo-US defence ties

    There is an interesting, but uncomfortable dichotomy in United States’ relations with India and Pakistan.

  • Dhoni's IPL comment in poor taste

    At a time when Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s affinity to Test cricket is under question, he comes up with a ridiculous utterance about the Indian Premier League (IPL).

  • Master Class with Kangana

    Master Class with Kangana

    "We thought of Kangana as the first guest because she's a compelling actor with an incredibly diverse body of work," says film critic, Anupama Chopra, about the Film Companion Master class, which she will be conducting later this evening at a suburban multiplex in Mumbai

  • Untouched by pain

    Untouched by pain

    Robin Williams’ suicide shocked us all, though for most of us our only connection to the Hollywood actor was through his films or comic acts.

  • Why is coach Fletcher silent?

    India coach Duncan Fletcher’s aversion to the media is well documented. Rumour has it that not interacting with the media on a regular basis was one of his conditions before taking over as India’s head coach in 2011.

  • Stirring up the melting pot

    As the F&B sector in the city witnesses a semi-lull this season, barring the odd big-ticket opening, one hopes that it’s the calm before the storm, leading up into the festive season and the end of the year.

  • Congress-NCP can't live with or without each other

    In the third week of June, CM Prithviraj Chavan was on the brink of losing his chair, thanks to NCP’s pressure tactics and manoeuvrings in Delhi.

  • Forwarding friends

    Forwarding friends

    When domestic Internet connections first became common, it used to be possible to search for contacts on Hotmail

  • 'Even a bad film needs so much talent'

    'Even a bad film needs so much talent'

    Can film critics make or break a film? Should critics have minimum qualifications?

  • RIP, Roaring Comedian

    RIP, Roaring Comedian

    Robin Williams. Oh Mork from outer space. O Captain! My Captain! I’m so sorry about this. It was so unexpected, so
    utterly tragic

  • Butter is now Out of Reach

    Butter is now Out of Reach

    Thou shall not covet another's property. Stealing is bad. And yet, Hindus worship a thief

  • Some food for thought

    Some food for thought

    Do you think God gets stoned? I think so...look at the platypus.” Not many can forget this quote by Robin Williams. 

  • Sinister 'enumeration' in Telangana

    Sinister 'enumeration' in Telangana

    Three days from today something outrageously extraordinary is scheduled to happen in Telangana, the newly created 29th State of the Union of India

  • Hold contractors accountable for bad roads

    There could be two explanations for someone spending double the amount that he should, on a particular product either the product is needed with desperate urgency, or there is a hidden, corrupt agenda, with siphoning of funds involved at some level

  • Modern patriotism means opening ourselves to change: SRK

    Modern patriotism means opening ourselves to change: SRK

    On the occasion of Independence Day, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan pens his views on what it means to be Indian in today's day and age, in a special column for mid-day

  • Cops must come down hard on train bullies

    Yesterday, this paper ran a front page report about a fight over a window seat in a local train, when an Ambernath-based woman tried to force a Vithalwadi resident out of a compartment of a CST-bound train, and then slapped her