• Power play over Iran

    Power play over Iran

    The news from Lausanne is confusing. But that is only to be expected in the complex endgame that is being played out between the P5+1 and Iran over the latter’s nuclear programme

  • Government must be able to think differently

    Yesterday, this paper ran a two-page photo feature on the State Paralympic Games held at the Dharavi Sports Complex in the city, under the headline: ‘Fable of Able’

  • Journey of a thousand miles

    Journey of a thousand miles

    "I knew 'Queen' is a special film, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would get me an award from the government of the country"

  • On Sena turf, it's do-or-die for Rane

    By-polls attract attention only when big names are involved. In Maharashtra’s recent political history, the last by-elections people watched with excitement featured Narayan Rane, the Shiv Sainik-turned-Congressman

  • Mumbai must move up the list

    Last week, two bits of news came as a shot in the arm for city lovers, heritage buffs, and anybody who wishes that Mumbai retain its original fabric and character despite it appearing as a daunting, if not Herculean task

  • Lee-way may not be our way, but we could learn

    Lee-way may not be our way, but we could learn

    On Sunday, Singapore bid a final goodbye to its founder and much-admired leader Lee Kuan Yew

  • Let's make a racket about Saina

    Saina Nehwal is standing atop badminton’s Mount Everest as world no 1 women's player, taking great gulps of oxygen. She summitted when Carolina Marin of Spain lost her India Open semifinal at the Siri Fort over the weekend

  • What, men,  why men?

    What, men, why men?

    What men, why you attacking us, men? What my fader did to your fader, huh? Accha, you tink I’m being paranoid about us Catlicks being targeted?

  • Are you a homo-wife?

    Are you a homo-wife?

    An acquaintance of mine, good-looking middle class gay man, is getting married

  • Think


    Rishi Kapoor was my first movie star crush, the first poster inside my cupboard. There was something light and fun about Rishi Kapoor on screen

  • Bollywood as a minority

    Bollywood as a minority

    When people talk about Indian cinema, almost invariably, Bollywood is the elephant in the room, squishing all other Indian cinemas under its considerable weight

  • Why India Lost

    Why India Lost

    It has come to my attention that many in India are labouring under the assumption that India lost the World Cup semi-final because sport is a thing of vagary

  • How we can make a gift of life

    Yesterday, the city marked Maharashtra Organ Donation Day. It is a day that is not on everybody’s radar, and yet, there were sporadic initiatives around the city to debunk the myths surrounding organ donation

  • mid-day analyses Team India's ICC World Cup campaign

    mid-day analyses Team India's ICC World Cup campaign

    As dust settles on India's World Cup campaign, Men in Blue and their fans should look back on the '7-1' scoreline with pride; it's a reminder of the team’s ability to make courageous comebacks

  • Fighting misogyny

    Fighting misogyny

    I recently saw a very powerful play, Jan Se Mann Ki Jai Ho, on the plight of women in India and around the world

  • Attacking Anushka is just not cricket

    After India’s loss to Australia in the World Cup semi-final, there have been plenty of Twitter taunts and WhatsApp jokes, and social media is abuzz with posts both backing and panning the Indian team

  • Saving Private Anushka

    Saving Private Anushka

    Perhaps the most insidious form of Indian misogyny is blaming Anushka Sharma for Virat Kohli's lack of performance in yesterday's match

  • KB's words meant the world to our footballers

    KB's words meant the world to our footballers

    Last Saturday, I went to the Cooperage to attend a 4:30 pm condolence meeting in memory of the late sports writer K Bhaskaran, who had passed away earlier in the week

  • Play hard, play fair in Sydney today

    The image of New Zealander Grant Elliott holding a flat-on-the-ground South African Dale Steyn’s hand after Tuesday’s dramatic World Cup cricket semi-final at Auckland will be an enduring image of the mega event

  • These laws should be next after Section 66A

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down the reviled Section 66A of the Information Technology Act in its entirety for violating the fundamental right of speech and expression