• A parade of stand-up comedy acts in Bihar

    A parade of stand-up comedy acts in Bihar

    Political speeches in Bihar and interviews of politicians have transcended the sphere of politics and jumped into the realm of wild and wicked

  • Let good triumph over evil

    As the city gets ready to mark nine nights of dandiya and garba grooving from tomorrow, let’s try to make this festive season truly joyous for everyone, and not just for the revellers who click sticks

  • Facebook or Mukha Pustaka?

    Facebook or Mukha Pustaka?

    Guru Tamasoma was in a foul mood. India will never succeed because government is completely confused about its priorities, he told Mantriji

  • Chaurangi-nath and the false accusation

    Chaurangi-nath and the false accusation

    In the Bible, we hear the story of how Joseph is falsely accused of rape by the wife of Potiphar

  • I'm Godsmacked!

    I'm Godsmacked!

    Years ago, my playwriting teacher Carl Miller, during a lecture on ‘Where ideas come from’, advised us, “Read, scan and scour the newspapers, they are granaries of juicy tidbits and numerous ideas for potential drama

  • How about a new tune?

    How about a new tune?

    When I fleetingly saw a mention of “Shiv Sena protests Ghulam Ali concert”, followed by “Taslima Nasreen expresses dismay”, you can understand that I thought Twitter and I had jointly travelled back to 1998 when the Sena barged into and stopped another Ghulam Ali concert

  • Bengal monsoon in US, with hilsa fry

    Bengal monsoon in US, with hilsa fry

    Do join us for the annual monsoon lunch which we are hosting this year. There will be khichudi, beguni and ileesh maachh bhaja,” Mrs Banerjee was insistent with her invitation, as I got out of the car, a Saab fitted with a fabulous music system from whose unseen speakers Hemanta Mukherjee's digitised voice wafted out, warm and mellifluous, untouched by the icicle-forming chill of the air conditioner on full blast. Even at this late hour, almost close to midnight, the heat outside was blistering.

  • Time for workers' rights to take centre stage

    The glamorous film industry hides an ugly face of apathy and insensitivity towards its own workers.

  • The cost of justice

    The cost of justice

    The Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan’s decision on Wednesday to maintain the conviction of Mumtaz Qadri by an Anti-Terrorism Court is being hailed as a landmark judgement

  • Facing mental health with dignity

    Tomorrow is World Mental Health Awareness Day. It is a day that is not very well known in Mumbai — it certainly has to catch up with the hi-octane fervour that accompanies Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day

  • Bullish in a China shop

    Bullish in a China shop

    His bullishness on India is being seen as an endorsement of the NaMo regime, which is why, when on his recent visit to Mumbai, Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of the British advertising conglomerate WPP, which owns global brands J Walter Thompson and O & M, chose to stay at The St

  • Indian cricket charcha at its finest

    Indian cricket charcha at its finest

    Two highly stimulating cricket events — the ‘Dilip Sardesai Memorial Lecture’ and ‘Remembering Frank Tyson’ were held in Mumbai recently drove home the importance of pure cricket charcha

  • Kids, your parents aren't the enemy

    A 14-year-old boy allegedly committed suicide after his mother scolded him for playing games on his mobile phone, asking him to study instead

  • Setting the stage

    Setting the stage

    We spoke to Devraj Sanyal, Universal Music's larger than life head honcho, about his latest triumph: that of being chosen as one of the judges in India’s first-ever homegrown English singing talent hunt, The Stage, to be aired on TV this weekend

  • The great Indian political game

    The great Indian political game

    The lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, not far away from the national capital, New Delhi, has shocked and dismayed most Indians but not, as it turns out, for the same reasons

  • No time for passing the buck

    Dr Ravindra Diddee (70), a Mumbai dentist was driving down SV Road towards Mahim on October 1

  • Unsolicited cross border aggro

    Unsolicited cross border aggro

    One would think she'd be the last person who'd want to enter a tweet battle, given how her last war of words on the micro-blogging site ended, but the phrase once bitten twice shy, does not seem to be a belief of Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar

  • Fun with bloopers

    Fun with bloopers

    Readers of a Filmfare would remember a column called Readers Don’t Digest, in which people would write in with gaffes they spotted while watching movies

  • Mumbai needs better surveillance

    Yesterday, this paper carried a front-page report about a heist in SoBo’s swish Oberoi-Trident hotel, where three Rolex and three Panerai watches, worth Rs 36 lakh, were stolen from a display case in a vestibule connecting the Oberoi and Trident hotels

  • Rewriting his story

    Rewriting his story

    Whoever it is, he certainly has a sense of twisted literary humour. Yesterday when Manu Joseph, author (Serious Men and The Illicit Happiness of Other People) and columnist for the International New York Times, posted a wry comment on an online hoax, it elicited an expected share of chuckles