• Manohar could usher in a memorable era

    The negotiations are over, compromises made, and the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle is slotted tightly. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has a new president!

  • Cracker of a Lit fest

    Cracker of a Lit fest

    The centenary edition of the Khushwant Singh Lit fest, which unfolds this weekend and in which we are participating, appears to be a real cracker of a fest

  • Nemo's play station

    Nemo's play station

    Anant Chaturthi may be over, but the city is still worshipping Ganesha idols made by artisans from across the country as many communities keep idols up to 21 days

  • The missing ink

    The missing ink

    How wide people smiled to see you last week. A month-old bundle bravely swaddled in a huge theatre foyer, surely the youngest member of the audience

  • Remake in India

    Remake in India

    People say India is chaotic. Yet, what looks like chaos to some, is also an incredible diversity genuinely trying to accommodate different needs, journeys, approaches, contradictions

  • Staying in love

    Staying in love

    Now, this no one writes poetry about. Nor prose. No one sings about it. Not Madonna or Beyonce

  • Science and the Rishi

    Science and the Rishi

    A minister recently allegedly told scientists in the defence industry to be like rishis. He was referring to the story of sage Dadhichi who gave up his body so that his bones could be used to make the Vajra weapon for Indra, king of the gods

  • So much ban baaja!

    So much ban baaja!

    I was back in frenetic Mumbai after a trip out of the country. I got off the flight and took in a breath of the city’s familiar, polluted air

  • Listen to your heart, Mumbaikars

    Yesterday, on Gandhi Jayanti, this paper carried a piece about how a woman in labour was forced out of a taxi on her way to hospital by a heartless driver.

  • Needed: Mindset change on cleanliness

    Needed: Mindset change on cleanliness

    Governments, or, to be more accurate, politicians, love to pat themselves on the back while claiming success rather than let people judge their performance. Delivery in our country is not assessed by the masses, but by their masters.

  • Why are people reading more?

    Why are people reading more?

    The book loving-luddite in me jumped with joy at the news that book sales, in print, are on the upswing

  • We need reforms, not whimsical taxes

    The state government’s mid-term move to burden distressed people with additional taxes to raise money for drought-mitigating measures smacks of an insensitive approach to fiscal management

  • From Mehboob to Dior

    From Mehboob to Dior

    Come to think of it, most of our communication with Kangana Ranaut has taken place between Europe and Mumbai!

  • The Big Boys are playing

    The Big Boys are playing

    Syria and Iraq are no longer just a do-and-kill struggle being enacted by extreme radical Islamists in their brutal search for a Caliphate

  • It's time to beat the 'age-old' issues

    Today, we mark the International Day of Older Persons. This day was observed for the first time in 1991. Globally, the day is marked by raising awareness about issues affecting the elderly

  • Coming of age

    Coming of age

    Very close to where I now live outside Dehradun is a construction site for an enclave for “senior living”

  • An eye for an eye will make the world blind

    Two women constables, who were caught on camera assaulting a girl at Lalbaugcha Raja, have now been suspended

  • Celebrating in style

    Celebrating in style

    Guests at Wasabi this weekend were treated to a substantial dose of glamour when industrialist Adi Godrej, Chairman of the Godrej group, (and recently declared to be in the top ten of India’s richest men) celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife, the uber hostess and philanthropist Parmesh, in the company of their three children and families

  • Narendra Modi: The nation's unmatchable salesman

    John Chambers, Chairman of Cisco Systems said of Prime Minister Modi, “you (PM Modi) are an amazing ambassador of your country....PM Modi will change the world

  • Giants of Asia in Silicon Valley

    Giants of Asia in Silicon Valley

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping have just made back to back visits to the United States