• Partying with James Blunt

    Partying with James Blunt

    "There are a lot of boyfriends who've been dragged along tonight. Sorry, mate!" said soft rock troubadour and international female heartthrob James ('You're Beautiful') Blunt this weekend, at one of the last concerts of his Moon Landing World Tour, which took place in Bournemouth, very close to where he grew up

  • From the ghats of Varanasi to the bylanes of Chhapra...

    After a couple of days at Varanasi where citizens are quite confident of their candidate making it to the Prime Minister’s chair, I took off for Chhapra, headquarters of Saran district and the constituency where Rabri Devi is going to contest against Rajiv Pratap Rudy and possibly a candidate each from Nitish Kumar’s JD (U) and Mayawati’s BSP

  • The Misfits

    The Misfits

    Like people who live near airports cease to react to the noise of an airplane, it took a friend, who is not a habitual theatergoer to point this out: Why do audiences in Mumbai laugh at scenes that are meant to be sad or sensitive?

  • Shastri on probe panel is a no-ball

    At a time when the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) should be seen making genuine efforts to earn back their lost credibility, they do the unthinkable and recommend to the Supreme Court the name of Ravi Shastri in a three-man panel that is expected to help stamp out corruption in the game

  • Mijwan goes international

    Mijwan goes international

    “At a time when Azamgarh is being maligned as ‘Aatankgarh’, it’s a huge thing that tiny Mijwan is bringing the area so much glory,” said Shabana on her way to Tampa to attend the IIFA Awards

  • Whose heritage is it, anyway?

    Last week, on April 18, World Heritage Day was observed across the globe. In Mumbai, barring mid-day and one of the city’s broadsheets, the date went largely unnoticed

  • How the Lok Sabha polls matter to your city

    Even though so many of the country’s prominent leaders hail from Mumbai, the city has rarely had these leaders fighting at the Centre for its betterment

  • Fear and hysteria as campaign tools

    Fear and hysteria as campaign tools

    Those who don’t want Modi will have to go to Pakistan, those who vote for Congress want Muslims to rule India like Babar did, those who vote for BSP want upper castes finished forever, those who vote PDP want Kashmir to go to Pakistan, those who vote for CPI want India to become a satellite of Russia/China

  • Political parties must campaign responsibly

    The campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections reached fever pitch this weekend, and understandably so

  • A nice man to know

    A nice man to know

    We spoke to our friend, the peripatetic Suhel Seth. He sounded chuffed about his tribute to his old mentor Khushwant Singh

  • All love lost for the Taj

    While World Heritage Day was celebrated globally on April 18, Agra’s residents seemed indifferent to the Taj city’s rich historical legacy.

  • R.I.P Knight In White Satin

    R.I.P Knight In White Satin

    Nandu Bhende passed away last week. I didn’t know him well. But his father, thespian Atmaram was a strong early influence.

  • Tea and diversity

    Tea and diversity

    Last week The Hindu newspaper allegedly issued a circular stating that employees could not carry non-vegetarian food into the common canteen, because it made the majority vegetarians feel uncomfortable.

  • The hijra legacy

    The hijra legacy

    The Supreme Court of India has finally recognised hijras as the third gender. This must be seen as a victory of ‘Indian culture’.

  • Much hate for the media

    Even though I didn’t find enough indicators of a mother-of-all-elections on the streets of Varanasi, speak to the average Banarasi and he or she would definitely have a view on the political sentiments of a majority of citizens

  • Narendra Modi and the Indian Media

    Narendra Modi and the Indian Media

    A recent tweet by a former editor of this newspaper, Abhijit Majumder, got me thinking about journalism, and what it has come to represent in an era of social media, the Internet, blogs and 24-hour television

  • Will Ajit Pawar's insensitivity end his career?

    A string of controversial comments has put the Deputy CM Ajit Pawar’s credibility on the line, with the future of his political career now at stake

  • What you see on TV is not what’s on the ground

    I am writing this from the temple town of Varanasi, or as I was told by a long-time resident: the land of learning and burning, the latter reference being because the city is the preferred destination of many to die, and attain moksha

  • Making money from music

    Making money from music

    More than 70 per cent of all music sales in India is film music. More than 100 per cent of all discussion around music in India is focussed on film music

  • Revere, respect heritage sites

    Tomorrow, Friday April 18, is World Heritage Day or International Day for sites and monuments