• Of hot air, and balloons

    Of hot air, and balloons

    Since May 26 is the new day of all things important in India, I have made a list of things which I did not want to write about today

  • Marking a milestone for the LGBT community

    Today, the curtains go up on the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival which is the country’s biggest Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) film festival

  • Kangana's double dhamaka

    Kangana's double dhamaka

    "My favourite part from Tanu Weds Manu Returns?" It was our friend Kangana Ranaut, who in spite of the collateral damage that her box office and critical hit TWMR, has wrought on various Indian industries, appears to be the epitome off cool

  • The Modi govt's real test is yet to come

    The Modi govt's real test is yet to come

    Governments today face scrutiny on their 100th day, sixth month, first year or some equally arbitrary period

  • Mumbai Police must protect its sources

    Mumbai Police recently appointed a team of housewives as undercover detectives, trained to spot and help nab rapists and molesters

  • Raj Kapoor's true-blue heir

    Raj Kapoor's true-blue heir

    Could there be anything that epitomises the swashbuckling Kapoor charm more than this archival picture taken in the fifties, featuring family patriarch Prithviraj, surrounded by his three handsome sons, Raj, Shammi and Shashi Kapoor, with his grandson Randhir Kapoor on his lap?

  • In search of chai, and India

    It began at Mumbai’s domestic airport itself

  • BJP takes its wake-up call in state seriously

    Big celebrations aren’t unexpected when party delegates from across the state meet for the first time after winning power

  • Happy birthday and hello reality

    Happy birthday and hello reality

    It is time to say Happy one-year birthday to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government this week

  • Pakistan Cricket Board must wake up

    The extent of desperation within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for a bilateral series against India showed up in no small measure on Saturday when their chairman Shaharyar Khan told reporters that he was disappointed to hear BCCI functionary Rajeev Shukla say that the resumption of India-Pakistan cricket ties is not close at hand

  • Star Moms and other friends

    Star Moms and other friends

    A gang of prime Mumbai divas, many of who happened to be the moms of some of Bollywood's hottest stars, gathered on Saturday afternoon to bring in the birthday of Sheilu Mahtani-Lehr

  • Parenting as 'timepass'

    Parenting as 'timepass'

    The Aruna Shanbaug case has highlighted many deep flaws in Indian society. First, hardly anyone has acknowledged the fact that Shanbaug was, in fact, a whistle blower. Nobody has celebrated her courage and martyrdom for a higher cause; she is seen mainly as a rape victim

  • Illegal, and more

    Illegal, and more

    These days, rather too often, the line between bona fide outrage (which can take many forms, not all of which can be termed reasonable) and effective means to counter or combat what is a wrong, or wrongful action, gets blurred.

  • All about our Indian Palm Squirrels

    All about our Indian Palm Squirrels

    Sure, most Bollywood fans must have heard that old, yet famous song, "Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan, zara hatke jara bachke ye hai bambai meri jaan" — loosely translating to, "It's tough to survive in this city of Mumbai, you ought to beware and be alert!

  • Gladiators among us

    Gladiators among us

    No, this is not yet another article on much admired filmmakers who confuse Bollywood with European art house cinema, Mumbai with Chicago, cannot take any criticism, and declare they want to sulk in grand exotic locations, when the market does not indulge them, to that favourite background score of drama queens, 'I will survive!'

  • Second guesses

    Second guesses

    What happens when you keep second-guessing? You usually guess wrong. Ask Sonam Kapoor. Sonam Kapoor is a style icon

  • Big cats and grand staircases

    Big cats and grand staircases

    We can now adopt an animal each, announce the good folks at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. They have just lost Beauty, a young Royal Bengal tigress. This may be a great idea

  • The romance of a storm in the east

    The romance of a storm in the east

    There was no intimation of a storm when I left home for work. It was only after I hit the Expressway that I spotted the dark, menacing storm, roaring across the highrise-dotted dust plains that separate Delhi from Uttar Pradesh

  • Discrimination is just not done

    That religions in India have never had a harmonious equation is like stating a truism

  • Cricket comes home again

    Cricket comes home again

    Today, Pakistan will play against Zimbabwe at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Pakistani cricket fans are ecstatic

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