• The Accidental bestseller

    The Accidental bestseller

    No one can be happier about Sanjaya Baru’s ‘Accidental Prime Minsiter’ becoming such a success more than his friends, amongst who we count ourselves

  • Why May 22, not May 16 is the Results Day for news channels

    Guess which result is going to be the most awaited by news channels across India? The elections results on May 16, of course

  • Swearing by patriarchy

    Swearing by patriarchy

    Abu Asim Azmi of the Samajwadi Party’s interview to this newspaper took us right back to the horrors of patriarchy that women and men have to face in the country

  • IPL mess won't be forgotten easily

    As the seventh edition of the Indian Premier League, cricket’s revolutionary star-studded 20 overs tourney begins today, the glitzy league opens with controversy throwing its long shadow over it

  • Talking to Bill, schmoozing with Ben

    Talking to Bill, schmoozing with Ben

    Last year, when we had attended his talk with Bill Clinton, we recall congratulating our friend, the banker Uday Kotak, not only on his hitherto unknown moderating skills, but also on the excellent execution of the evening

  • Sharma vs Sharma on Saturday

    These are busy days for every news media editor. Whether it’s a newspaper, newsmagazine, news channel or news website, editors and editorial executives are up to their neck with work

  • The PMO files

    The PMO files

    All of you have probably heard of the law of unintended consequences

  • Can big names lift Indian football?

    Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly were just two of the more famous names amongst a host of other high-profile winning bidders for the Indian Super League of football

  • Oh Calcutta!

    Oh Calcutta!

    And so finally after two decades we went to Kolkata. We went, ostensibly to attend the “International Vine & Food Experience” curated by the acclaimed Sommelier Keith W Edgar and hosted by the Taj Bengal, but also because having lived in and loved the city when we’d been residents of it many years ago, we were curious to experience Kolkata first hand

  • Policy potential

    Policy potential

    With the RBI and IMF taking steps that are set to help economic growth, the future looks good for the markets

  • Markets pin hopes on polls

    Markets pin hopes on polls

    With Lok Sabha elections on in India, the stock markets seem to be sensing that a stable government will be formed and are doing well as a result

  • Celebrate the local

    A couple of years ago, as one was discussing possible getaways for mid-day’s travel section, with a colleague, it came as a shock that she, a Mumbaiite, wasn’t aware of the existence of the Matheran hill railway

  • Manmohanomics and its decline

    In the twilight of his 23-year old long political career, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, once hailed as the saviour of national economy (remember the 90s?) must be quite relieved that he has reached the end of this long, twisted and treacherous road that Indian politics has taken him through

  • No contest in Amethi and Varanasi

    No contest in Amethi and Varanasi

    The so called ‘Big Fight’ in both these constituencies is all made up to generate excitement for TV. Amethi will go to Rahul Gandhi and Varanasi will go to Narendra Modi. I am willing to stick my neck out on this and call

  • Why delay awards for worthy artistes?

    Fifty years after he wrote his first song Mora gora ang laile in Sachin Burman’s cult film Bandini, the powers that be have finally deemed 79-year-old Sampooran Singh Kalra a deserving candidate for the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Lifetime Achievement, which is conferred by the government

  • What does Cannes want?

    It’s that time of the year, when the Indian film industry gets jittery, as the Cannes Film Festival (May 14-25, 2014) is round the corner.

  • Will the Rupee rise in May?

    Will the Rupee rise in May?

    Last May, after the US Federal Reserve first announced a likely roadmap for Quantitative Easing (QE) taper, Morgan Stanley labelled India as a “fragile five” club member with other emerging economies such as Turkey, South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia.

  • Thumbs up to dumbed down?

    Thumbs up to dumbed down?

    I’m writing a book. Moron 1 asks me, “Accha who’s bought the movie rights? Karan Johar?

  • Age is not just a number

    Age is not just a number

    Where do Dream Girls go when they grow old? If Sunset Boulevard is to be believed, into a nightmare.

  • Lotus in hand

    Lotus in hand

    No, this is not about political parties that use the lotus or the hand as their symbol. This is about Padmapani — he who bears the lotus, a Buddhist image from the Ajanta caves in Maharashtra that is among the earliest surviving artworks of India.