• How recklessness lands one in deep water

    In a tragically familiar tale, a reunion of 14 school friends from Mumbai ended in grief as two of them drowned at Bhushi Dam in Lonavla on Sunday. According to the Pune Rural police, this is the fourth drowning incident reported at the dam in one week

  • Shahid's unique boy's night out

    Shahid's unique boy's night out

    Perhaps it is not a coincidence that Shahid Kapoor would present what according to us, is his finest performance, on the weekend preceding his wedding to Mira Rajput, the girl his family found for him (making all the maidens in India cry)

  • A tribute to a city icon

    For decades, we’ve marvelled at the charming architecture that greets us each time we approach Bandra’s railway station

  • Madrassas: Modernisation is good, politicisation isn't

    Ahead of last year’s Lok Sabha elections, the then Congress-NCP government in Maharashtra had announced a scheme of modernisation of madrassas (Islamic seminaries) in the state and had sanctioned annual aid ranging between Rs 2 and Rs 5.8 lakh for each madrassa

  • A spy spoke about lies. Are we surprised?

    A spy spoke about lies. Are we surprised?

    Should a former Intelligence chief have written a book in which he revealed secrets that were, at best, open secrets but now have been verified as true? Mr AS Dulat was chief of the Research and Intelligence Wing (R&AW) from 1999 to 2000 and post retirement he was advisor to Prime Minister Vajpayee on Kashmir affairs

  • Ashes: Strap the boots and kick the booze

    The Australian cricket team has some highly skilled players, who can turn a match on its head in a session, if not in a day

  • Despitable me

    Despitable me

    In 2005, shooting for Q2P, a film on toilets, I asked a group of men what will happen if women pee on the road just like men? They giggled

  • Filmmaking in the new economy

    Filmmaking in the new economy

    This is a Bangalore film diary okay Bengaluru where I was on assignment recently

  • 'Need a DVD for tonight?'

    'Need a DVD for tonight?'

    Najeeb Khan was my friend. He ran the legendary Teenage Video Library out of a small store in Colaba

  • Your smile, my tail

    Your smile, my tail

    When Hanuman returned from Lanka with a burned tail, and recounted his adventures, many monkeys of Kishkinda burst out laughing

  • Bring in the real Ashoka

    Bring in the real Ashoka

    Kolkata is touted as the City of Joy while Mumbai has been relegated to the City of Dreams

  • Let's give our athletes a sporting chance

    Yesterday, this paper carried a front-page report about Mumbai-based swimmer Virdhawal Khade, who holds national records in several categories, struggling to raise money to compete in the World Championships in Kazan, Russia, next month.

  • Glitzy Kolkata now looks tacky and tired

    Glitzy Kolkata now looks tacky and tired

    Sir Stuart Saunders Hogg didn’t quite have native shoppers in mind when he built Kolkata’s New Market in 1874.

  • That's write

    That's write

    Calligraphist Achyut Palav’s recent book ‘Kitta’ finds beauty in the harmony of the Devanagari script

  • Crime but no Punishment

    Crime but no Punishment

    Netas, bureaucrats and other sundry rulers are notoriously hard to bring to book; their power, money, position and connections protect them

  • Check corruption in PSUs to stem losses

    Yesterday, this paper had highlighted how the senior staff, depot managers and bus conductors were conniving and causing losses running into crores to the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC), and had also exposed alleged irregularities in a tender related to the auction of scrap

  • Hot gig with Coldplay

    Hot gig with Coldplay

    "He's a really cool guy, funny as hell, and with a big heart." It was rockstar activist and one half of the film industry's most successful music makers, Vishal Dadlani, telling us about his serendipitous gig with (gulp) Coldplay's Chris Martin at Delhi's Summer House, on an ordinary Wednesday night which has been since described as 'surreal,' 'ape shit,' 'holy shit' and 'para para paradise' by ecstatic fans of both men

  • City cricket needs men like late Sardesai

    City cricket needs men like late Sardesai

    A new chapter opens in Mumbai cricket with the appointment of Chandrakant Pandit as coach of the Ranji Trophy team

  • Art that Mumbai can draw inspiration from

    Of late, there has been a great deal of concern over the number of dead rain trees in the city

  • Recipes for life's feast

    Recipes for life's feast

    Readers of this column will know that our childhood was spent in Juhu and that our family shared a close friendship with our neighbours, the famous Khans of Juhu