• A not-so-happy urban jungle book

    The contrast doesn’t get more in-your-face. It’s a stunning, panoramic view from one of Powai’s high-rises, neon facade lounge bars, where the swish set are enjoying their tipples to the beats of loud Bollywood music

  • Kids can differentiate between myth, legend & history

    Kids can differentiate between myth, legend & history

    First, the disclaimer. I have not read any of Shri Dinanath Batra’s books

  • Skywalk issues must be resolved promptly

    On Saturday, this paper ran a front page report about the newly minted skywalk at Grant Road

  • Master scriptwriter

    Master scriptwriter

    It could be a thrilling plot for a cinematic psychodrama itself. One of the most brilliant screenplay writers the industry has ever seen, someone who has his finger on exactly what the masses want, stops writing scripts one day

  • I am from the Northeast but I am not Mowgli

    I am from the Northeast but I am not Mowgli

    Does the Rajdhani Express go to Assam?” I thought I had heard something wrong. When the question was repeated, I knew I heard it right

  • I, me, myselfie

    I, me, myselfie

    When was the first ever selfie taken? Selfologists reckon that the art of 'shooting oneself' has been practised ever since
    vanity existed

  • Outsourcing kindness

    Outsourcing kindness

    Last Sunday, I found myself in a most intriguing situation

  • Mother Brahmi

    Mother Brahmi

    We often forget that a script is different from a speech. Script is written language while speech is spoken language

  • Dear Sania Mirza

    Dear Sania Mirza

    I understand Mr K Laxman of the BJP informed you a few days ago that you cannot be the state ambassador for Telangana as you are the “daughter-in-law of Pakistan

  • What if Shiv Sena had sought a 'nativist policy'?

    A BJP MLA, K Lakshman, one of hundreds of MLAs affiliated to the party and way down the pecking order, makes a poorly-articulated comment questioning Telangana CM Kalvakuntla Chandrasekar Rao’s decision to appoint tennis star Sania Mirza as the ‘brand ambassador’ of the State

  • Learn to behave, Shiv Sena

    The Shiv Sena was never really a fig leaf-bearing peacenik, but it is certainly breaking fresh ground in intolerance.

  • Getting into rural India

    Getting into rural India

    ‘Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal’ a comedy on Reliance Broadcast Network’s Big Magic is a huge favourite in the Hindi heartland of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh

  • Indian athletes should aim higher

    With the Commonwealth Games off to a start in Glasgow, sports followers will be watching the multi-sport extravaganza unfold with interest over the next fortnight

  • Mumbai's Mad Men

    Mumbai's Mad Men

    As an incubator of some of the finest talent to emerge out of Mumbai, it's hard to beat Lintas, which over the years, has been something of a beacon for all manner of bright sparks

  • Armageddon in slow motion

    Armageddon in slow motion

    Bloody wars have been fought before but today’s media communications and live coverage has brought the horrors to our bedrooms, in almost real time

  • Firefighting is in need of an urgent overhaul

    The recent Lotus Business Park fire in Andheri (West) which resulted in the death of a fireman has thrown the spotlight squarely on the state of fire fighting in the city

  • Why Meena dissed Chetan

    Why Meena dissed Chetan

    "I'm excited about getting on the Dylan Thomas long list. I think it a prize that is simply cool because it’s targeted at YOUNG writers from around the world," said Indian poet, author, and outspoken activist Meena Kandasamy, when we congratulated her about her Gypsy Goddess making it the prestigious list

  • Israel flexes its 'muscular' strategy

    Israel flexes its 'muscular' strategy

    The ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict in Gaza has got plenty of Indians, who greatly admire such ‘muscular’ action by Israel, excited

  • India must adopt a ruthless approach against England

    Now that Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Indian team has broken its winless 15-Test streak overseas by beating England at Lord’s, the players must realise that they are in prime position to adopt a ruthless approach in the third Test at Cardiff from Sunday

  • Dressing Narendra Modi

    Dressing Narendra Modi

    "It's a matter of interest and intrigue," said our friend the articulate Priya Tanna, Editor Vogue India, choosing her words with care

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