• mid-day editorial: Aamir has every right to express his views

    Aamir Khan speaking out on what he thinks is the growing tolerance in India has led to heated debates outside and even within the Bollywood industry

  • Ranjona Banerji Column: Dealing with tennis withdrawal

    Ranjona Banerji Column: Dealing with tennis withdrawal

    Of all the things that the end of the year means to all of us, to the diehard tennis fan it means being bereft and lonely for a month and a half

  • Kiran Gandhi Column: 'Our disgust with periods is a human construct'

    The New York resident who ran the London Marathon while menstruating, writes on why she’s #HappyToBleed

  • League of Outsiders who made it

    League of Outsiders who made it

    Each time we meet Yes Bank’s Chairman Rana Kapoor, after giving us a ten-tonne bone-crunching handshake, he reminds us of a random conversation we had in the lobby of the Taj in the run-up to the last general election where he had correctly predicted the ascension of Narendra Modi as PM of India

  • Barkha Dutt's toughest stint

    Barkha Dutt's toughest stint

    "It's perhaps the toughest thing I’ve ever done. I'm not a 'writer' in that sense," says our friend, Barkha Dutt, who by any standards has done some pretty tough things in her life

  • Modi vs terror

    Modi vs terror

    What's with Prime Minister Narendra Modi? In the past two weeks, in various speeches, he has raised the standard of combating terrorism

  • Kudos to Khandala's young heroes

    There are several lessons we can learn from Sunday’s accident on the Pune-Satara Highway, in which two luxury buses collided head-on, killing one and injuring 45

  • What do Indian Muslims want to hear?

    What do Indian Muslims want to hear?

    Actually, nobody quite knows the answer to that question. And presumptions have led to riots, misplaced priorities and disaffection of millions

  • Don't see red over pink ball

    History will be made on Friday when the Adelaide Oval in Australia hosts the first ever day/night cricket Test against New Zealand

  • Ministers or babus: Who will have the last laugh?

    The BJP government has realised, in a year of governance, that the bureaucracy can make or destroy its fate

  • Bandra shows the way

    Bandra shows the way

    By the time you read this, the 400th anniversary celebrations for the Church of St Andrew would have been flagged off on the grounds of this historic church in Bandra

  • His cheerful jolly self

    His cheerful jolly self

    This takes our breath away. Sources say that Peter Mukerjea was his cheerful jolly self and the picture of equanimity, when they met him over drinks in Goa recently

  • Mera video mahan

    Mera video mahan

    People should leave Pahlaj Nihalani alone. I have not felt as relaxed and calm in a very long time, as I did when I saw the video Mr Nihalani has produced to praise Narendra Modi.

  • Colombo diary

    Colombo diary

    Hulk. Smash! Big Hulk smash. Smash y It is always a pleasure to return to Sri Lanka. I was attending the second International Film Festival Colombo, that was held from November 6-11.

  • Two endings of the Gita

    Two endings of the Gita

    The elections in Bihar remind us no matter what the liberal elite and media intellectuals may think India/Bharat wants, the electorate has something else in mind.

  • Je Suis Indian?

    Je Suis Indian?

    This has been a strange week. Many incidents have involved Indo-foreign relations. Some hilarious and some horrific.

  • Avian symphony

    Avian symphony

    I hear a coppersmith barbet emitting its metallic call, even as a jet black koel flies across my window. All this, while I'm frantically trying to concentrate on the work at hand.

  • How did Mumbai police mess it up?

    Peter Mukerjea, husband of prime accused Indrani Mukerjea in the Sheena Bora case, was yesterday charged with murder. A local court has sent him to CBI custody till Monday.

  • Mumbai, Paris and the fear of terror

    Mumbai, Paris and the fear of terror

    It has been a terrible week of bloodshed. Well into the 21st Century when the world and humanity should be grappling with problems like climate change, food shortage, energy needs and disappearing water, problems that transcend borders, nations, regions and continents, we are confronted with the spectre of a war that will have neither victor nor vanquished, but victims and untold misery.

  • Demonising women

    Demonising women

    We live in the 21st century but sometimes we behave in ways that would put even the Dark Ages to shame