• Let's not forget Australia's poor record too

    Australia’s legendary cricketer Glenn McGrath has called for an all-pace attack to demolish India in the December 4 opening Test of the four-match Border-Gavaskar Trophy in Brisbane

  • The maestro with a thousand crystals

    The maestro with a thousand crystals

    Even as Indian artists prepare to commemorate Sachin Tendulkar at the NGMA later this year, that other diminutive and equally talented maestro, Oscar winner A R Rahman, got his own art tribute recently at the unveiling of Mumbai-based artist Sharmistha Ray's 'Maestro'

  • Justice -- A luxury for the rich

    It is very heartening that Indian cinema is nurturing a bright, young generation of talents, who are making socially conscious movies

  • Nat Geo Parsi

    Nat Geo Parsi

    And so I’m sitting in Albless Baug at a Navjote — (for the unintiated, that’s the Parsi thread ceremony to initiate little Perizaads and Khushrus into Zoroastrianism)

  • In a complicated relationship with a book

    In a complicated relationship with a book

    In my college years — the 1980s — a folk art object was very popular amongt all us young girls

  • On insecure Arjuna

    On insecure Arjuna

    In popular understanding, Arjuna is considered the hero of the Mahabharata, primarily because he receives the wisdom of the Gita from Krishna

  • Pawar games begin

    Pawar games begin

    Writing in these columns on October 11, virtually on the eve of the recent Assembly election, I had asked, “Will BJP sweep the stakes in Maharashtra?” The question was posited on the thesis that a four-and-a-half (the ‘half’ being Raj Thackeray’s MNS which has since ceased to be relevant) way split in votes would result in a full majority for any of the parties, more so the BJP, the main contender for power in Maharashtra

  • Cops need to tackle crime, not suppress it

    On Thursday, a tailor who wanted to confess to murdering his best friend was turned away from two police stations, both claiming that the crime didn’t occur in their jurisdiction

  • We, the Pakistani fans

    We, the Pakistani fans

    Cricket is very close to every Pakistani’s heart. When the country is going through a period of great upheaval, cricket has given us some kind of hope

  • Commuters must do their bit to mitigate risks

    On Tuesday, November 18, the Government Railway Police statistics revealed that 13 people died and 13 got injured while in the train, or trying to cross the tracks

  • With clean chits must come transparency

    With clean chits must come transparency

    Cricket may not be India’s national sport, but it’s surely the favourite sport and pastime among the masses

  • Street art must find permanent place in city

    The St+art India Foundation’s almost month-long street art festival, has taken off in Mumbai

  • Sarson ka saga

    Sarson ka saga

    It was a virtual pride of women who assembled on Wednesday morning for the US Consulate Mumbai and the Asia Society India Centre's power breakfast in honour of visiting North Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley

  • Modi at his speech-making best

    Modi at his speech-making best

    I must confess, I did not watch Australian Indians or Indians in Australia or Supreme Overseas Patriots or whatever the technical term is these days, dancing and entertaining each other and us as opening acts for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches in Australia

  • Make clean public toilets a priority

    Today, November 19, the world marks Toilet Day. That the world needs a Toilet Day may seem ludicrous to some, but it highlights the importance of hygiene and throws the spotlight on how so much of the world still has no access to this most basic of sanitation facilities

  • Malaysian MP speaks up on human slavery

    There is a taste, a smell to freedom. You and I enjoy it. Many don’t. An estimated 20 to 27 million people are believed to live in slavery around the world. And many of these cases are happening in Malaysia

  • Love on a Mumbai local

    Love on a Mumbai local

    Way back in 1939, V Shantaram had made a film called Aadmi (Manoos in Marathi) about a cop who falls in love with a prostitute and tries to rescue her from her ignominious life by marrying her

  • Give unclaimed bodies some dignity in death

    Unclaimed bodies have been piling up at the four state-run post-mortem centres in the city since January even though the rulebook states that the respective police stations have to dispose of the bodies within 15 days

  • The art of the master blaster

    The art of the master blaster

    Sachin Tendulkar fans have one more thing to look forward to: the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) is planning a show in tribute to the master blaster in which ten leading artists have collaborated with him to create art works commending his legacy

  • BJP's majority in assembly raises many questions

    The vote of confidence won by the BJP government in the state assembly last week has come in for sharp criticism and is being looked upon suspiciously