• Let's talk about that 14-year jinx, Aussies!

    Let's talk about that 14-year jinx, Aussies!

    When the West Indies arrived in Australia for the 1979-80 tour, their first Test series Down Under after 1975-76 (the one in which they got a 5-1 shellacking), they were constantly reminded of that loss through the media

  • Another bridge to nowhere?

    The Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link (MTHL) was planned in the early 1970s

  • Hosting Sania, praising Tanu

    Hosting Sania, praising Tanu

    We caught director Farah Khan at the supermarket yesterday. "I'm hosting a small dinner this evening for Sania Mirza, who is a dear friend," said the spunky director and mother of triplets, whose Happy New Year placed her as one of the first women filmmakers in Bollywood's coveted one-hundred-crore club

  • Proud to be Indian

    Proud to be Indian

    “Earlier you felt ashamed of being born Indian,” said India’s prime minister to Indians in China but “Now you feel proud to represent the country"

  • It's time to enable students

    Time and again, the authorities introduce policies to facilitate the development and education of children

  • The story behind Sonam's Sari

    The story behind Sonam's Sari

    "The sari belongs to our couture collection from our book shoot nearly three years ago, just one of those things that was ahead of its time. So when Sonam and Rhea called about Cannes, we said let's bring that out, because if there is anyone who can do justice to a couture garment it's her," said Sandeep Khosla

  • For autonomy and dignity, in life and dying

    How would one rank the tragedies in Aruna Shanbaug’s life? What are these tragedies?

  • The Parent Trap

    The Parent Trap

    The situation is so commonplace that everybody must have come across an incident like that. Two kids have a playground fight, and their parents come to battle swords drawn

  • Let's work towards safer workplaces

    Most of the journalists reporting and commenting on the death more merciful than tragic of nurse Aruna Shanbaug are well over a generation removed from the incident

  • Bollywood's season of Schadenfreude

    Bollywood's season of Schadenfreude

    If you want to know the meaning of the German word 'schadenfreude,' you only have to look at the response to Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet to see it demonstrated in action

  • 'Bengal in my home'

    'Bengal in my home'

    "Having spent 7 years before joining films in Kolkata, and then over 40 years and on, with Bengal in my home, it does rub off," said Amitabh Bachchan, tongue firmly in cheek, when we asked him what informed his spirited rendition of the cantankerous old Bengali hypochondriac, Bhashkor Bannerjee in 'Piku'

  • Neta-babu feud can lead to policy paralysis

    These days, the Mantralaya precinct is abuzz with talk of how a senior bureaucrat refused to cave in when a minister demanded that some engineers of his choice be appointed in Vidarbha

  • Kaju katli and sweet memories

    Kaju katli and sweet memories

    My husband does not like kaju-katli (kaju barfi to some) and yet I have stayed married to him

  • BMC digs itself a hole, yet again

    Every summer the same story begins with work on hundreds of roads in Mumbai

  • Truly. Vulnerably. Deeply.

    Truly. Vulnerably. Deeply.

    Why do we hurt most those we love the most? Yes, we do. They dither from the prescribed. Challenge our idea of love.

  • Sex work and the city

    Sex work and the city

    People are always saying it’s about location, location, location

  • These are the things that should defi be banned

    These are the things that should defi be banned

    What a week. The North Korean leader kills one of his guys with an anti-aircraft gun. Bit of overkill, no? A small revolver would have sufficed

  • In justice we trust

    In justice we trust

    In most courtrooms built in the colonial period, we see the image of a woman with a blindfold balancing scales in her arms.

  • Pink pride of Maharashtra

    Pink pride of Maharashtra

    We Indians are filled with national and regional fervour, sometimes even to the detriment of civil society. However, if you ask me, the true sign of patriotism is appreciating and upholding the status granted to our respective state trees and flowers by opting to grow them in every state and central government office, school, hospital and public ground.

  • Political messaging at taxpayers' expense

    Political messaging at taxpayers' expense

    Unlike many who cheer and applaud every time the Supreme Court steps into the domain of the executive, I tend to take the old-fashioned view that in a republic with a written Constitution, as India is, the fine balance between the three pillars of democracy should be maintained scrupulously.

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