• Sports fraud bill must come into play

    Last week, Sports Minister Sarbananda Sonowal promised a push for the Sports Fraud Bill in the ongoing monsoon session in Parliament no better news for those who want sports to be corruption-free

  • Raja of the Runway

    Raja of the Runway

    He's known as the wild child of Indian fashion, the enfant terrible of haute couture; but this weekend Rohit Bal, he of the golden curls and cherubic looks appears to have established quite emphatically, that he is the undisputed Raja of the Runway

  • I protest

    I protest

    So, I’m a protester. What do I do exactly? I protest, aur kya. Ya, that’s my job

  • Lasting songs and lost people

    Lasting songs and lost people

    There are some artistes to whose work people respond to with all their emotional selves, but for some reason these artistes remain unsung, near-forgotten

  • Going for Plan B

    Going for Plan B

    The great tectonic plates of Bollywood and regional cinema are coming together rapidly

  • Ants like to party

    Ants like to party

    People my age grew up reading epic children's series, viz. The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew or the Famous Five. In every book, the characters would take basketsful of food to a meadow, to enjoy picnics

  • No resting in peace

    No resting in peace

    On the Internet, a standard acronym appears when a statesman dies: RIP. It means rest in peace

  • In Islam, terrorism is high offence

    In Islam, terrorism is high offence

    This conversation began in the sparsely furnished but cavernous office of Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, in ‘medieval’ Cairo, that part of the city which showcases Egypt’s Islamic heritage

  • Let's kiss the stereotypes goodbye

    Yesterday, this paper ran an extensive report about ‘mystery’ pictures that have surfaced all over Bandra

  • Curtailing sectarianism?

    Curtailing sectarianism?

    I visited the Auschwitz concentration camp earlier this month with a group of Pakistanis

  • Take a bow, Mumbai Police

    Tensions were high yesterday, as the remains of 1993 blasts convict Yakub Memon were flown to Mumbai and laid to rest at Bada Kabrastan in Marine Lines

  • Remembering the Rajmata

    Remembering the Rajmata

    This Wednesday marked the sixth death anniversary of the late Gayatri Devi, the erstwhile Maharani of Jaipur, who was known towards the latter part of her life as 'The Rajmata'

  • Memon's hanging: Justice or betrayal?

    Memon's hanging: Justice or betrayal?

    The city of Bombay, as it was then called, was rocked by a series of bomb blasts on March 12, 1993

  • The giant among cricket toughies

    The giant among cricket toughies

    Another top all-rounder is declared out. After Tony Greig, it was Richie Benaud and now Clive Rice

  • A day for restraint, not knee-jerk reactions

    Even as you read this, Yakub Memon will likely be hanged at the Nagpur jail for his role in the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai

  • Love me, love my son

    Love me, love my son

    "He was always a funny little child," said our friend Lali Dhawan, mother of one of the industry's hottest stars Varun Dhawan

  • A handy guide for leaders

    A handy guide for leaders

    It is very important, when you are a leader, to promise those who follow you all manner of things you are going to do for them

  • Honour Kalam, ask more questions

    Even as you read this, there are still reams to be written and read about former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

  • Judgment Day

    Judgment Day

    The essence of every religion and the basis of every moral science sermon is good deeds. But of course, not even those who call themselves spiritual abide by it.

  • Nation's protectors must work together

    On Monday, terrorists stormed a police station in Gurdaspur, Punjab, resulting in a 12-hour shootout and seven casualties. While the Punjab police eventually overcame the attackers, it came at great cost — they lost four of their own, including a Police Superintendent.