• Ex-Shiv Sena men itching to go back

    Certain characteristics make Shiv Sena men differ from members of other political parties they are not known for self-control and for hiding their traits

  • Blue lining

    “Mumbai seems to be the new Blue City,” remarked a friend, tongue firmly in cheek, on a recent visit to the city her first during the monsoon

  • When killing adults is not enough

    When killing adults is not enough

    The horrors of war and conflict have been overwhelming this past week

  • ICC pitch it right on 'poor' Nottingham strip

    International Cricket Council, the Dubai-based body that runs the game across the world, often cops criticism

  • Schools of cool

    Who can disagree? Nothing bonded young people more passionately than the World Cup

  • It's about the money, not the Mommy

    It's about the money, not the Mommy

    It’s doubtful anyone who reads English is not familiar with (and sick of) the details of Indra Nooyi’s interview at the Aspen Ideas Week

  • The importance of being a nobody

    The importance of being a nobody

    One of the most exciting experiences I had in Ladakh recently was going on the local heritage walk

  • Statues are statutory!

    Statues are statutory!

    Enough is enough. I’m going to come right out and say it. I want a large prominent statue erected of myself, somewhere in South Mumbai

  • Queer enchantment

    Queer enchantment

    Vishnu takes the form of a king, a cowherd, a priest, a fish and even an enchantress called Mohini

  • True beauty lies within

    Beauty is something that every person is drawn to, many are even obsessed with it

  • Ciao Archie

    Ciao Archie

    Archie Andrews is dead, making this the most depressing thing to have happened to a redhead since Lost in Translation

  • Pakistan's Hafiz Saeed and India's Scarlet Pimpernel

    On a visit to Delhi in the mid-1980s, I spent a rather boring evening at the India International Centre, listening to journalists boast about their proximity to ministers. It was not meant to be that way. A friend had invited me for dinner

  • Agencies owe us answers for bad roads

    As the rains have gone into high gear, so has another feature: potholes on our roads

  • Whither humanity?

    Whither humanity?

    After nine days of death and destruction in Gaza, a ceasefire deal has finally been reached to end the fighting between Israel and Palestine

  • Dahi Handi is not a sport for children

    In a recent order, the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MSCPCR), has recommended a ban on participation of children below 12 years in the formation of pyramids for Dahi Handi

  • Meeting Clinton

    Meeting Clinton

    "He is still the Man," said ace TV anchor Barkha Dutt about her fireside chat in Jaipur with Bill Clinton that aired on Wednesday night on NDTV

  • Time for Dhoni to break overseas jinx

    Time for Dhoni to break overseas jinx

    What works elsewhere need not hold good for India, but it is true that Mahendra Singh Dhoni would not have survived as Test captain in a non-Indian cricketing set up

  • Go beyond policies to ensure child rights

    We fight for the rights of our children and run from pillar to post to ensure that their voices are heard

  • Going back in time

    Going back in time

    In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Cassius and Brutus have an enlightening squabble about friendship where Cassius accuses Brutus of being too critical of Cassius’s faults while Brutus points out that friendship does not mean being blind to the other’s shortcomings

  • Enjoy the high tide, but from a safe distance

    Monday July 14 afternoon, a 70-year-old woman, Kalpana Bhattacharya, resident of Hiranandani Powai, was swept into the sea off the Marine Drive promenade during high tide time

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