• Arundhati by two

    Arundhati by two

    For an occasional visitor to a city, its growth can perhaps be judged by its real estate spurt, its traffic and its cultural evolution

  • Controversy must not kill WI cricket

    That world cricket may not see the West Indies playing again is not an alarmist view anymore

  • Comedy Nights with Arnab

    Comedy Nights with Arnab

    “It was at the end of a long day,” said our friend Times Now’s star anchor Arnab Goswami about the epochal Sunday session featuring one Mr Americai (‘HellYeah’) Narayanan on his Election Special

  • Marathi manoos needs development too

    For Uddhav Thackeray, known for his reticence to take on the BJP, the split ahead of the state assembly polls was his boldest political move yet

  • BJP rides the victory wave again

    BJP rides the victory wave again

    The BJP’s achche din juggernaut rolls on. Tripling its numbers in an assembly election is no mean feat. But Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are on a roll

  • Time for Congress to reinvent itself

    After their dismal performance in the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress received a drubbing in the Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana

  • Ranbir's lucky mascot?

    Ranbir's lucky mascot?

    She's always been legendary for her grace and style, and so when the matriarch of Bollywood's first film family, Krishna Raj Kapoor made a rare public appearance at the DY Patil grounds for an ISL game on Saturday, naturally it was a standout moment for all

  • Whispers in the dark

    So you want few sleepless nights as a newly minted parent?

  • Congress in self-destruct mode

    Congress in self-destruct mode

    Perhaps the awareness about the irredeemable nature of the Congress’s political fortune persuaded Prithviraj Chavan to let the cat out of the bag

  • Stars from another sky

    Stars from another sky

    Last week Saif Ali Khan wrote in a national daily about his family’s history of love marriages across community, the open-ended religious upbringing of his children, the need to respect choices and diversity

  • 'Timepass' in the toilet

    'Timepass' in the toilet

    My favourite place in a multiplex theatre is the men’s toilet. No no, it’s not what you think

  • Thou shalt include the queer

    Thou shalt include the queer

    So the Pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church, has opened the conversation on being more accepting and inclusive of gay people and gay marriages

  • Clean India won't happen till it's forced

    Clean India won't happen till it's forced

    Last weekend I was in Ranchi, a small, uncluttered Chota Nagpur town that has transmogrified into the overpopulated, cluttered and noisy capital city of Jharkhand. Ranchi was and remains a one-street town-turned-city

  • Clear all hurdles before announcing new projects

    Whenever new infrastructure projects are announced, Mumbaikars are skeptical about dates of completion and many scoff cynically about the probability of a particular project ever being completed. The doubt comes with good reason

  • Grow up, India

    Grow up, India

    Who is Kailash Satyarthi? That is the question most Indians asked when he won the Nobel Peace prize along with Malala Yousafzai earlier this month

  • Make booths accessible for elderly, disabled

    With polling day over, the wait for the next Chief Minister (CM) of Maharashtra begins. Counting days are on and the result is expected on Sunday

  • When Modi made his moves in the US

    When Modi made his moves in the US

    There was more to Narendra Modi’s visit to the US than the razzmatazz of Madison Square Garden and Central Park

  • Getting inked should be non-negotiable

    We need to keep up concerted awareness drives and constant hardselling about the need to vote, as awareness is the first step to changing attitudes towards voting

  • Shaina spotting

    Shaina spotting

    'It's a bird, it's a plane, wait it's Shaina NC!' This could well have been the anthem that greeted the impassioned BJP leader, as various bystanders reported sightings of her from all over Mumbai yesterday, urging Mumbaikars to exercise their franchise

  • Realty factor

    We are a group of members in minority. The Society is going for redevelopment. In spite of bonafide submissions being made by us, the Managing Committee is not taking into consideration our submissions. Please advise what should be our line of action?