• Pinstripes and checks, kings and commoners

    Pinstripes and checks, kings and commoners

    The first film to use the technique of parallel cutting, or cross-cutting, was DW Griffiths’ Birth of A Nation, made in 1915. Parallel cutting edits back and forth between two or more sets of events that occur simultaneously, in different locations, thereby showing how they impact each other, and are linked conceptually

  • Fadnavis misses a dinner, what's he doing about it?

    It was a power dinner where the high and the mighty, the moneyed and the rich, the power brokers and the deal makers, the favoured and the coddled got to shake hands with the President of the most powerful country in the world

  • 20:20


    I see the world more clearly now, with eyes anew. No I didn’t accidentally trip and fall into a vat of Art of Living, and no I have not joined Oprah’s book club

  • Come out with pride, Mumbai

    Amidst reports of a gradual shrinking of cultural, liberal and intellectual space where books, writers, movies and intellectuals are slowly being silenced, either through straight out violence or more covert means, Mumbai’s gay pride march has got the green signal yet again

  • More democracy

    More democracy

    “Pakistan’s future viability, stability and security lie in empowering its people and building political institutions... the fundamental battle for the hearts and minds of a generation can be accomplished only under democracy” (late) Benazir Bhutto

  • Education an enabler, don’t deny it to disabled

    It took years of struggle by parents and activists to get children with special needs into mainstream education and all the effort seems to have been in vain, as those in need of support are still being ignored

  • Mission Dignity underway

    Mission Dignity underway

    Perhaps this is why, regardless of his current status or personal fortune, Ratan Tata gets to stand first in every queue of Indian tycoons

  • The World Cup match Raju won

    The World Cup match Raju won

    At the heart of my cricket interest were two magazines that my father brought home in the late 1970s

  • Secular row: Govt sending out wrong signals

    The government has a lot to explain as to why its Republic Day advertisement used an image of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution without the words “socialist” and “secular”

  • An evening of beauty and grace

    An evening of beauty and grace

    Once in a while, Mumbai surprises. Take Tuesday evening when leading medical cosmetologist and the founder of the Blush chain of skincare clinics, Dr Jamuna Pai, celebrated 20 years of being a pioneer in the beauty industry, with the release of her debut book No One Has To Know The Ultimate Skin Care And Anti Ageing Guide (Collins) at a glittering ceremony at the Taj's Lands End in Bandra

  • The forgotten meaning of Republic Day

    The forgotten meaning of Republic Day

    Yes, it was India’s 66th Republic Day on Monday. And yes, it is true that parades are a bit dated, 20th century commie-fascist thingies

  • The gentle rebel's legacy cannot die

    Cartoonist RK Laxman was one of India’s finest post-Independence institutions, easily the best of his generation, and the next

  • Make space for Mumbai's kids

    We can hear the hurrahs and ‘Ayes’ from mid-day’s young readers (and their parents too), as we write this column.

  • Why is Uddhav Thackeray so angry?

    In politics and chess, the opening — a combination of initial moves players make — impacts the middle game and endgame.

  • Pakistan's ban-ter with snakes in the backyard

    Pakistan's ban-ter with snakes in the backyard

    Nope, there was no ban. They came up with some convoluted statement to pull wool over the eyes of their permanent funders, read America, but Pakistan fooled only rosy-spectacled candle-walas into believing that they had actually banned the Jamaat-ud-Dawa.

  • City cricket revival needs more than just panels

    Ostensibly, Mumbai Cricket Association president Sharad Pawar’s reaction to the Mumbai Ranji Trophy team’s disappointing performance came in the form of the re-introduction of the Cricket Improvement Committee (CIC).

  • Prime Sobo savoir-faire

    Prime Sobo savoir-faire

    Once in a while, Sobo demonstrates its savoir-faire in small but significant ways, as it did over the weekend at the wedding of Raoul Verma and the lovely Maya Parikh, the progeny of prominent Sobo families

  • When did we lose 'honest'?

    When did we lose 'honest'?

    My neighbourhood video store is shutting shop. “Why Shaileshbhai, what’s the problem?” “Sir, the pirated market is doing ‘bharpoor’ business

  • Kissa Kainchi Ka

    Kissa Kainchi Ka

    It was quite sweet how happy some folks were when Arun Jaitley, said the other day, that the era of censorship was over, hai na?

  • The gradation of abuse, and love

    The gradation of abuse, and love

    In the Mahabharata, Draupadi is determined to wash her hair with the blood of Dushasana, for though brother-in-law he has treated her with savage disrespect by dragging her by her hair to the gambling hall