• The great Modi show

    The great Modi show

    Identity politics has been Maharashtra’s most abiding policy for over four decades. It is dangerous and unconstitutional in its worst aspects, but presumably, it provides solace to the insecure

  • Eliminate myths about organ donation

    Kavita Karkare, wife of slain former Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Hemant Karkare, passed away at P D Hinduja hospital in Mahim recently

  • Designing for Mr Bhagat

    Designing for Mr Bhagat

    "Autobiographies excite me and I own some very special ones," says Masaba Gupta, when we asked her about her reading habits

  • India, US must go beyond geopolitics

    India, US must go beyond geopolitics

    It is not unnatural for world leaders to define their relationships with each other in grandiose terms strategic, indispensable or defining partnerships, which is the norm for American leaders looking at India

  • Raise awareness about lesser-known diseases

    Yesterday, the world marked World Heart Day with a flurry of events and activities centering on heart disease

  • The unbearable lightness of being Kangna

    The unbearable lightness of being Kangna

    "It's so sad. People in my position really don’t have avenues to meet interesting like-minded people," said Kangna Ranaut, when we met her yesterday

  • Lessons from small brother

    While India loves to flaunt its big brother status among its neighbours near and far, as far as its buzzing economy goes, along with the giant strides made in science and technology (Martian exploits et al) it wouldn’t hurt to pause a bit and look closer as there might just be a few humbling lessons, especially with regard to tourism, that can be learnt from these nations

  • This election is a battle for revenge

    An astounding 7,666 nominations had been filed for the state assembly elections as of Saturday, the last day to do so

  • Dekho dekho, Modi in New York

    Dekho dekho, Modi in New York

    Modi supporters are everywhere. I bet Mangalyaan will find them even on Mars. Here in New York, there are Modi supporters all across Manhattan

  • Jaya verdict should inspire other judges

    The special court’s verdict sentencing Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa as well as her aides and relatives for disproportionate assets is a landmark judgment, especially in a country where corruption has practically come to be a way of life

  • Ranbir turns 32

    Ranbir turns 32

    Word comes in that Bollywood's rockstar Ranbir Kapoor, who turned 32 yesterday, chose to bring in his birthday on Saturday night with a party at a suite at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba

  • Time, timelessness and the idea of charity

    Time, timelessness and the idea of charity

    The biblical, or Abrahamic, worldview informs the Western view, just as the Hindu worldview informs the Indian worldview

  • Dostana, karela and social change

    Dostana, karela and social change

    When everywhere people are talking about feminism and women’s issues, can there be anything to worry about?

  • Finding Deepika and other fun stories

    Finding Deepika and other fun stories

    It's been an action-packed fortnight. The Incheon games are underway, and luncheons at the White House are being prepared, even though Modiji is fasting

  • Scent of a woman

    Scent of a woman

    Bollywood has been doing a lot for women lately. Actually for a while, but some recent releases have taken significant leaps ahead, in a sea of miasma

  • Maharashtra voters spoilt for choice

    Lord Palmerston had national interest in mind when he loftily declared, “We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies

  • The thing about weddings

    The thing about weddings

    It's that time of year. The stars have aligned, the mahurats are perfect, and most importantly, the Marine Drive gymkhanas are ready

  • Shastri is the right fit for Team India

    Former captain Ravi Shastri’s appointment as Team Director till the end of the 2015 ICC World Cup was expected, but it still needs to be appreciated and applauded

  • End of alliances a win-win for voters and party workers

    It was only in 1990 that the state voted for a single party rule when the Congress, under the then CM Sharad Pawar’s leadership, thwarted a challenge from the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance, then under the late Bal Thackeray

  • A different revolution

    A different revolution

    A policeman shot two men in Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi yesterday. One of them lost his life, while the other was wounded