• The open-eyed dreamer

    The open-eyed dreamer

    "Ranbir Kapoor represents youth he is turning entrepreneur in sports and for his own company... and I think he dreams with his eyes open," said first-generation entrepreneur and UTV-founder Ronnie Screwvala, one of modern India's most extraordinary success stories, when we enquired why he chose the Bollywood heartthrob to do the honours of launching his book cover last week

  • India: Mooring in foreign shores?

    India: Mooring in foreign shores?

    In the second week of this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to visit Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles. This is another version of his South Asian neighbourhood diplomacy, only the neighbours here are long neglected oceanic ones

  • Mass awareness is a must, not politicisation

    The trouble with politicians entering into a mass movement is the inevitable politicisation of the issue

  • Exquisite musical evening

    Exquisite musical evening

    'This is what genteel Mumbai must have been like at the very tip of its pinnacle. Apartments as spacious as cruise liners, that recalled the sumptuous luxury of the city's early architectural era, filled with canvasses painted by Indian Masters, uniformed bearers pad-padding across deep Persians, bearing silver salvers, offering of bite-sized vegetarian treats as the city's establishment lost itself in the exquisite strains of a world class sitarist...'

  • The curious case of the BJP-Shiv Sena 'alliance'

    Maharashtra is no stranger to the politics of alliances, but the current government has taken ‘partnership’ to yet another level, thanks to the Shiv Sena’s posturing as a prime opposition party despite being in power with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

  • Lung power for Mumbai

    The first encounter was quite vivid. We were heading deeper into a forest – one that we never knew actually existed within our very own city. This was part of our school picnic to Chhota Kashmir

  • Trees still grow in Aarey!

    Trees still grow in Aarey!

    Do we need to teach educated humans the value of trees? Seems like we do, at least to the city planners, developers and those hungry to strip the Earth of its green cover that has been laid out systematically over centuries of meticulous ecological planning!

  • Boom or bust: Indian economy story

    Boom or bust: Indian economy story

    “The world is predicting that it’s India’s chance to fly,” said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday. Actually, the world has been saying this for years, just that Indians did not believe it

  • Let the rain wash off our indifference

    Mumbaikars are by and large conditioned to deal with change, no matter how sudden. And an unseasonal couple of days’ rain is nothing to the city’s residents, who merely use newspaper and carrier bags as makeshift protection, and run for cover

  • Media frenzy in Havana

    Media frenzy in Havana

    And word comes in that the magical mystery tour that Lalit Modi is currently on in Cuba, which we had reported about on these pages last week, has had a bit of a paparazzi problem

  • Beauty unleashed

    Beauty unleashed

    Indians are navel-gazers when it comes to cinema. We are devoted mainly to ourselves, our cinema, which is rich and varied enough.

  • Saviour versus oppressor

    Saviour versus oppressor

    Mother Teresa. For hundreds of thousands of people, the poorest of the poor, she is saviour.

  • Keeping our promise to the woods

    Keeping our promise to the woods

    Trees are beautiful.

  • Of Birdmen and Budapest Hotels

    Of Birdmen and Budapest Hotels

    I love the concept of the Academy Awards. Especially the films that make their way through the Odyssey-like journey to the Oscars.

  • Another voice is silenced by Islamists

    Another voice is silenced by Islamists

    We tend to believe that bad things happen to others. Bad things like assault, rape, murder. Till it happens to someone we know, or know of, or admire, or hold in high esteem

  • Think before you forward messages

    The fact that social messaging services such as WhatsApp have practically transformed the way we communicate is a truism. But, what is the reliability of the human mind that operates this service?

  • Reclaiming lost space

    Reclaiming lost space

    Lyse Doucet, BBC’s chief international correspondent, wrote a very nice piece on the Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) recently

  • Let's train to be better commuters

    The Railway budget announced yesterday, as expected, has evoked much debate, some dissension and expert analysis. It is the focus of discussion, only overshadowed of course, by the main budget to be presented tomorrow

  • To Cuba with Fry

    To Cuba with Fry

    Like everything else about him, Lalit Modi’s current trip to Cuba is king-size. Organised by his good friend, the legendary Sir David Tang, of such excellent ventures as the Shanghai Tang fashion label...

  • Weekes in the life of Windies cricket

    Weekes in the life of Windies cricket

    West Indian cricketers have the most fascinating of names Garfield St Aubrun Sobers, Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards and Anderson Montgomery Everton Roberts. All these got prefixed with the title Sir