• Fresh Meat

    Fresh Meat

    Only a woman can nonchalantly label herself what a man would be loath to admit, said the advertising old hand. You can talk to these ad-men they’ve got perspective

  • History and tea at table No. 4

    History and tea at table No. 4

    Imagine the supreme law of the land written quietly in a small cafe hugging the corner of Rampart Row. That’s just what happened long before Kala Ghoda became the city’s tony art and eateries district

  • Give classical music the respect it deserves

    Perhaps one of the best things about this season is that the city plays host to a number of classical Indian music concerts, both outdoors and indoors, with the country’s top artistes playing for aficionados and those wet-behind-the-ears about classical music, alike

  • Dismantle Soviet-era Censor Board

    Dismantle Soviet-era Censor Board

    The Central Board of Film Certification, popularly known as ‘Censor Board’, has often been in the news for the wrong reasons

  • Dream girl's bolly-wolly whirl

    Dream girl's bolly-wolly whirl

    A tongue-in-cheek letter to Bollywood actor Hema Malini, who is telling people to book flats in a housing project called Wollywood, promising them a Bollywood style lifestyle, in a village with sporadic electricity, water and skeletal medical facilities...

  • Fifty shades of freedom

    Fifty shades of freedom

    It is all mixed up. The Hindu right-wing wanted PK banned because they reckon it hurts Hindu sentiments

  • Conflict of interest deserved to be hit for six

    The Supreme Court may have not pronounced clear punishments to those who brought disrepute to the game of cricket through their various actions in the Indian Premier League

  • A for Argentina

    A for Argentina

    Word comes in that after the tremendous success of his film 'pk', Aamir Khan has decided to reward himself with a much-needed holiday

  • Bridging the gap to Sri Lanka

    Bridging the gap to Sri Lanka

    Imagine living next door to a small, generally harmless neighbour who has never meddled around, but not taking the trouble to go over to see him for nearly 30 years

  • Crime Branch is past its heyday

    The unruly scenes at a city hospital between policemen belonging to the Crime Branch and the Vile Parle police station was not only unwarranted, it has devalued the image of the law enforcement agency

  • Kiran Bedi backing away from a good fight

    Kiran Bedi backing away from a good fight

    Why her refusal to engage Kejriwal in a public debate smells of arrogance and presents our Democratic system from taking a big leap forward

  • The hypocrisy of free speech champions

    The hypocrisy of free speech champions

    The general perception, even amongst people who don’t see themselves as Islamophobes, is that Islam is obscurantist and medieval

  • Don't single out bikers, make laws equal

    State transport minister Diwakar Raote’s announcement of making an indemnity bond compulsory for bike riders defies logic and challenges its legality because any law of the land has to be equal for all here, the people who hold licences for driving all kinds of vehicles, and of course bikes

  • In the Jungle...

    In the Jungle...

    "The campaign captures the new energy, vibrancy and dynamism of India," said Amitabh Kant, Secretary of Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), Government of India, currently on a visit to America and communicator extraordinaire whose Incredible India and God’s Own Country campaigns have been successful

  • India and US: Friends with benefits

    India and US: Friends with benefits

    There has been a certain element of surprise in India’s invitation to US President Barack Obama to be the first American to be a chief guest at the Republic Day parade next week

  • Make 'safety first' the mantra for sports

    A teenager was playing cricket at Vishwa Pragati Mandal (VPM) Sports Complex in Dahisar when an arrow, shot by an archer practising nearby, got lodged in his head. Both boys are 16

  • The Sunanda effect

    The Sunanda effect

    The impact of the Sunanda Pushkar tragedy can being felt far and wide, as this incident that occurred in Dubai over demonstrates

  • Long Dream of Home

    January 19 marks the exodus/displacement day of Kashmiri Hindus from the valley

  • Dreaming of a run

    It was a sea of humanity. There was pomp and pageantry. There was colour. And, camaraderie. Mumbai came out to walk, run, jog, slog, and everything in between

  • Learn from Kejriwal, Mr Gandhi

    Learn from Kejriwal, Mr Gandhi

    Just weeks before Delhi elections, it is fascinating to see how the Aam Aadmi Party has resurrected itself from the ashes of defeat, suffered a mere seven months ago