• Love me, love my son

    Love me, love my son

    "He was always a funny little child," said our friend Lali Dhawan, mother of one of the industry's hottest stars Varun Dhawan

  • A handy guide for leaders

    A handy guide for leaders

    It is very important, when you are a leader, to promise those who follow you all manner of things you are going to do for them

  • Honour Kalam, ask more questions

    Even as you read this, there are still reams to be written and read about former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

  • Judgment Day

    Judgment Day

    The essence of every religion and the basis of every moral science sermon is good deeds. But of course, not even those who call themselves spiritual abide by it.

  • Nation's protectors must work together

    On Monday, terrorists stormed a police station in Gurdaspur, Punjab, resulting in a 12-hour shootout and seven casualties. While the Punjab police eventually overcame the attackers, it came at great cost — they lost four of their own, including a Police Superintendent.

  • Mega foodies on a date

    Mega foodies on a date

    Social media does have the power to bring people across the world together. And what fun it is when they happen to be consummate foodies. On Sunday, one of India's leading food writers, Vir Sanghvi tweeted his article in the HT on his experiences with India's great chefs

  • Between the lines

    Back in the early 2000s, Chetan Bhagat struck it big when he introduced the Indian reader to the delights of Hinglish

  • In the Congress, it's loyalists vs ex-Sainik

    Mumbai has always played a crucial role in the shaping of major political parties

  • All eyes on Bihar

    All eyes on Bihar

    Bihar Assembly elections are due in a few months from now so its raining Bihari jokes, and many of them are being cracked by Bihar bhaiyas themselves!

  • Being silent: A lesson for Salman Khan

    After tweeting that Yakub Memon should not be hanged for what Salman Khan says his brother Tiger Memon has done, the actor has retracted his comment and apologised

  • Queenie all aglow

    Queenie all aglow

    Less than a month ago when we'd visited her at her well-appointed mid town apartment for the birthday bash she'd thrown for gal pal Rhea Pillai, we'd noticed a distinct change in Queenie Singh

  • Where eagles soar

    Where eagles soar

    These are among a total 18 medallions, representing human virtues, carved in dark shisham on three teak doors leading into the little chapel of St Xavier’s College. Sitting at a pew a quarter century after leaving the alma mater, I remain awed

  • It's moth week!

    It's moth week!

    Two decades ago, the idea of celebrating a moth week would’ve sounded absurd to me

  • You are not alone

    You are not alone

    It may come as a shock to a few and evoke vehement denial by others, but the truth is, companionship brings us most happiness

  • My pal, Teesta Setalwad

    My pal, Teesta Setalwad

    Teesta Setalwad is my friend. Well, was my friend, is my friend, whatever the past continuous terminology is for someone you’ve always been fond of, but have lost touch with over the years, after college

  • Telling stories

    Telling stories

    Many of us know the story of Ahalya, beautiful and virtuous, wife of Gautama rishi, from the Ramayana. Indra, driven by lust for her, impersonates Gautama to seduce her

  • Argument as cognitive violence

    Argument as cognitive violence

    Why do people argue? I believe the roots of argument can be located in monotheism

  • This column took a coffee break

    This column took a coffee break

    Today is column deadline day and I haven’t been able to think of any ideas.

  • Skin donation: An issue that should fire us up

    There have been a spate of fires in Mumbai recently, the latest being a blaze at Linking Road, Bandra, where fortunately there were no injuries or fatalities. However, the fires bring into focus one vital aspect — skin donation.

  • The way we were then

    A couple of days ago I read a scintillating article by poet-writer-filmmaker Pritish Nandy.