• Why the Internet must be neutral

    Why the Internet must be neutral

    Imagine that you are on a spanking new highway. You are stopped about 100 metres after paying Rs 150 as toll and asked to pay Rs 300 extra for driving at over 100 kilometres per hour in the fast lane

  • It's time for BMC to get off its high horse

    The Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) is still awaiting renewal, or any movement at all, on its 100-year lease of the Mahalaxmi Racecourse

  • Celebrating a Gandhian

    Celebrating a Gandhian

    Last Friday saw us attend the 90th birthday celebrations of a very special man, the activist, philanthropist and Gandhian, Dr G G Parikh, who has devoted his entire life to the cause of empowering the poor and vulnerable

  • Becoming a leading power isn't easy

    Becoming a leading power isn't easy

    Prime Minister Modi’s seven-day mission to France, Germany and Canada will have taken him to seven cities, covering several thousand kilometres and attending innumerable functions

  • We need a smarter approach to education

    Time and again, the nation has applauded the Right to Education (RTE) Act that ensures education as a fundamental right to children. Admirable as it is, however, the RTE Act can become powerless when supporting policies are missing

  • At home in Mumbai

    At home in Mumbai

    As a working woman in Mumbai in the mid-1980s, options of where to live if you were an out-of-towner were limited

  • With MHADA, there's no home sweet home

    The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) may be a government body, but if you were to judge from its actions alone, it is no better than a private builder

  • Racing's IPL moment

    Racing's IPL moment

    "Getting ready for night racing at the Race Course in Bombay!! Exciting! Saturday and Sunday, April 18 and 19..." It was RWITC's silver-maned committee member and gaming tycoon, Jaydev Mody, sharing his excitement on a social networking site about the club's latest whoopee: races that started at 5 pm, went on to around 9.30 pm and left punters and other merry makers enough time to have dinner (and perhaps a bit of dancing) under the stars

  • Pakistan in the eye of the storm

    Pakistan in the eye of the storm

    Last week, Pakistan’s parliament voted to remain neutral in the civil war in Yemen, angering Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates.

  • Shunting ATS officers a bad idea

    The transfer of Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Himanshu Roy in just one year shows the lack of seriousness on part of the state government in tackling terrorism.

  • Hat trick for Kant

    Hat trick for Kant

    He's always been known as something of a wunderkind — a man who can distill the essence of a powerful message into a slogan that lasts forever; and so when Amitabh Kant, came up with the successful 'Make in India' tiger to roar out PM Modi's ambition of turning India into the world's manufacturing hub, no one was surprised

  • A wake up call for Mumbai

    Emperor Shah Jahan would have wept at what his labour of love has come to be. Buried inside the national news section of yesterday’s newspapers, we spotted a bit of news that added to a disturbing trend

  • Many more skeletons in MMRDA closet?

    Euphoric after the country’s first Monorail rolled out from a dusty Wadala depot to reach Chembur in February last year, several lakh Mumbaikars thronged the elevated facility for joyrides for days together

  • Evenings in Paris, deals in kitty: Modi in a hurry

    Evenings in Paris, deals in kitty: Modi in a hurry

    A leader on a three-nation, nine-day tour to Europe and Canada ought to have some time for rest and relaxation. Not so for the Indian Prime Minister

  • Sundown racing could be the city's dark horse

    The Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) announced a new initiative of night racing or sundown racing in Mumbai

  • Suhel's mantra for success

    Suhel's mantra for success

    Woody Allen once famously replied when he was asked what he’d like to be in his next birth, "Warren Beatty's finger tips." Finance Minister Arun Jaitley must have been channeling his inner Allen, when he said pretty much the same thing last week at the Taj, when his interlocutor Shereen Bhan popped him the question, what he’d like to come back as

  • The beauty of net neutrality

    The beauty of net neutrality

    It’s that time of the month. Time to do one or all of these things: Sign the petition on net neutrality for India...

  • Curse of Saraswati

    Curse of Saraswati

    Curse of Saraswati is a concept that I heard of long ago from a music teacher

  • I'm Maha happy!

    I'm Maha happy!

    So much has made me happy this week — overjoyed actually. Acche din sacchi aa gaye

  • Aata majhi satakli!

    Aata majhi satakli!

    The Maharashtra government wants to boost the Marathi film industry by reserving multiplex screens between 12 noon and 9 pm for Marathi films