• Schools are meant to educate, not make kids beg

    Yesterday, this paper ran a front-page story on Mount Mary High School in Malwani (no connection to the church) asking students to raise Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000 each for the school’s renovation

  • Freedom to inform, not to inflame

    Freedom to inform, not to inflame

    It was appalling, last weekend, to read some of the shameful and most reprehensible comments by Indians and Pakistanis about some Pakistani songs/singers on YouTube

  • By-poll results are a wake-up call for BJP

    The BJP’s poor showing in the by-elections in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan is a wake-up call for the party in the forthcoming state elections in Maharashtra and Haryana

  • Two men, two birth-daze

    Two men, two birth-daze

    Readers will recall our sporadic and profoundly frivolous interest in pulp astrology, predicated on nothing more than the fact that often people who seem quite similar share birthdays

  • Will Mumbai have its own Times Square?

    Will Mumbai have its own Times Square?

    Growing up in Mumbai several decades ago, many felt that Bombay’s spiritual home was indeed New York, specifically Manhattan

  • Cops, focus your energies on criminals

    Mumbai Police has once again come under fire for moral policing

  • India - A counterweight to the rise of China

    India - A counterweight to the rise of China

    The report that Chinese President Xi Jinping will be bringing investment offers of over $100 billion is seen as a riposte for Japan’s promise of putting in $35 billion into India over the next five years

  • Green city: Residents show the way

    Yesterday, this paper carried a report about Matunga residents taking over the area under Tulpule Chowk flyover at King’s Circle for beautification

  • The Old Order Changeth

    The Old Order Changeth

    Good to know that the figures contemplated by hunky, deep-sea diving director, Homi Adajania, are to do with the box-office this time

  • It's time Maharashtra got a tough, decisive CM

    The state is will get a new government on October 19, but it’s a big question who will lead this government

  • A million plus ways of being a Hindu

    A million plus ways of being a Hindu

    I am always a bit flabbergasted reading tweets or hearing people saying “I am proud of being a Hindu” or “Garv sey kaho hum Hindu hain”

  • BJP's indecision may cost it dear

    A party that claims to have a strong, decisive national leadership is facing a strange crisis in the state

  • Artsy icons

    Artsy icons

    "Paris is a yearly ritual; I go there for Maison & Objet, which is a trade fair dedicated to professionals working in lifestyle, decoration and design," says the petite and talented Anavila Sindhu Misra, whose linen saris have taken the world of artsy women by storm

  • Voices of torment

    Voices of torment

    When tragedy strikes, people usually need time to absorb the shock, to figure out what it means in their lives. Artists usually take longer to react to events and issues, to reflect, and sometimes provoke others to think and act on it collectively

  • Speak, for your lips are free

    Speak, for your lips are free

    Why does language exist? For functional communication? Or is there some daily worth in its beauty? Is it ‘best’ when most correct? Or it is language, as the linguistic historian Ganesh Devy has said “most beautiful when it is wrong, which is why poets work to break language.”

  • My name is Raahul

    My name is Raahul

    So with the stock market hitting new highs under Modiji and Jaitley saab, I decided to meet my investment manager

  • God as fiction

    God as fiction

    Recently a national library sent out an email in which my book, Sita: An illustrated retelling of the Ramayana, was listed under the fiction category. I was surprised and so I sent the following email to them

  • Apple's new vanity project

    Apple's new vanity project

    At an event earlier this week, Apple unveiled a slew of new products, including two new iPhones, a watch, and the remains of U2's career

  • Embrace new ideas, not red beacon

    In July this year, this paper had reported how former Mayor of Mumbai, Sunil Prabhu, violated traffic norms by parking his car on the footpath

  • We live in tragic yet fearful times

    We live in tragic yet fearful times

    The 13th anniversary of the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US came and went, largely unnoticed beyond the ritual ceremony to honour the memory of those who perished that day when four hijacked passenger aircraft were used as deadly missiles by al-Qaeda terrorists to hit high-profile targets like the twin World Trade Center towers in New York and the Pentagon