• Afghanistan's looming crisis

    Afghanistan's looming crisis

    Pakistan’s Deep State finds its stock of terror assets depleted in the last few years

  • Bullying must be tackled firmly

    Two 16-year-olds took bullying to a whole new level by threatening to kidnap a 9-year-old son of a diamond trader if he did not give them money

  • Masaba's night out

    Masaba's night out

    "It's the first time I will be co-hosting a party," said Masaba Gupta yesterday, a few hours before she co-hosted the Vogue Fashion Night Out with the magazine last evening

  • A dissenting voice silenced, again

    A dissenting voice silenced, again

    Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi died in 1966. He was both a formidable mathematician and an unparalleled historian

  • Kaapi for the soul

    When a Mumbai icon like Cafe Madras notches up 75 years, it is time to say cheers and raise a toast — with a glass of sambar or rasam, choose your poison

  • Big bang entrance

    Big bang entrance

    Rarely have we witnessed such excitement in the city, about the arrival of a new hotel in Mumbai, as we have for the St Regis chain, which announced its arrival with a classy Mumbai Mary toast to the city, its spin on the legend, which arrived in a personally engraved handsome box

  • How the stage was set for the 1965 war

    How the stage was set for the 1965 war

    The events that led to the outbreak of war between India and Pakistan on September 6, 1965 are well known — the Kutch incursion of April 24, Operation Gibraltar of August 5, followed by Grand Slam on September 1

  • Sad to see Kambli playing down the wrong line

    Today, the Indian cricket team will, in all probability, break their 22-year jinx of not winning a Test series in Sri Lanka

  • Gauri sounds good

    Gauri sounds good

    Gauri Khan is on a roll. Not only has she tied up with all manner of design and lifestyle mavens to position her design studio at Khar as a lifestyle hub in Mumbai, but now word comes in, that later his month when Scandinavian audio tech guru, Peter Lyngdorf, comes to India for the opening of the first Steinway Lyngdorf Flagship showroom in Delhi'

  • Sticking to the task

    It was the year 2000. This journalist, while still trying to figure the rollercoaster that is Indian sport, was dispatched to cover a junior national women’s hockey tournament.

  • Of champagne wishes and caviar dreams

    Of champagne wishes and caviar dreams

    The lives of the rich and famous are always a fabulous source of gossip and idle chatter. And prime-time news.

  • Hospitals must protect their own

    With at least 2,598 people having tested positive for swine flu in the city this year and over 43 deaths taking place, the lack of safety measures at tertiary care hospitals (which provide specialised treatment and specialists) is a huge cause for concern.

  • Quota politics: Patels there, Patils here

    Like many mass leaders across the country, Gujarat's Hardik Patel has given Maharashtra's Maratha chieftains, who are demanding a quota for their community in jobs and education, the jitters and evoked a sense of jealousy for the young man.

  • Critical mass

    Critical mass

    Usually, when I’m introduced to people as a film curator and festival consultant, they go, "Wow! You watch films for a living?" Yeah, I admit.

  • When audience was customer

    When audience was customer

    A few months ago, I attended a fabulous Marathi show called Sangeet Bari that spoke about a little-known, yet widely prevalent, subculture of traditional singers and dancers in Maharashtra who perform only at private gatherings.

  • My kind of murder mystery

    My kind of murder mystery

    Murder mysteries are everyone’s guilty pleasure. The human preoccupation with a life and death makes these stories perpetually fascinating.

  • Ajinkya, say na!

    Ajinkya, say na!

    Dear 'Jinks' Rahane. Hope all's good in Ceylon. I truly enjoy your batsmanship in test cricket, as much as I used to 'Jammy' Dravid's.

  • The passionate climber

    The passionate climber

    Having a green soul and a grandiose desire for a massive garden is something that few suburban Mumbaikars can afford.

  • When media molests our intelligence

    When media molests our intelligence

    Sobriety and maturity are no longer the hallmarks of mainstream media as they were once upon a time, not many years ago

  • Why we are nuts about Bolt

    As if there was anything left to be proved, Usain St Leo Bolt, cemented his place in the pantheon of sprinting gods by winning the 100-m and 200-m events at the ongoing World Athletics Champi-onships in Beijing