• Things you don't want to hear about

    Things you don't want to hear about

    India is a vast and wonderful country how can anyone doubt that? But it also seems to be a trifle odd these days

  • Positive wind across Windies cricket

    West Indies cricket had reached a point where they were getting more famous for on and off-field capitulation rather than the glorious period they enjoyed from the 1970s to the mid-1990s in Test cricket

  • With love, from Miss Fonseca

    We would have loved to be in Goa last weekend. Wishful thinking aside, the tiny neighbouring state doesn’t need much reason to make a dash to

  • The problems of plenty

    The problems of plenty

    One way of understanding - or trying to - what young people are thinking is to see some of their creative work. And then, be prepared to be baffled by their ideas

  • This summer, let kids learn the art of doing nothing

    Summer is here and the livin’ ain’t easy for many children. Holidays are here and there are naturally a plethora of camps and classes mushrooming everywhere

  • Trust the process: the message in America

    Trust the process: the message in America

    Riots in the land of plenty. Somehow it doesn’t make sense. America is rich; it’s people not necessarily so. America is powerful, all it’s people, not really. Inequality and discrimination persist despite years and years of Affirmative Action.

  • Policemen deserve justice too

    Tough duty hours and the stressed lifestyle of the Mumbai police force claimed yet another life on Saturday evening.

  • Another political Pawar play begins

    If there was a weather forecast bureau for politics, Sharad Pawar could easily qualify for heading it.

  • Bans Not OK Please

    Bans Not OK Please

    Maharashtra’s Ministry of Bans and Diktats (yes, it exists), has once again come up with a winner

  • Dancing democracy

    Dancing democracy

    Among the many important days last week — May Day, Maharashtra Day— there was also, International Dance Day

  • I'm an earthquake

    I'm an earthquake

    I’m sorry. Deeply deeply regretful. For the disaster, the death, the destruction, the debacle, the debris I have caused. I know it’s a tragedy of untold proportions

  • Scarlet pips Savitri

    Scarlet pips Savitri

    Miss Alpha married Mister Gama. Gama then tried to destroy Alpha — for her alpha-ness showed up his gamma-ness

  • And all came tumbling down

    And all came tumbling down

    When there are natural calamities, such as earthquakes or tsunamis, human imagination seeks explanation

  • For a zero-tolerance approach to extortion and custodial rape

    The Crime Branch’s starting question of the probe into the alleged rape and extortion by three personnel attached to the Sakinaka Police Station mars the optimism generated by the alacrity with which Rakesh Maria acted when informed of the incident

  • Can a new Nepal rise from the ruins?

    Can a new Nepal rise from the ruins?

    It’s been a week since the devastating earthquake that left vast swathes of Kathmandu valley in shambles

  • Putting real meaning in 'dignity of labour'

    Yesterday, on May 1, Mumbai marked Maharashtra Day with a slew of functions across the city

  • Coping with WhatsApp

    Coping with WhatsApp

    Is there a book somewhere on WhatsApp etiquette? And if there isn’t can someone write it please

  • Mumbai must speak out against gender bias

    A huge controversy quite rightly erupted after a reporter from a TV news channel was told to leave the front row of an event and go and sit at the back, just because she was a woman

  • The Hunk Factor

    The Hunk Factor

    This is one social science observation that we can believe. According to one of its promoters, one of the reasons why the Pro Kabbadi league will make a profit in its second year of existence, is because Indian women cannot get enough of the visual delight it affords of handsome, swarthy and sweaty players grappling with each other on the field

  • Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

    Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

    The state of mind of those who killed social activist and human rights campaigner Sabeen Mahmud in Karachi on April 24, and that of Mumtaz Qadri, the security guard who killed Punjab Governor Salman Taseer in Lahore on January 4, 2011, is the same as that of the state in Pakistan