• Ignoring illegal slums is like playing with fire

    A major fire broke out at the Shastri Nagar slum colony adjoining platforms 1 and 2 of the Bandra railway station on Saturday night, disrupting train services on the Western Railway line

  • Waltzing Diplomacy

    Waltzing Diplomacy

    Salman Khurshid, Madhu Kishwar and the German ambassador to Delhi being all silly in a Bollywood song and dance

  • Before our eyes

    Before our eyes

    I had the same tense discussion with two close friends in the same week

  • When the ascetic overpowered the nymph

    When the ascetic overpowered the nymph

    The earliest commentary (bhasya) on the Bhagavad Gita that we have is that of the great scholar, Shankara, who lived in the 9th century CE, 1300 years after the Buddha, at least 500 years after the final composition of the Gita

  • Be a Mumbai Earthling

    Be a Mumbai Earthling

    We are all familiar and ardent fans of Mumbai Indians and other such commercial cricket outfits

  • Love in the time of Bombay

    Love in the time of Bombay

    Love me or leave me!” I heard from the table beside. Moons ago, but dramatic declarations like this echoed within the cosy confines of Samovar till it downed shutters last month

  • Youngistan does India proud

    Youngistan does India proud

    One of the joys of being a journalist is that you’re always meeting different kinds of people, and every day can be a day of discovery

  • India kya tyohahahaha!

    India kya tyohahahaha!

    I am IPL obsessed. No, no not the Indian Premier League. The new Indian Political League is my new area of interest

  • Tamasha turns into tragedy at AAP rally

    Tamasha turns into tragedy at AAP rally

    With nothing exciting, as in TRP-fetching, eyeball-grabbing exciting, happening in Lutyens’ Delhi, our national media, especially television channels, pounced upon the rather tragic incident at AAP’s rally on Wednesday

  • Make examples of black sheep in khaki

    On Thursday, Mumbai Crime Branch officials arrested two assistant inspectors and a constable from Sakinaka police station for raping a model inside a police chowkie

  • Tour de Force

    Tour de Force

    Janhavi Acharekar’s novel Wanderers, All brings out the inner conflict and inadvertent drama that characterized Mumbai’s police in the early decades of the last century

  • Hostilities no more

    Hostilities no more

    Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr TCA Raghavan, recently said that there is a need to remove misperceptions between New Delhi and Islamabad for the restoration of mutual trust

  • Taking Mumbaikars closer to the sea

    After a two-year delay, the Maharashtra Maritime Board has finally begun work on the construction of a concrete embankment on a 400-metre patch of the iconic Bandstand promenade

  • Dutt and Khan wow at Tina's summit

    Dutt and Khan wow at Tina's summit

    On stage at Women in the World in New York last night. The entire hall moved to tears by the testimony of a Saida Munya, a Swedish mother whose daughter Fatima left home to join the ISIS," said leading news anchor Barkha Dutt who moderated the opening night discussion at Tina Brown’s sixth high profile Women in the World Summit now playing at New York's Lincoln Center

  • Remember Benaud for his toil as well

    Remember Benaud for his toil as well

    Through the recent death of Richie Benaud, we learned so much more about the man, his cricket and commentary

  • Mumbai needs every green space it can get

    For the past seven months, Mumbaikars have been deprived of one of the city’s largest gardens over a petty ego battle

  • An assault on Mumbai

    An assault on Mumbai

    "I have known (Nana) Chudasama for the longest time. He represents the best of what defined Mumbai as intelligent, inclusive, decent and caring," wrote Tasneem Zakaria Mehta the feisty and internationally renowned managing trustee and honorary director of the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai in a much applauded recent article titled 'When a great city dies' in the Indian Express

  • No clean bill of health for India

    No clean bill of health for India

    Dealing with a few personal health issues, I’ve spent the last few months in and around hospitals in India

  • For true victory, we need answers from BMC

    Activism against Mumbai’s controversial development plan has won, and how. Mumbaikars have not only made all political parties toe the line, but also compelled the Devendra Fadnavis government to scrap the DP

  • A certain sulky swagger

    A certain sulky swagger

    The life of a hack is never dull. Not so very long ago, we found ourselves at the Olive in Bandra discussing the outstanding instances of Hollywood actresses reprising male characters...