• mid-day editorial: Everyone has the right to have kids

    Adraft law that aims to make surrogacy legal and transparent was cleared by the Cabinet yesterday. The Surrogacy Bill, 2016, has been drafted with the aim to protect the rights of both, the surrogate and the child

  • mid-day editorial: Break the handi, not the law

    Today, as the city erupts in dahi handi revelries, let’s remember to keep safety first, from the human pyramid formations to the traffic on road.

  • mid-day editorial: Don't cop out on whistleblowers

    Like all other whistleblowers, Sundar Singh Jadhav did good by blowing the lid off the kidney racket, but all he has got in return are death threats

  • mid-day editorial: Train your sights on Tokyo 2020

    A Samba performance brought an end to Rio Olympics 2016, but in India, nobody is dancing

  • mid-day editorial: Put safety on top of the pyramid

    Political parties say they are concerned about Mumbai’s young Govindas but insist that they will not follow the Supreme Court’s recent orders for increased safety during the dahi handi celebrations. The SC has banned those below 18 years from participating in dahi handi formations and has also capped the height of the human pyramids to 20 ft.

  • mid-day editorial: Give girls a level playing field

    By the time you read this, Indian badminton’s sunshine girl PV Sindhu may be thinking about the chances she lost in her final yesterday

  • mid-day editorial: A slice of the past for the future

    One of the more fascinating stories in recent times has been the discovery of a 150-metre long underground British era bunker inside the Raj Bhavan complex at Malabar Hill

  • mid-day editorial: Have a safe flight sans the manjha

    In a welcome move, the Delhi government has banned use of glass or metal-coated kite strings, commonly called ‘manjha’, after two children died on Independence Day in separate accidents, barely 10 km apart

  • mid-day editorial: Get those promises on track

    A recent inspection by top officials from Western Railway showed that the gap between promises and reality is akin to the gap between the train and the platform — too wide for comfort

  • mid-day editorial: Shame the rapist, not the survivor

    Mumbai takes great pride in being a safe city for women, but what happens when its very protectors turn into monsters?

  • mid-day editorial: Don't make organ donation a casualty

    Ever since Mumbai Police busted a major kidney racket at a top Powai hospital, and arrested five of its doctors, including the CEO and the medical director, the case has had a domino effect

  • mid-day editorial: Communication and the lack of it

    Mumbai’s clubs have become a hot button topic for a while now, given the speed with which news is communicated

  • mid-day editorial: Don't leave caution behind this I-Day

    As Mumbaikars drive out of town to enjoy an extended weekend, thanks to Independence Day, here’s a quick reminder to not let caution take a backseat

  • mid-day editorial: There's an 'I' in every 'radical'

    Ashfaq Abdul Majid, the 25-year-old who fled the country with his wife and daughter on June 2 and joined ISIS, was allegedly brainwashed with promises of “jannat” by Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) employee Arshid Qureshi

  • mid-day editorial: Be a sport, support our athletes

    What could have prompted Shobhaa De to take a swipe at the Indian athletes even as they are in the midst of the Rio Olympics?

  • mid-day editorial: Don't let fear claim more lives

    In a city like Mumbai, space is everything. Here, people cling to crumbling, old buildings not because of nostalgia, but because of the very real fear that once they let go, there might not be a home to come back to

  • mid-day editorial: There's a reason it's called health 'care'

    When a loved one falls ill, we turn to our hospitals and doctors in the trust that they will do everything in their power to help

  • mid-day editorial: Don't get swept away in recklessness

    When will Mumbaikars learn to stop playing with their lives? While the monsoon is often associated with romance, there is also a darker side to it, with a slew of drowning deaths taking place year after year

  • mid-day editorial: Need a bridge of solutions, not promises

    The state witnessed a gruesome tragedy on the Mumbai-Goa highway on Tuesday after a British-era bridge over the river Savitri collapsed, drowning several vehicles and passengers within

  • mid-day editorial: Why the Olympics are still sacred

    Even before the Rio Olympics begin tomorrow, the event has been dominating headlines, but for all the wrong reasons