• mid-day editorial: Don't ignore issues on your own turf

    Recently, this paper had carried a report about the ‘high-rise’ shanties of Behrampada kissing the Bandra skywalk

  • mid-day editorial: Senior citizens, it's time to toughen up

    A series of crimes against senior citizens in the recent past are an indicator of how the silver-haired have become prime targets of criminals in the city

  • mid-day editorial: Rape is not a punchline

    Bollywood superstar Salman Khan courted controversy once again, when he said that training for his upcoming film Sultan left him feeling like a raped woman, evoking outrage everywhere

  • mid-day editorial: Road contract system needs repairs

    Monsoon means pothole season for Mumbaikars, and this year it looks like people have to grin and bear it as usual or, use patience, a sense of humour and a nifty sense of balance all of it in proportion to combat the bogey on the roads, these craters that are a danger to limbs and also can send your car into the garage making you shell out high amounts for repairs

  • mid-day editorial: This Yoga day, to each his own asana

    Tomorrow, Mumbai will prove it has the courage of its contortions. The International Yoga Day is upon us, and venues across the city are marking the day with yoga camps, workshops, demonstrations and lectures on the benefits of yoga

  • mid-day editorial: In the beautiful game, violence is ugly

    For a sport that is known as the beautiful game, football can spark intense ugliness in the form of fan clashes

  • mid-day editorial: Don't hold out on the common man

    It was people power and ire to the fore as Vasai locals took it upon themselves to open the new Vasai east-west flyover, which was meant to ease congestion on the old Vasai bridge

  • mid-day editorial: Don't stifle or suppress free speech

    The Mumbai police seems to be on an overdrive to foil any possibility of a political unrest, like the Kanhaiya Kumar and Rohith Vemula uproar at campuses of higher education in the city

  • mid-day editorial: Bridging the way to a greener city

    After months of being locked in an unnecessary political tug of war between the Shiv Sena and Congress, Mumbai’s first garden under a flyover was finally opened to the public on Monday.

  • mid-day editorial: Kill the hate, not those who love

    The furore over the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in the US has become even more intense after the gunman’s father said his son was motivated not by his religion but by homophobia

  • mid-day editorial: Rise to the call of rationalism

    Rationalism is back in focus with the CBI having made the first arrest in the Narendra Dabholkar murder case

  • mid-day editorial: Let's not be driven by aggression

    In a city like Mumbai, where there are far too many vehicles and not enough parking space, towing wars are bound to happen

  • mid-day editorial: Enable the disabled, don't patronise them

    As a society, we still have a long way to go before we can claim to be truly inclusive when it comes to people with disabilities. 

  • mid-day editorial: Safety must be our driving concern

    No matter how many lives are lost on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the authorities just don’t seem to take safety seriously

  • mid-day editorial: Time to take down illegal slums

    Even after a disastrous fire in 2009, Behrampada continues to laugh in the face of BMC rules, breaking its own record to build multi-storeyed shanties that have reached a steep 80 feet

  • mid-day editorial: You can't censor reality

    It’s been a while since the filmmakers have been up in protest against the archaic ways of the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and its unreasonable diktats. The protests, however, have not yielded any solid results

  • mid-day editorial: Colaba needs a clean-up job, now

    On Thursday, Colaba’s worst fears came true when the Metro House, at the corner of the famous Colaba shopping street caught fire

  • mid-day editorial: Dead chowkies are a waste of money

    If a picture can say a thousand words, imagine what five pictures of defunct beat chowkies can say? They say that these chowkies are a waste of time and taxpayers’ money

  • mid-day editorial: The stress over cess is justified

    The introduction of 0.5 per cent Krishi Kalyan Cess – which was announced in the budget and takes the cumulative tax on services to 15 per cent – has been received with a lot of bitterness, especially by the middle class

  • mid-day editorial: Hey Ram! Focus on amenities instead

    With the Oshiwara station set to be unveiled in a matter of months, the BJP and the Shiv Sena want it to be named Ram Mandir Station, in recognition of a popular temple in the area, a front page report in this paper stated yesterday