• mid-day editorial: Put citizens' needs before ego clashes

    Even as India aspires to become a global superpower, millions of its citizens aren’t even given the dignity of access to a toilet, forced to instead defecate in the open

  • mid-day editorial: Quit yanking the railways' chain

    Most commuters are quick to complain whenever trains are delayed or halted out of schedule. However, there are also some who have no qualms in causing these very delays by yanking the alarm chain for the most trivial reasons

  • mid-day editorial: Fight corruption with action, not promises

    For most citizens, the rules are the same — anyone who breaks the law will be punished

  • mid-day editorial: Queer and nothing to cure

    This evening, the city’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community will hold a rally to call out doctors and all allied medical professionals on their claims of ‘curing’ homosexuality through different therapies. Aptly titled Queers against Quacks, the rally will be held at Azad Maidan

  • mid-day editorial: Let go, Sushil, we still love you

    Sport is not only about competition. It’s also about opportunity. No one probably realises this better than Narsingh Yadav and Sushil Kumar, the two main characters in Indian wrestling’s latest controversy

  • mid-day editorial: Reclaim footpaths for pedestrians

    Colaba Causeway remains at the centre of an ugly battle for space between hawkers and shopkeepers and residents

  • mid-day editorial: Prioritise the safety of passengers

    The Dindoshi police on Monday arrested an Ola cab driver for allegedly molesting and harassing a 30-year-old woman passenger

  • mid-day editorial: Don't let officials derail Project Toilet

    That the lack of proper public toilets is a big issue in this city has been quite well known for some time now

  • mid-day editorial: MU needs to fix its blind spot

    Even as university students across the city are studying feverishly with just a week to go to the annual exams, visually challenged students are instead having to scramble to find exam writers at the last minute, all thanks to Mumbai University’s inconsiderate planning

  • mid-day editorial: Seems too good to be true? It probably is

    Yesterday, this paper carried a detailed front-page report about the many women who have lost money in the lakhs and crores after being duped online by conmen posing as Mr Right

  • mid-day editorial: E-Way safety: The writing's on the wall

    Here’s yet another example of how people are often willing to sacrifice safety to save a few rupees — motorists and locals from nearby villages broke down a wall near the Mumbai-Pune Expressway to open up a dirt road and save on toll

  • mid-day editorial: No one else must fall victim to borewells

    A six-year-old boy lost his life after falling into an abandoned borewell – one of the many that have sprung up across the state to combat the severe water crisis. But it was human error, not the drought that claimed the child’s life

  • mid-day editorial: Stand up for women's #RightToPleasure

    Even as we usher in a new age when women finally have equal access to places of worship, there are those who seek to drag womankind back to the dark ages in the name of religion

  • mid-day editorial: Don't use 'rape' as a sound byte

    Motormouth Donald Trump has done it again. The Republican frontrunner for the US presidential race on Sunday referred to China’s dominance in trade as the “rape” of United States

  • mid-day editorial: No time for one-upmanship

    The botched Crime Branch raid targeting African drug peddlers in Dongri has again put the spotlight on the testy relationship between the elite crime-fighting team and the local police

  • mid-day editorial: Take a hard line on road safety

    Just a few days ago, a fatal accident on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link underlined how dangerous that stretch had become, with many drivers treating it like a Formula One racing track

  • mid-day editorial: Punish the beasts who hurt animals

    Yesterday, the nation woke up to the sad news of the death of Shaktiman, the police horse who was crippled by beatings during a violent BJP rally in Uttarakhand

  • mid-day editorial: It's time transgenders got their fair share

    It was heartening to see the spotlight on the transgender community at a recent fair held in Borivli

  • mid-day editorial: Time for FDA to step up to the plate

    It was a disaster of gastronomic proportions at the Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN) conference last week, where 300-400 participating school kids took ill after eating the lunch served by a popular eatery

  • mid-day editorial: Dipa's feat is a leap of faith for India

    Gymnast Dipa Karmakar’s qualification for Rio 2016, the first Indian to do so since 1964 and first woman ever from the country to qualify for the quadrennial event, is a huge leap for Indian gymnastics