• No space to jam

    Often, a reality check comes from the most unexpected of avenues. A few days back, during a round of channel surfing, the subject matter of a particular documentary on BBC caught the eye

  • Wings on fire

    Wings on fire

    The winter is my favourite season in Mumbai since it brings in hundreds of migratory birds from all over the world to enliven this otherwise grey city

  • Something fishy

    Something fishy

    Mea culpa, it isn’t anything I’m proud of, but couldn’t have helped it. The first time I was able to whistle as a kid was, a tad inappropriately, inside an agiary, my family fire temple on Hill Road in Bandra

  • Pahaadi, by the sea

    Pahaadi, by the sea

    I return to the mountains, the pines and the entwined rhododendrons, the crisp mountain air and the rain-washed vales, and I breathe. I’ve come home...

  • English hangover

    English hangover

    Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s teachers at the National School of Drama routinely ignored his Hindi answers to questions accepting the same response when offered by someone else in English

  • Bridge to the Emirates

    Bridge to the Emirates

    By now we are quite familiar with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy style

  • National treasures, really?

    A few days ago, as we scoured around town for engaging, offbeat stories with an Independence Day connect, the mention of an Independence Day walk organised by a group that conducts city trails intrigued us

  • Farmer relief: Celebs lead from the front as politicians lag behind

    When victims of any tragedy feel that the government has fallen short of helping them, it is expected of society to step in to find a solution to their particular problem

  • A Suitable Girl

    A Suitable Girl

    A lot of the younger generation have no time to find a wife, or are too bored to find one, it seems — so they outsource the job to mummy

  • Raising the hood

    Raising the hood

    Mumbai is a unique city, located in the midst of an ecological hotspot, the Western Ghats. The megalopolis, thus supports immense biodiversity, and in abundance

  • Mumbai Police must confront its biases

    For a long time, biases, misplaced zeal, and a predilection for being seen as “tough” on crime and what they think is “immoral” and “indecent” activities have characterised far too many actions of the Mumbai police

  • The front page

    The front page

    A newspaper office circa 1989. The ramshackle place is held together by a bamboo pole. If it is removed, it is possible the structure will collapse

  • Keeping tabs? It's Sena's turn to go under scanner

    Shiv Sena’s ‘promising’ assurance of reducing the weight of school bags of civic students by offering them tablet computers has raised a storm in political circles

  • The 50-year itch

    “It’s very simple, you see. If I had to pick places where a first-timer to Mumbai should dine, I’d suggest they visit any eatery that is 50 years old, at least,” chuckled Kunal Vijayakar, the affable city based foodie

  • Selfie Stop

    Selfie Stop

    A selfie point shatters the calm of a park, and may be symbolic of a wider trend of skirting bigger issues by using a quick-fix method to appease the electorate

  • The death of decency

    The death of decency

    The hatred online is scary. Can there ever be a civil discussion or argument on anything these days? Or is everyone now beholden to a digital lynch mob

  • The IS threat: India isn't on the front line

    The IS threat: India isn't on the front line

    In recent times we have been hearing a great deal about the Islamic State (IS) and how it poses a threat to India

  • Shopping at Elephanta, anyone?

    It was our Sunday morning face-palm moment. As we scanned through a national daily, we spotted a story related to tourism data on Maharashtra that was released by MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation)

  • Monsoon Session: Oppn's failure, BJP's gain

    When it comes to calling a spade a spade, Congress leader Narayan Rane is always at his vocal best

  • Going for Plan B

    Going for Plan B

    The great tectonic plates of Bollywood and regional cinema are coming together rapidly