• Where eagles soar

    Where eagles soar

    These are among a total 18 medallions, representing human virtues, carved in dark shisham on three teak doors leading into the little chapel of St Xavier’s College. Sitting at a pew a quarter century after leaving the alma mater, I remain awed

  • It's moth week!

    It's moth week!

    Two decades ago, the idea of celebrating a moth week would’ve sounded absurd to me

  • You are not alone

    You are not alone

    It may come as a shock to a few and evoke vehement denial by others, but the truth is, companionship brings us most happiness

  • Why the BBC matters

    Why the BBC matters

    It doesn’t matter how robust a democracy is, how free its society is most governments fear, maybe even dislike free media, and more so if it is funded by the taxpayer

  • Why it's time for India to invest in Iran

    Why it's time for India to invest in Iran

    Almost everyone is agreed that the recent Iran-US nuclear deal has opened up a raft of opportunities for India — economic and geopolitical — as well as other countries. But major obstacles still remain, primarily the political divisions in the United States.

  • Who is going to bell the agrarian crisis?

    “Any party which takes credit for the rain must not be surprised if its opponents blame it for the drought.”

  • Small is big

    “It’s a tiny revolution. Then again, ‘revolution’ might be too big a word. But there is a churn and a gradual change of mind,” shared an author-filmmaker friend of this columnist who is often on panels at poetry and prose reading sessions held across the city

  • Goddess Laxmi's Ferrari

    Goddess Laxmi's Ferrari

    A few years ago, while discussing Mumbai's health, I was aghast to know that there were nearly nine rats for every human in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. This translates to a whopping 108 million rats at the lowest human population figure of 12 million.

  • Bharat dahan

    Bharat dahan

    Guru Tamasoma was in a tearing hurry to implement his pet project, Akhand Bharat. He had a dual strategy to achieve this—Hindu Bharat and Tejomay Bharat (Shining India). “In your modern language, it is like ‘dual-SIM’ strategy,” he explained to Mantriji.

  • The Worth of Words

    The Worth of Words

    Nadira Zaheer Babbar declares that there has been no finer qawwali written in Hindi films than Sahir Ludhianvi’s Yeh ishq ishq hai in Barsaat Ki Raat (1960)

  • Stir the pot of ideas

    It could have been just another newsy listing about a Mumbai restaurant that landed in our inbox

  • Time for opposition to walk the talk

    If a former chief minister of Maharashtra is to be believed, he and many others in the Congress had not imagined in their wildest dreams that they would have to take to the streets

  • Surprise date with the tarantula

    Surprise date with the tarantula

    Hollywood has contributed significantly towards inducing arachnophobia or the unreasonable fear of spiders in us.

  • Fast and curious

    Fast and curious

    “We want to be in the Guinness Book of Records,” my son had announced. “Or at least, the Limca Book of Records,” his sister trailed.

  • Why now, Mr Honeysuckle?

    Why now, Mr Honeysuckle?

    The honeysuckle is finally in bloom. It meanders over the wire mesh, sheathing those ungainly building pipes, and gracefully glides over to the sunshade, where it homes, and from where bunches of red and pink blossoms peep into my bedroom. Now they do. Now they don’t ... Ah joy! As I sit on my bed and look out: green waves.

  • Time for fresh news

    Time for fresh news

    It has been a busy season for news media. The kind of scams being revealed Vyapam or Lalit Modi are intriguing

  • Learning from a bloody past

    Learning from a bloody past

    In all the breast beating about the Kandahar hijacking raised by former R&AW chief AS Dulat’s book on Kashmir, people are forgetful of an important point: The terrible events of September 11, 2001 have forever ensured that there is only one way to deal with a hijack free the hostages through negotiations or commando action, or shoot it out of the sky

  • A tribute to a city icon

    For decades, we’ve marvelled at the charming architecture that greets us each time we approach Bandra’s railway station

  • Madrassas: Modernisation is good, politicisation isn't

    Ahead of last year’s Lok Sabha elections, the then Congress-NCP government in Maharashtra had announced a scheme of modernisation of madrassas (Islamic seminaries) in the state and had sanctioned annual aid ranging between Rs 2 and Rs 5.8 lakh for each madrassa

  • Filmmaking in the new economy

    Filmmaking in the new economy

    This is a Bangalore film diary okay Bengaluru where I was on assignment recently