• Pakistan in the eye of the storm

    Pakistan in the eye of the storm

    Last week, Pakistan’s parliament voted to remain neutral in the civil war in Yemen, angering Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates.

  • A wake up call for Mumbai

    Emperor Shah Jahan would have wept at what his labour of love has come to be. Buried inside the national news section of yesterday’s newspapers, we spotted a bit of news that added to a disturbing trend

  • Many more skeletons in MMRDA closet?

    Euphoric after the country’s first Monorail rolled out from a dusty Wadala depot to reach Chembur in February last year, several lakh Mumbaikars thronged the elevated facility for joyrides for days together

  • Aata majhi satakli!

    Aata majhi satakli!

    The Maharashtra government wants to boost the Marathi film industry by reserving multiplex screens between 12 noon and 9 pm for Marathi films

  • Their friends, our friends

    Wow, that was one rocking party Mamma!” the children chorused. Brows high-jumping with incredulity to spell “Cool”, they weren’t crowing about any wild celebration with their pals. This was them describing a dinner my mother-in-law hosted for a band of volunteer friends she works with

  • Gender by Choice

    Gender by Choice

    Every few years, gender lines are redrawn and there is a scramble to redefine what is politically correct. Sometimes, it seems as if every step society takes towards reducing the inequality between the sexes, two steps are taken backwards

  • Whose 'development' is the Development Plan for?

    Mumbai’s draft development plan (DP) for the next 20 years has created a storm. The philosophy adopted by the planners, to cater to the growing population of the metro, has evoked mixed views

  • A selfie-free Lent

    “I’m not going to take any selfies throughout Lent,” was a declaration that caught my attention in a crowded, high-octane compartment of a local, a day before Ash Wednesday

  • Process. Accept. Believe

    Process. Accept. Believe

    She’d been away a week. Home now, the first thing that struck her was the new nameplate

  • The food network

    The food network

    Why is it such a challenge to get a food show that showcases healthy food? Or a column on food that goes beyond the googled-facts-on-green-food

  • Power play over Iran

    Power play over Iran

    The news from Lausanne is confusing. But that is only to be expected in the complex endgame that is being played out between the P5+1 and Iran over the latter’s nuclear programme

  • On Sena turf, it's do-or-die for Rane

    By-polls attract attention only when big names are involved. In Maharashtra’s recent political history, the last by-elections people watched with excitement featured Narayan Rane, the Shiv Sainik-turned-Congressman

  • Mumbai must move up the list

    Last week, two bits of news came as a shot in the arm for city lovers, heritage buffs, and anybody who wishes that Mumbai retain its original fabric and character despite it appearing as a daunting, if not Herculean task

  • Bollywood as a minority

    Bollywood as a minority

    When people talk about Indian cinema, almost invariably, Bollywood is the elephant in the room, squishing all other Indian cinemas under its considerable weight

  • These laws should be next after Section 66A

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down the reviled Section 66A of the Information Technology Act in its entirety for violating the fundamental right of speech and expression

  • Mumbai Police's Social Media Monitoring Lab secretive and acting illegally?

    “We shall only monitor, not censor. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the public’s expectations and delivery of police services, and maintain public order

  • Dial M For Mahatma

    Dial M For Mahatma

    “You find ingredients listed on bottles of masala, but not the recipe, so that nobody can replicate it,” says a young Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, himself looking for what turned him into Mahatma, Bapu

  • When will Mumbai see something happen?

    A common refrain during legislative sessions held in the city, is that the houses don’t discuss much about Mumbai, even when the city elects 36 MLAs and has almost a dozen representatives in the Upper House

  • Cafe Samovar musings

    Ask any diehard Mumbaikar, and they’ll have a Cafe Samovar story to share. That first date

  • Ah men

    Ah men

    I’ll get along a bottle of wine and if you’re good I’ll give you a backrub.” I read the text thrice. Go into contacts to check if somehow the name and number had got mixed up