• All love lost for the Taj

    While World Heritage Day was celebrated globally on April 18, Agra’s residents seemed indifferent to the Taj city’s rich historical legacy.

  • Narendra Modi and the Indian Media

    Narendra Modi and the Indian Media

    A recent tweet by a former editor of this newspaper, Abhijit Majumder, got me thinking about journalism, and what it has come to represent in an era of social media, the Internet, blogs and 24-hour television

  • Making money from music

    Making money from music

    More than 70 per cent of all music sales in India is film music. More than 100 per cent of all discussion around music in India is focussed on film music

  • The PMO files

    The PMO files

    All of you have probably heard of the law of unintended consequences

  • Policy potential

    Policy potential

    With the RBI and IMF taking steps that are set to help economic growth, the future looks good for the markets

  • Markets pin hopes on polls

    Markets pin hopes on polls

    With Lok Sabha elections on in India, the stock markets seem to be sensing that a stable government will be formed and are doing well as a result

  • Celebrate the local

    A couple of years ago, as one was discussing possible getaways for mid-day’s travel section, with a colleague, it came as a shock that she, a Mumbaiite, wasn’t aware of the existence of the Matheran hill railway

  • Manmohanomics and its decline

    In the twilight of his 23-year old long political career, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, once hailed as the saviour of national economy (remember the 90s?) must be quite relieved that he has reached the end of this long, twisted and treacherous road that Indian politics has taken him through

  • What does Cannes want?

    It’s that time of the year, when the Indian film industry gets jittery, as the Cannes Film Festival (May 14-25, 2014) is round the corner.

  • Will the Rupee rise in May?

    Will the Rupee rise in May?

    Last May, after the US Federal Reserve first announced a likely roadmap for Quantitative Easing (QE) taper, Morgan Stanley labelled India as a “fragile five” club member with other emerging economies such as Turkey, South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia.

  • A kind of madness

    A kind of madness

    Mumbai University’s Academy of Theatre Arts has been doing good work (with a minimum of fuss) at its verdant Kalina campus. Waman Kendre moved to head the National School of Drama in Delhi, handing over charge to well-known Shafaat Khan, who was on the faculty for years

  • When bookstores shut down

    “It will be open for some time still, ma’am; don’t worry,” the familiar-looking cashier smiled, half-heartedly, trying his best to sound reassuring as he billed my pile of books

  • This should be India's most free and fair election

    Imagine a scene in which an election observer is holding a meeting of traders’ bodies from a constituency, asking them to report large-scale purchases of gifts or particular items to him, as those could be used to lure voters

  • Onward robotic soldiers

    Picture this: Robots braving bullets while ferrying weapons and ammunition to soldiers on the battle front. Or, a robotic arm resembling the human variety that can work in hazardous areas like blast furnaces. 

  • The shortening content cycles

    The shortening content cycles

    In the mid-eighties Clive Lloyd and later Vivian Richards were captaining a world-beating West Indian team

  • Take a bow

    March 27 was celebrated as World Theatre Day. And as expected, PR machinery swung into action offering all kinds of suggestions for presswallahs to feature the day in their publications

  • Make Nehru's role in 1962 war known

    Make Nehru's role in 1962 war known

    The emergence of the Henderson-Brooks report during election season should have set the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons in India

  • The many moods of the maverick Mr Pawar

    Even his bitter critics and staunch rivals admire the political acumen of NCP chief Sharad Pawar, who has been in electoral politics for the past 47 years

  • Love in translation

    Love in translation

    Did you know that when a Maharashtrian wants to say, ‘I love you’, he says, ‘ekshe trechalees’? I had no idea. Of the many unromantic ways of letting a girl know you love her, this mathematical mouthful-143 — struck me as a particularly bus-numbery approach to love

  • Is Modi rattled by AK-49?

    Is Modi rattled by AK-49?

    N arendra Modi’s rather unusually harsh criticism of Arvind Kejriwal can raise the question whether the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate has been unnerved by the challenge posed by the Aam Admi Party (AAP) leader in the contest for the Varanasi seat.