• All about our Indian Palm Squirrels

    All about our Indian Palm Squirrels

    Sure, most Bollywood fans must have heard that old, yet famous song, "Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan, zara hatke jara bachke ye hai bambai meri jaan" — loosely translating to, "It's tough to survive in this city of Mumbai, you ought to beware and be alert!

  • Big cats and grand staircases

    Big cats and grand staircases

    We can now adopt an animal each, announce the good folks at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. They have just lost Beauty, a young Royal Bengal tigress. This may be a great idea

  • For autonomy and dignity, in life and dying

    How would one rank the tragedies in Aruna Shanbaug’s life? What are these tragedies?

  • The Parent Trap

    The Parent Trap

    The situation is so commonplace that everybody must have come across an incident like that. Two kids have a playground fight, and their parents come to battle swords drawn

  • Neta-babu feud can lead to policy paralysis

    These days, the Mantralaya precinct is abuzz with talk of how a senior bureaucrat refused to cave in when a minister demanded that some engineers of his choice be appointed in Vidarbha

  • Truly. Vulnerably. Deeply.

    Truly. Vulnerably. Deeply.

    Why do we hurt most those we love the most? Yes, we do. They dither from the prescribed. Challenge our idea of love.

  • Pink pride of Maharashtra

    Pink pride of Maharashtra

    We Indians are filled with national and regional fervour, sometimes even to the detriment of civil society. However, if you ask me, the true sign of patriotism is appreciating and upholding the status granted to our respective state trees and flowers by opting to grow them in every state and central government office, school, hospital and public ground.

  • The good, the bad and the ugly

    The good, the bad and the ugly

    The Indian news market is good and bad

  • The Modi govt's economic story

    The Modi govt's economic story

    In politics, depending on your point of view, one year can be a long, or a short time

  • Govts have to do their bit to ensure quick, quality justice

    Immediately after a Sessions Court in Mumbai handed Bollywood superstar Salman Khan a five–year sentence in a hit-and-run case last week, the state government released information that the conviction rate of the state’s lower courts between January 15 and March 15 this year had been 32.93%

  • Be safe this summer

    It was very nearly going to be the theme of my column last week: Safety standards of adventure sports operators in India

  • The fall of the sparrow

    The fall of the sparrow

    As toddlers, the house sparrow tops the list of birds we were introduced to in our childhood

  • Saying goodbye to trees

    Saying goodbye to trees

    Mumbai has been in the grip of redevelopment fever for some years no

  • A lifetime without a mother

    A lifetime without a mother

    This Mother’s Day, let us think of those who grew without a mother’s love and never experienced the care and warmth of the parent  

  • Roads to nowhere

    " It’s scorching, yes. And you coming in—you big black stretch of road cutting into the middle of my mossy paths— will make it hotter still. I’m a garden. I cool things down.”

  • The privilege of justice

    “Why can’t justice be more like this?” everyone asked, astonished at Salman Khan’s quick transformation from convict to free man (not really, he still has two days to get admitted to a hospital, or face surrender before the court)

  • Needed: A system that breeds cops, not toadies

    On May 2, a policeman murdered his superior, wounded another and then shot himself — all this over being disciplined for taking leave

  • With love, from Miss Fonseca

    We would have loved to be in Goa last weekend. Wishful thinking aside, the tiny neighbouring state doesn’t need much reason to make a dash to

  • The problems of plenty

    The problems of plenty

    One way of understanding - or trying to - what young people are thinking is to see some of their creative work. And then, be prepared to be baffled by their ideas

  • Another political Pawar play begins

    If there was a weather forecast bureau for politics, Sharad Pawar could easily qualify for heading it.

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