• Bollywood as a minority

    Bollywood as a minority

    When people talk about Indian cinema, almost invariably, Bollywood is the elephant in the room, squishing all other Indian cinemas under its considerable weight

  • These laws should be next after Section 66A

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down the reviled Section 66A of the Information Technology Act in its entirety for violating the fundamental right of speech and expression

  • Mumbai Police's Social Media Monitoring Lab secretive and acting illegally?

    “We shall only monitor, not censor. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the public’s expectations and delivery of police services, and maintain public order

  • Dial M For Mahatma

    Dial M For Mahatma

    “You find ingredients listed on bottles of masala, but not the recipe, so that nobody can replicate it,” says a young Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, himself looking for what turned him into Mahatma, Bapu

  • When will Mumbai see something happen?

    A common refrain during legislative sessions held in the city, is that the houses don’t discuss much about Mumbai, even when the city elects 36 MLAs and has almost a dozen representatives in the Upper House

  • Cafe Samovar musings

    Ask any diehard Mumbaikar, and they’ll have a Cafe Samovar story to share. That first date

  • Ah men

    Ah men

    I’ll get along a bottle of wine and if you’re good I’ll give you a backrub.” I read the text thrice. Go into contacts to check if somehow the name and number had got mixed up

  • Operation Theatre at the PGH

    Operation Theatre at the PGH

    What would you make of “Manchu Macbeth” and “Hamlet no Omelette”

  • The English lesson

    The English lesson

    It is the end of February in Liverpool. And actor Rowan Atkinson alias Mr Bean talks very seriously about being Jules Maigret to a room packed with TV buyers, media and trade

  • Modi's faultless foreign policy

    Modi's faultless foreign policy

    Whatever you may say about the slow pace of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promises on the economic front, his stepping in the area of foreign policy has been faultless. The recent tour to the Indian Ocean region is a case in point

  • Loss of our fort icons

    “Madam, we suggest you avoid the trip to the Janjira sea fort,” was the near-apologetic response of a hotel owner of one of Alibag’s sea-fronting properties, when a friend had requested for a tour guide to this much-visited attraction

  • Watch out for the BJP-NCP relationship

    The first week of the Budget session of the state legislature did not prove to be as dramatic as it was expected to be

  • Indian men as Taliban

    Indian men as Taliban

    Everyone has been talking about India’s Daughter, but not enough attention is being paid to India’s Son

  • Lingo bingo

    Lingo bingo

    Jnanpeeth awardee Dr Bhalchandra Nemade’s Marathi works get a Gujarati translation, making his books accessible to a wider readership

  • BJP's gamble in Jammu and Kashmir

    On 1st March 2015, People’s Democratic Party’s founder Mufti Mohammad Sayeed took oath as Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir

  • When Mr Chopra met Ms Roy

    When Mr Chopra met Ms Roy

    Watching Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta in Rakesh Bedi’s new play Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha, it’s good to know that some stars, who started their careers with theatre, occasionally return to it and help build audiences

  • More museums for Mumbai

    For this journalist, these few minutes formed the high point of the two-hour-long walk inside the Bombay High Court that was organised by INTACH

  • BJP's 'beef' with Muslims

    A day before the winter session of the state legislature came to an end last December, the BJP-led state government decided in principle to scrap 5 per cent reservation for the Muslims in the state, but passed a bill which gave the Maratha community 16 per cent quota in jobs and education, though the High Court had rejected it

  • Modi's Kashmir challenge

    Modi's Kashmir challenge

    A principal reason for Narendra Modi being swept to power in May was disgust with Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh — indecisive, short on ideas, bereft of charisma and supervising a government of scams

  • Have tongue, will talk

    A new show opens. An old memory stirs...What could one of the country’s foremost artists have to do with bringing up kids?