• Schools of cool

    Who can disagree? Nothing bonded young people more passionately than the World Cup

  • The importance of being a nobody

    The importance of being a nobody

    One of the most exciting experiences I had in Ladakh recently was going on the local heritage walk

  • True beauty lies within

    Beauty is something that every person is drawn to, many are even obsessed with it

  • Man, woman and other

    Man, woman and other

    Some years ago, Waman Kendre (now director of the National School of Drama) had directed a stunning stage production called Jaaneman, about the Hijada community

  • Tough days ahead for Chavan and Congress

    Intense speculations over CM Prithviraj Chavan’s ouster proved to be a damp squib, leaving his political detractors high and dry

  • Western Ghats calling!

    The rain gods are here. Finally. And they have brought joy and cheer to all quarters. A tiny yet important sector within the city that must also be breathing a sigh of relief are travel companies

  • Amit Shah as BJP chief: Modi sidestepping RSS?

    When LK Advani was dragged kicking and screaming from the post of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president in 2005 under orders from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a diplomatic cable from the US embassy in Delhi to Washington stated that the event "demonstrated the power of the RSS ... and will likely increase the party’s (the BJP’s) political decline”

  • Age was just a number with her

    The photograph used most often with her profile, was one of Zohra Sehgal sticking her tongue out, her sense of fun and irrepressible joie de vivre spilling out of her dancing eyes

  • Wanted - a budget full of sweet accidents

    Wanted - a budget full of sweet accidents

    It doesn’t take much to kick-start an entire industry. More than a dozen years ago, the Indian film industry was a basket case

  • How central planning has groomed China

    How central planning has groomed China

    Traveling to China is always a somewhat depressing experience for an Indian of my generation

  • Esplanade's glory days, and a certain Mr Watson

    Today, as passersby cross the dilapidated Esplanade Mansion at Kala Ghoda, they might probably be unaware that this long-forgotten landmark once played a huge part of India’s grand cinematic and cultural history, and remains a treasure as far as its architectural high points go

  • The case for single-party govt

    The clamour for going it alone in the assembly elections in the state in October is getting louder from both the ruling Congress-NCP and opposition BJP-Shiv Sena camps

  • The good, the bad and the adult

    The news was a real blast from the past. Reading about Eli Wallach dying at 98, my mind jumped back as I grinned myself silly

  • 'Ear-opener' in Ladakh

    'Ear-opener' in Ladakh

    Ladakh is such a different sensory experience — the landscapes, the architecture, the trees, the wind — it kicks the restart button for the senses

  • Remembrance of things past

    Remembrance of things past

    Two plays travelled from outside Mumbai last fortnight, which gave a little glimpse of what theatre practitioners elsewhere are thinking and how they are including contemporary social reality in their work

  • Brun, kaapi and a ticking clock

    It was one terrific trip back in time, as the features team put their heads together to nominate Mumbai’s iconic restaurants, eating places and watering holes, as part of mid-day’s bumper, week-long 35th anniversary editions

  • Reservation cannot make up for poor governance

    Senior leaders and party workers of Congress and NCP must have heaved a sigh of relief after the state government announced reservations for the Maratha and Muslim communities, as was being demanded to secure the political future of the ruling Democratic Front

  • Indian Marxists at a dead end

    Indian Marxists at a dead end

    Half a century after the formation of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), the curtains are descending on what the comrades once saw as the beginning of a Leftist transformation of India.

  • The good <strong>news</strong> on radio

    The good news on radio

    Almost all of India’s 242 private FM radio stations play film music all the time. The lack of variety on FM radio has been the biggest bugbear in the growth of the medium over the last decade

  • 'Anonymity is a must'

    The name of the complainant should not be revealed and, even though the law doesn’t mention this specifically, anonymity should be maintained.

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