• Whispers in the dark

    So you want few sleepless nights as a newly minted parent?

  • Congress in self-destruct mode

    Congress in self-destruct mode

    Perhaps the awareness about the irredeemable nature of the Congress’s political fortune persuaded Prithviraj Chavan to let the cat out of the bag

  • Grow up, India

    Grow up, India

    Who is Kailash Satyarthi? That is the question most Indians asked when he won the Nobel Peace prize along with Malala Yousafzai earlier this month

  • Realty factor

    We are a group of members in minority. The Society is going for redevelopment. In spite of bonafide submissions being made by us, the Managing Committee is not taking into consideration our submissions. Please advise what should be our line of action? 

  • Capturing the American mindspace

    Capturing the American mindspace

    The real clout of a country in foreign affairs doesn’t come from being able to check or pressure adversaries and buy friends through trade and aid. It comes from the ability to assimilate their interests into your own in such a way that you can shape their policy. Indeed, to go a step further, to get into their minds.

  • Religious electioneering must be curbed

    Belief in the ephemeral divine seems to have a clear edge over the faith in democracy, else political parties wouldn’t have made a beeline for temples, assorted mandals and samitis, promising their members the moon, sometimes even dangling promises of a pathway to heaven by voting for a particular candidate

  • Modi's concerted bid to outshine Thackerays

    The talk of the Thackeray cousins coming together after the polls is unlikely to cut much ice, as the move has come quite late

  • City-scaping, for the better

    Recently, one had the good fortune of meeting one of the city’s most respected architects, Kamu Iyer

  • On anti-love jihad duty

    On anti-love jihad duty

    Guru Tamasoma wanted me to be tip-top up-to-date on his organisation’s latest successes, and proudly escorted me to the Anti-Love Jihad Front (ALJF) helpline office in Pyarhuaganj

  • Invisible prison walls

    Invisible prison walls

    Singer Yesudas was just one of the long list of conservatives who recently commented on women wearing jeans

  • Election manifestos and what becomes of them

    Manifestos of political parties should, ideally, be taken as a sacred document in a parliamentary democracy

  • Generation of grace

    Another long holiday weekend ends. Just before which yet another World Elders Day went by too on October 1st

  • Clean India movement should also clean the air

    Clean India movement should also clean the air

    The most crucial inclusion in the India-US joint statement issued on September 30 is the strategic partnership on energy and climate change

  • The corruption in media and entertainment

    The corruption in media and entertainment

    The common perception is that corruption in the media refers to hanky-panky in the news media business

  • India, US must go beyond geopolitics

    India, US must go beyond geopolitics

    It is not unnatural for world leaders to define their relationships with each other in grandiose terms strategic, indispensable or defining partnerships, which is the norm for American leaders looking at India

  • Lessons from small brother

    While India loves to flaunt its big brother status among its neighbours near and far, as far as its buzzing economy goes, along with the giant strides made in science and technology (Martian exploits et al) it wouldn’t hurt to pause a bit and look closer as there might just be a few humbling lessons, especially with regard to tourism, that can be learnt from these nations

  • This election is a battle for revenge

    An astounding 7,666 nominations had been filed for the state assembly elections as of Saturday, the last day to do so

  • Scent of a woman

    Scent of a woman

    Bollywood has been doing a lot for women lately. Actually for a while, but some recent releases have taken significant leaps ahead, in a sea of miasma

  • End of alliances a win-win for voters and party workers

    It was only in 1990 that the state voted for a single party rule when the Congress, under the then CM Sharad Pawar’s leadership, thwarted a challenge from the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance, then under the late Bal Thackeray

  • Is it the end of pre-election coalition era?

    The 2014 Lok Sabha elections proved that the well-accepted belief that this is an era of coalition politics and the days of single party rule was over wrong