• History and tea at table No. 4

    History and tea at table No. 4

    Imagine the supreme law of the land written quietly in a small cafe hugging the corner of Rampart Row. That’s just what happened long before Kala Ghoda became the city’s tony art and eateries district

  • Dream girl's bolly-wolly whirl

    Dream girl's bolly-wolly whirl

    A tongue-in-cheek letter to Bollywood actor Hema Malini, who is telling people to book flats in a housing project called Wollywood, promising them a Bollywood style lifestyle, in a village with sporadic electricity, water and skeletal medical facilities...

  • Fifty shades of freedom

    Fifty shades of freedom

    It is all mixed up. The Hindu right-wing wanted PK banned because they reckon it hurts Hindu sentiments

  • Kiran Bedi backing away from a good fight

    Kiran Bedi backing away from a good fight

    Why her refusal to engage Kejriwal in a public debate smells of arrogance and presents our Democratic system from taking a big leap forward

  • India and US: Friends with benefits

    India and US: Friends with benefits

    There has been a certain element of surprise in India’s invitation to US President Barack Obama to be the first American to be a chief guest at the Republic Day parade next week

  • Long Dream of Home

    January 19 marks the exodus/displacement day of Kashmiri Hindus from the valley

  • Dreaming of a run

    It was a sea of humanity. There was pomp and pageantry. There was colour. And, camaraderie. Mumbai came out to walk, run, jog, slog, and everything in between

  • Short notice

    Short notice

    Short films can be such an early alert system for film making talent. Take Chaitanya Tamhane’s short film, Six Strands, which is certainly an indicator of a powerful, distinctive voice that is not afraid to discuss politics and explore surreal experiments in the same film

  • Witnesses need to be protected from the criminal justice system, and then from the culprits

    One cannot be faulted for wondering if there would be any witness for the prosecution left by the time the critical stage for cross-examination arrives in Asaram’s trial.

  • Marqusee, a champion for essential justice

    Marqusee, a champion for essential justice

    The news that Mike Marqusee was gone came late on Tuesday and left the written word without one of its boldest and bravest

  • The Other Half

    The Other Half

    Jagadamba is a play about Kasturba Gandhi, written by Ramdas Bhatkal, which has been performed in the original Marathi by Rohini Hattangady, who, it may be remembered, immortalised the character on screen in Richard Attenborough’s film Gandhi

  • The ladder from past to present

    The ladder from past to present

    After a long time, we managed to sneak in fleeting darshans around the delightfully diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods of Dadar and Matunga (Central)

  • Make in India but  make it green

    Make in India but make it green

    A century back, on January 9, Mahatma Gandhi made his determined journey to India with a singular goal to Make in India. He wanted to make in India a movement of freedom from foreign oppression, discrimination, and social apartheid

  • Letter to a daughter

    You've only blown the candles on your 18th birthday cake. Reading on, you may say, "Chill mum, hold off the baby talk, I've a long way to  get there

  • The news India really watches

    The news India really watches

    The Mumbai-Delhi, English janta, is usually taken up by what Arnab Goswami or Rajdeep Sardesai have to say

  • Pak boat op has left intel agencies red-faced

    Pak boat op has left intel agencies red-faced

    The incident involving the sinking of a fishing vessel off the coast of Gujarat on New Year’s Day has raised more questions than it has answered

  • Sinking island

    It was a sight that left one stung, and disappointed. A few metres away from us, on a pleasantly crisp morning during our ascent to the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Elephanta Caves, two Frenchmen seemed oblivious to the fact that they were littering the pathway with empty plastic water bottles. Never mind the large dustbins in full view

  • Paduru party time

    Paduru party time

    Let’s start with a heartwarming experience to flag off the new year on an auspicious note

  • Alcohol and driving is a lethal cocktail

    While it will come down hard on offenders as part of its campaign against drink-driving, the traffic police has decided to reward sober motorists by giving them a rose on December 31. The rose is a reward for not drinking while driving

  • Look Who's Filming

    Look Who's Filming

    While the focus was on the renaissance in Marathi cinema, Gujarati cinema crept up with its own surprises