• Modi's defence of Muslims -- a little too late?

    Modi's defence of Muslims -- a little too late?

    If some of the recent statements of the saffron netizens and the actions threatened by Hindutva outfits are noted, then it can seem that the hardliners have learnt nothing from the setbacks suffered by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the recent by-elections

  • Making two media worlds meet

    Making two media worlds meet

    Sevanti Ninan researches and writes on media from a developmental perspective. Some of her books, on satellite television and Hindi newspapers in particular, are path breaking

  • India - A counterweight to the rise of China

    India - A counterweight to the rise of China

    The report that Chinese President Xi Jinping will be bringing investment offers of over $100 billion is seen as a riposte for Japan’s promise of putting in $35 billion into India over the next five years

  • It's time Maharashtra got a tough, decisive CM

    The state is will get a new government on October 19, but it’s a big question who will lead this government

  • Voices of torment

    Voices of torment

    When tragedy strikes, people usually need time to absorb the shock, to figure out what it means in their lives. Artists usually take longer to react to events and issues, to reflect, and sometimes provoke others to think and act on it collectively

  • Mumbai: Tactical attention, strategic neglect

    Mumbai: Tactical attention, strategic neglect

    It’s all very well to say that Mumbai is the financial capital of the country and how it needs to be right up there with public infrastructure to qualify as a global city

  • Different alliances, similar tunes

    While elections to the state assembly are barely a month away, parties do not seem to be in a hurry to ensure that the long phase of uncertainty over alliances comes to an end

  • Will Kashmir's street theatre die an unsung death?

    Will Kashmir's street theatre die an unsung death?

    Traditional Kashmiri street theatre, called Bandh Pather, which once occupied centre stage as the most powerful medium of mass communication in Kashmiri society, seems to be dying a silent death

  • Playing foul

    Here’s a sobering Teacher’s Day thought. For all the public rage against the tragic death of the Virar school victims — aren’t we guilty of slowly killing kids in dozens of different unthinking ways?

  • Teachers, children, parks and media

    Teachers, children, parks and media

    There is much media coverage (rightly) of the sexual and physical abuse of children. But, there is very little focus in popular media on the soft abuse children suffer at a hands of adults

  • Realty factor

    Realty factor

    My husband has expired. The flat was purchased by me jointly with my husband. Both of us had contributed equally towards the Flat.

  • Why relations with Japan are important

    Why relations with Japan are important

    In an interview to a Japanese newspaper last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that India was not “currently” taking any steps to revise its nuclear doctrine.

  • We are loud, and we don't care

    A few weeks back, yours truly was able to escape the bustle and din of the city for a quick dash to a seaside retreat. Peace of mind and some much needed me-time amid monsoon-blessed green environs were intended to be a part of the plan

  • BJP-Sena may squander chance to win polls

    While the demeanour of party leaders suggested otherwise, the Congress and NCP press releases claimed that they received a huge response from ticket aspirants for the interviews conducted recently

  • Hollywood masala with IQ

    Hollywood masala with IQ

    I feel like a Japanese Daruma doll when defending Lasse Hallstrom's The Hundred-foot Journey

  • Love in verse

    Love in verse

    The Amrita Pritam-Sahir Ludhianvi love story continues to fascinate people, in spite of the passage of time

  • Say statue

    A while back, The Guide in mid-day had written about a young illustrator, Garima Gupta, and interestingly, a non-Mumbaikar, who had made a short animation on the Khada Parsi

  • Maharashtra governor was on BJP's radar

    The BJP-led NDA government’s decision about Maharashtra Governor K Sankaranarayanan should not come as a surprise

  • Past Forward

    The Rajabai Clock Tower just made me smile. Not only because of its fine recent facelift

  • To each his own: Modus vivendi between Modi and RSS?

    To each his own: Modus vivendi between Modi and RSS?

    Although the assertions of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat about India being a Hindu nation and that all its citizens are Hindus in a cultural sense have long been among the basic tenets of the Hindu nationalist outfit, the reiteration of these old postulates undoubtedly has something to do with the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) assumption of power at the centre