• Malaysian MP speaks up on human slavery

    There is a taste, a smell to freedom. You and I enjoy it. Many don’t. An estimated 20 to 27 million people are believed to live in slavery around the world. And many of these cases are happening in Malaysia

  • Love on a Mumbai local

    Love on a Mumbai local

    Way back in 1939, V Shantaram had made a film called Aadmi (Manoos in Marathi) about a cop who falls in love with a prostitute and tries to rescue her from her ignominious life by marrying her

  • BJP's majority in assembly raises many questions

    The vote of confidence won by the BJP government in the state assembly last week has come in for sharp criticism and is being looked upon suspiciously

  • Made in India

    Unless it’s glitzy brands or a swish venue, chances are that most of us tend to gloss over ads for handloom and handicrafts that appear in our dailies

  • BJP-Congress tension will hurt reforms

    BJP-Congress tension will hurt reforms

    It has long been said that the economic reforms are irreversible. Moreover, the Left claims that both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress are on the same page on this subject since they both pursue what the Communists call “neo-liberal” policies

  • Beyond cricket

    Beyond cricket

    The idea was to get into a sport that had a low cost of entry

  • Realty factor

    Recently the Competition Commission of India has levied penalty of R630 crore on Real Estate Company, DLF, which has given a big boost to the Flat purchasers

  • Japan walks the extra mile

    Japan walks the extra mile

    On Sunday, President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, in an action that reflects the rapid geopolitical churning in Asia

  • Celebrate our landmarks

    Celebrate our landmarks

    Recently, as one did a round of Sunday cleaning for the bookshelves, a fascinating bit of information emerged

  • BJP government kicks off, Congress, Shiv Sena in a fix

    The three-day session of the state legislature begins today, in which the newly elected MLAs will take oath of membership of the state Assembly

  • Walls fall and families build

    Exactly 25 years to the day — on November 9, 1989 — the world’s single most significant divider tore down —the Berlin Wall

  • Asian minnows steal the show

    Asian minnows steal the show

    Indian cinema justly struts the stage at international film festivals

  • The Fadnavis factor

    The Fadnavis factor

    A peek into the cultural check-in baggage of Maharashtra’s new Chief Minister and man of the moment, Devendra Fadnavis

  • Peer pressure

    Peer pressure

    Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is probably his most popular, done all over the world in different languages; every culture can identify with a woman’s suffocation in a bad marriage and her leaving her marital home with a door slam, the echo of which was heard around the world

  • Mr CM, do give Mumbai a dekko...

    Now that the fanfare and the tamasha around the swearing-in ceremony is over, and our newly appointed Chief Minster must get down to the business of running our state, we couldn’t help but slip in our wish list for Mumbai, especially with regards to our grossly untapped and neglected cultural landscape

  • Many hopefuls muzzled for new CM, now he has to prove himself

    Those who closely followed developments post-election results in March 1995 when the Shiv Sena-BJP combine was all set to assume power will recall that it was not Manohar Joshi but his party colleague and close relative Sudhir Joshi who was the first choice for the CM’s post

  • Where I am is who I am

    Workaholic? Winner? Worrier?
    I am the first child. At least one of the words above might well describe me

  • Do the Owaisi brothers have a pan-India potential?

    Do the Owaisi brothers have a pan-India potential?

    The two successes of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) of Hyderabad in assembly elections in Maharashtra may not affect government formation in Mumbai but reverberations will be felt in the nation’s politics for a long time

  • A gripping story

    A gripping story

    Yudh (War), is a dark, depressing, but gripping watch. Anil Kapoor’s 24 is an action packed, edge-of-the-seat thriller that kept up to speed throughout season one last year

  • Pakistan trending towards collapse

    Pakistan trending towards collapse

    Since 1991, India has pursued a policy of engaging Pakistan, regardless of what the latter has thrown at us — bombs, terror assaults, fedayeen