• Lung power for Mumbai

    The first encounter was quite vivid. We were heading deeper into a forest – one that we never knew actually existed within our very own city. This was part of our school picnic to Chhota Kashmir

  • Trees still grow in Aarey!

    Trees still grow in Aarey!

    Do we need to teach educated humans the value of trees? Seems like we do, at least to the city planners, developers and those hungry to strip the Earth of its green cover that has been laid out systematically over centuries of meticulous ecological planning!

  • Beauty unleashed

    Beauty unleashed

    Indians are navel-gazers when it comes to cinema. We are devoted mainly to ourselves, our cinema, which is rich and varied enough.

  • Eliza Doolittle: A century later

    Eliza Doolittle: A century later

    Pygmalion was a sculptor who carved a woman out of ivory, and so realistic was his creation that he fell in love with it

  • 24x7 is cool, but...

    So the hurrahs and the cheers haven’t stopped coming in from every quarter ever since the state chief minister and Mumbai’s commissioner of police gave their nods to keep certain pockets of the city open 24x7

  • The jury is still out on nightlife zones

    The proposal to have Mumbai’s nightlife back has revived the debate on the city’s socio-economic and political aspects

  • Single v/s Single Again

    Single v/s Single Again

    There is a critical difference between the single and the single again. No, not marriage or even divorce

  • Black and white in early light

    Black and white in early light

    “I read your story at 5 in the morning,” urban historian Deepak Rao declares. I’m impressed

  • Why Aarey should be saved

    Why Aarey should be saved

    Here are two quiz questions that many car owners in Mumbai should be able to answer: If you travel from the Dahisar entry point on the Western Express Highway right up to Mahim causeway, how many trees would you encounter along the way? Second question: If you take the same route, how many new real estate projects would you see dotting the way?

  • The changing cable operator

    The changing cable operator

    Think of your usual impression of cable operators they don’t declare revenues, siphon money off and starve the rest of the TV business of its fair share

  • Is school cool or, not so hot?

    Is school cool or, not so hot?

    As exam fever grips the city, looking at the perennial debate of having an education degree vs learning in the classroom of life

  • Building better connections

    Building better connections

    On Sunday, two newspapers ran reports that have a vital bearing on the geopolitical future of the country

  • A city that laughs

    A couple of weeks back, cartoonist and iconic chronicler RK Laxman bid goodbye to millions of fans the world over

  • The terminator & rise of RTO agents

    Transport Commissioner Mahesh Zagade has earned the sobriquet ‘The Terminator’ for his efforts to correct the system wherever he goes on official assignments

  • Pint-size dynamos

    Pint-size dynamos

    I’ve been on my annual pilgrimage to the Berlin Film Festival (Feb 5-15), that I have been making since I started working with the festival as India, and now South Asia, Consultant, 18 years ago

  • It's the time to Chipko!

    As a young boy scout running around in Aarey Milk Colony on a treasure hunt over three decades ago, I never imagined that I would be someday called upon to defend its soothing canopy of trees and the fabulous lakes, gardens, cattle sheds, hillocks and sprawling grasslands from being usurped for mindless urban development

  • Understanding is the need of the hour

    In the last couple of months, a lot has been discussed on the issue of freedom of expression.

  • Grand-daddy of Hinglish comedy

    Grand-daddy of Hinglish comedy

    In the current atmosphere of intolerance, comedy and satire are in danger of being watered down or banned completely.

  • 'Toll' order for the state?

    In the run up to the Lok Sabha polls last year, the late Gopinath Munde – the BJP’s star campaigner at the time – had promised to make Maharashtra toll tax-free

  • Look ma! The storytellers are here

    It was meant to be a rushed, pit stop weekend trip, to cheer a friend who was to be a speaker at an event