• Bandra shows the way

    Bandra shows the way

    By the time you read this, the 400th anniversary celebrations for the Church of St Andrew would have been flagged off on the grounds of this historic church in Bandra

  • Colombo diary

    Colombo diary

    Hulk. Smash! Big Hulk smash. Smash y It is always a pleasure to return to Sri Lanka. I was attending the second International Film Festival Colombo, that was held from November 6-11.

  • Avian symphony

    Avian symphony

    I hear a coppersmith barbet emitting its metallic call, even as a jet black koel flies across my window. All this, while I'm frantically trying to concentrate on the work at hand.

  • Hard man, Mitch, but rarely consistent

    Hard man, Mitch, but rarely consistent

    So the ‘hard man’ of Australian cricket has finally called it a day. It is ironic that on the same day when Mitchell Johnson was struggling to intimidate batsmen at the WACA of all places, another left-arm quick bowler, Dirk Nannes, caused a local storm by decrying the time-honoured Australian ethos that sometimes makes hard cricket and verbal intimidation one and the same thing.

  • Fotoo please, Mr Fadnavis

    Fotoo please, Mr Fadnavis

    Social-media savvy, the Maharashtra Chief Minister (CM) tweets, shares and likes his way into the second year of his term in office

  • Citizens must fight for their right to breathe

    Save Aarey activist shows how it is done

  • City woes and dreams

    City woes and dreams

    The first of the two big theatre festivals that take place towards the end of the year, the Prithvi Theatre Festival concluded on Sunday with the Carnival, that has performers coming together for a celebratory adieu to the days of hectic activity, plays, fringe performances, music and talks with theatrewalas — enveloping the cosy theatre with warmth and fellow feeling

  • A city and a bookstore

    It was the year 2000. This journalist had stepped into Strand Book Stall, off Sir PM Road, in search of reference material for a project

  • Needed: genuine memorials, not just tourist destinations

    Once they are built and dedicated to the public, memorials hardly serve the purpose for which they come into being

  • Fall time colours

    Fall time colours

    While shopping-crazy Mumbaikars were haggling with vendors, gorging on Diwali sweets or going insane explaining the hazards of fire crackers, I was missing my days in Europe and the US

  • Cheers to Lal Chimney

    Cheers to Lal Chimney

    It’s a privilege I haven’t had. Of living in a baug, that quaint yet quintessential bastion of Parsidom, the housing hub whose clusters across town are home to over half the 40,000 members of my community left in the city they virtually built

  • Are you lonesome tonight?

    Are you lonesome tonight?

    Do you miss me? For I do... And why should I not. You are gone and I am alone

  • The new news options

    The new news options

    Who said young Indians are not reading? They are reading copious amounts of long articles, watching serious videos and having a lot of debates on everything that India faces

  • The lesson from Bihar

    The lesson from Bihar

    Elections in India are always wondrous things. Almost everyone comes a cropper predicting outcomes

  • Maharashtra to feel Bihar verdict's aftershocks

    There is no clinching evidence to prove whether the people in Pakistan burst crackers to celebrate Narendra Modi-Amit Shah’s humiliation in the Bihar Assembly polls, but one could surely feel a sense of celebration in the Shiv Sena camp here, as the Diwali festivities gained momentum on Sunday afternoon

  • Why Mumbai needs specialists

    Last week, many of the city’s heritage lovers were in for a rude shock

  • Park hopping

    Park hopping

    Working with nature and outdoors, my life has a comic edge to it. While my party-crazy friends almost envy my lifestyle and the opportunities I get to explore the outdoors, every weekend they make elaborate plans to go pub-hopping.

  • The critic as tap dancer

    The critic as tap dancer

    Hulk. Smash! Big Hulk smash. Smash cars. Buildings. Army tanks. Hulk also go rarrr! Smash Hulk’s USP. What Hulk smash most? Hulk smash all hope of interesting time in cinema.”

  • Keep the award, make a film instead

    Dear award winners, Cinema is undoubtedly a medium that wields power, so when filmmakers and writers give back their National Award, it is certainly bound to create news

  • The cause is bigger than the award

    The cause is bigger than the award

    Returning an award is a very small way of registering protest. It is a small way of expressing that you have freedom of speech and you can think