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  • Movie review: 'Super Nani'

    Movie review: 'Super Nani'

    If you love Rekha, please watch her older films instead of 'Super Nani' and choose to ignore this one as a terrible mistake

  • Movie review: 'Happy New Year'

    Movie review: 'Happy New Year'

    Those who love Bollywood for its quirks and idiosyncrasies, will like 'Happy New Year'. If you tend to take life and films more seriously than that, watch something else

  • Movie review: 'Sex Tape'

    Movie review: 'Sex Tape'

    Crummy without a lick of common sense, crass without an ounce of redeeming quality and unfunny beyond belief, Sex Tape qualifies spectacularly in the category of the worst films of the year.

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Dear Diana

'I can't accept the way I look...'

'I can't accept the way I look...'

I am 23 and just cannot accept the way I look. I feel physically repulsed by myself when I look in the mirror or see photographs of myself

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More than analysing your own performance or motivations, you will spend the day analysing other people, which you need to avoid. Think of your own work!Read More



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You may suffer from bouts of extreme anger. It is in your best interests to cool down, and think before you act! A financial crunch may add to your woes.Read More



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With your remarkable persuasive skills, you shall come up trumps in any situation that requires shrewd negotiations. No nut will be too hard for you to crack!Read More



Today, you shall manage to handle both personal and professional duties with aplomb. You may even decide to renovate you home; go slow, as it will be a project involving heavy expenditure.Read More