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  • 'Badmashiyaan' - Movie review

    'Badmashiyaan' - Movie review

    One consistent thought that you get while enduring this immature, supposedly funny, too clever for its own good film is 'what the hell is happening?' and that thought stays with you even after it's over

  • 'Dum Lagaa Ke Haisha' - Movie Review

    'Dum Lagaa Ke Haisha' - Movie Review

    One of the best romantic comedies to come out of Bollywood, Sharat Katariya directed 'Dum Lagaa Ke Haisha' steadily grows on you and warms the cockles of your heart with a fuzzy feeling even before you realise it

  • 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' - Movie review

    'Kingsman: The Secret Service' - Movie review

    'Kingsman: The Secret Service' does to comic book movies what 'Kick Ass' did to, well, comic book movies. It kicks ample amount of ass

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    Dear Diana

    'My guy finds me extremely controlling...'

    'My guy finds me extremely controlling...'

    I've been with my guy for almost a year. We usually see each other at weekends because of work commitments...

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