'Guddu Rangeela' - Movie Review

'Guddu Rangeela' - Movie Review

Inspired by real life tragic love story of Manoj and Babli who were killed in the name of honour, 'Guddu Rangeela' had the potential of becoming a powerful, deeply disturbing film which shows the mirror to the barbaric ways that a particular panchayat functions in. Alas, it is not

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  • 'Second Hand Husband' - Movie Review

    'Second Hand Husband' - Movie Review

    Second Hand Husband is definitely not a classic, but it manages to make you laugh out loud at some points, largely entertains and keeps you engrossed. That is a bit of an achievement for a film that comes with zero expectations

  • 'Pitch Perfect 2' - Movie Review

    'Pitch Perfect 2' - Movie Review

    'Pitch Perfect' made lot of money on a shoestring budget so a sequel was inevitable. Normally such sequels are basically cash grabs, but 'Pitch Perfect 2' is surprisingly fun

  • 'Max' - Movie Review

    'Max' - Movie Review

    Anyone who has a dog at home will probably love 'Max'. But for an adult who is not very fond of pets, there's nothing in the film to see apart from contrived plot points, some melodrama and less-than-great acting. You can decide on watching it depending on which camp you belong to

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  • Hot gig with Coldplay

    Hot gig with Coldplay

    "He's a really cool guy, funny as hell, and with a big heart." It was rockstar activist and one half of the film industry's most successful music makers, Vishal Dadlani, telling us about his serendipitous gig with (gulp) Coldplay's Chris Martin at Delhi's Summer House, on an ordinary Wednesday night which has been since described as 'surreal,' 'ape shit,' 'holy shit' and 'para para paradise' by ecstatic fans of both men

  • Get well soon

  • Collateral Damage

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Dear Diana

'I can't get her out of my head...'

'I can't get her out of my head...'

I am a 45-year-old businessman. I am married and have three kids. Over a decade ago, I had a fling with my office secretary...

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