Movie review: 'Happy New Year'

Movie review: 'Happy New Year'

Those who love Bollywood for its quirks and idiosyncrasies, will like 'Happy New Year'. If you tend to take life and films more seriously than that, watch something else

Mumbai maid's son shines in maiden cricket match

Mumbai maid's son shines in maiden cricket match

13-yr-old Sunil Verma, who was put him in a children's home at age 6, as his parents couldn't afford to raise him; took 8 wickets in his first selection match last week, and will soon debut in the Harris Shield

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  • Movie review: 'Sex Tape'

    Movie review: 'Sex Tape'

    Crummy without a lick of common sense, crass without an ounce of redeeming quality and unfunny beyond belief, Sex Tape qualifies spectacularly in the category of the worst films of the year.

  • Movie review: 'Dracula Untold'

    Movie review: 'Dracula Untold'

    Marvel took the entire filmdom by storm by launching the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movies to lead up to the Avengers

  • Movie review: 'Mumbai 125 KM'

    Movie review: 'Mumbai 125 KM'

    Bollywood has steadily been feeding us with a unique genre of films — supposedly horror but supersilly to the point of hilarity films. Mumbai 125 KM perfectly fits into this category.

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Malavika’s Mumbai

  • A tale of two Delhis

    A tale of two Delhis

    In an evening redolent of another Delhi and like an exotic lotus blooming in a river of saffron, Justice Leila Seth’s book ‘Talking of Justice: People’s Rights in Modern India (Aleph) was launched at the IIC this Monday with a discussion chaired by noted writer and TV personality Sunil Sethi with her son Vikram Seth, the feminist lawyer Vrinda Grover and former solicitor general Gopal Subramaniam

  • Radio Gaga

  • The beautiful game

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Dear Diana

'My husband is addicted to internet porn...'

'My husband is addicted to internet porn...'

My husband and I have a healthy sex life. Last week, however, I found pornography sites on his laptop

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