The new product by WorkApps, is what organizations need to improve their communication with employees

07 December,2022 09:50 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

Most enterprises have integrated specialized applications to perform CRM, HRMS, Sales Tracking, Attendance and more

WorkApps Product Solutions Pvt Ltd

Most enterprises have integrated specialized applications to perform CRM, HRMS, Sales Tracking, Attendance and more. However, in the past two decades, company-to-employee communication is largely done through email, or unorganized group chats which has fewer implications in the new age of communication.

WorkApps Product Solutions Pvt Ltd, is India*s most advanced Video Banking and Video KYC solution, is happy to introduce its new specialized Organization to Employee Communication, Messaging and Information Sharing product:

It enables organizations to streamline internal communication on one platform via a single URL/Webpage that allows access to upload content of all formats and provides easy shareability through its integration across platforms like Email, SMS, WhatsApp and more.

Why this problem deserves attention?

With a lot of effort and strong research, WorkApps concluded the following problems in an organization to employee communication:

  1. No central place where all content is Stored
  2. Scattered Content Distribution
  1. Obsolete Email Service
  2. Lack of Features
  3. The inconvenience of Multiple Platforms
  4. No Visibility & Analytics One-Stop Solution for all Org to Employee Communication and Information Sharing

With new-age technology, follow enables enterprises to share, track, and scale with its efficient and simplified features.

  1. One Specialized Platform

With ‘follow* employees need not search for information on email, chat, HRMS, or Intranet. follow*s single platform integration allows sharing of company mailers, updates, messages, policies, case studies, and knowledge sharing across all or preferred departments.

  1. Modern UI design

Trending UI/UX features such as tags, search, web page layout, folders, videos, images, and audio are available for adoption or usage.

  1. Summary Dashboard

A simple dashboard is provided to employees to help them keep track of all the shared information, previous work timelines, progress with company information, and more.

  1. Loaded with Advanced Features

Integrate long-format rich media content layout, pre-structured folder and tags layout, precise employee targeting, detailed read receipts, 5-D search, 12 Indian language support, video channel and podcast sections, and actionable buttons for entering explicit confirmations from employees.

  1. Detailed Analytics

Generate complete analysis of shared information to evaluate employee interaction, sharing activity, operational productivity, and follow-up targeting with easy-to-access analytics.

follow is also integrated across end channels for users to view the information like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Intranet, HRMS etc. The communication that the company publishes on follow can easily be accessed through any of these channels.

To know more about how follow can help improve Employee communication at your organization, write to us at <>

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