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Jackie Shroff: Not everyone is like me, roaming with a plant, like a mad guy

05 June,2023 07:03 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Priyanka Sharma

Jackie on how he tries to raise awareness about nature conservation by carrying a plant for all his public appearances

Jackie Shroff

A sapling has almost become Jackie Shroff's accessory. Over the past few years, the actor is always spotted with a plant in his hand at events. It's his way of reminding everyone around to do their bit for environmental conservation. "Not everyone is like me, roaming with a plant, like a mad guy," he laughs. Shroff's amusing habit is deeply rooted in his love for nature that began in childhood. "It started subconsciously from kindergarten. At that age, you are asked by your teachers to plant saplings. When I grew up and went on set, I'd see people roaming with umbrellas to protect themselves from the harsh sunlight. I saw that there were fewer trees around."

That sparked off his quirky way to put the focus on giving back to the planet. It saddens the actor that people at large dismiss the urgent need to act against deforestation. "There are some who work towards the cause. But I have seen the attitude [of many] who try to put the onus on others [rather than taking responsibility]. Everyone should work towards environmental conservation on their own. I hope today's youth will speak up and work for the next generation."

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