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Watch exclusive video! Aditya Rawal: My parents Paresh Rawal and Swaroop Sampat stay low key

29 May,2023 03:41 PM IST |  mumbai  |  Natasha Coutinho D`souza

Paresh Rawal turns 68 on May 30

Swaroop Sampat and Paresh Rawal with their sons Aditya (left) and Anirudha

Actor, comedian, producer and politician Paresh Rawal turns 68 on May 30. Recently son Aditya Rawal got into conversation with, where he spoke about how his brother and he learnt to stay low key and now use their parents celebrity status to their advantage.

Aditya said, "I don't think I could flaunt my lineage because my parents also stay low key, it's not like I want to. My brother and I have been raised to keep our head on our shoulders and take a blue collar approach to work, just keep going. In the long run it's only your work that shines through."

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Meanwhile, Aditya who started off as a writer opened up about how that experience helped him to become a better actor. "Things like writing and editing automatically help you become a better actor. Being an actor helps you become a better writer. For example, sometimes when you read a scene on the page it may not convey what the writer wants to. It's because I have experience as a writer that I'm able to gauge what the writer is trying to say. Even if the scene is conveying it, the actor needs to bring in that understanding as well. The process becomes a bit smoother for me because I'm able to gauge what the writer is saying, through the scene and then try to perhaps bring that out through my performance. The same goes for writing, when I write a scene that I read and I feel like I can't say those dialogues, I know for sure that another actor cannot. If I was to approach a scene as an actor and I know it's a flat scene, I know I need to rewrite that scene. That's just a small thing of how one thing helps another."

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