Watch video! Aayush Sharma opens up about the time he got into trouble with the cops

15 August,2022 09:24 PM IST |  mumbai  |  mid-day online correspondent

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Aayush Sharma whose song *Chumma Chumma* with Shakti Mohan has just released, sees the duo hiding their identity to escape getting caught by the cops. In a chat with, the actor recalled the time he got into trouble in real life, during his days as a student.

Aayush said, "I love street photography though I haven*t trained it it. I went somewhere in South Mumbai and took pictures of a Navy base, I had flown a drone. Suddenly they told me *you aren*t allowed to do this* and I said *I*m so sorry.* I had just bought a drone and as a young kid I was very excited to fly it. In my head I was a DOP practising for no rhyme or reason but I went to Gateway of India and started flying it. I didn*t know flying drone was illegal back then!"

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