Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire box office- Prabhas starrer creates havoc, earns a total of 295.7 crore in two days

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Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire box office- The film has now crossed a whopping 295.7 Cr. in just two days at the global box office

Salaar creates havoc at box-office

The Hombale Film Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire has indeed arrived as the biggest storm of 2023 at the box office, breaking the records of big releases such as Animal, Pathaan, Jawan, Leo, Jailer, and Master. The Prashanth Neel directorial surpassed the opening day collections of these films by grossing 178.7 Cr. globally on Friday, making it the only Indian film to achieve such a phenomenal opening. The film has now crossed a whopping 295.7 Cr. in just two days at the global box office.

Bringing a plethora of action, drama, and thrill, the Prabhas-starrer Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire has garnered an earth-shattering response not only in India but also globally. The film continued its successful run at the box office, collecting 117 Cr. on day 2, Saturday.

Taking to X the official page of the film shared the update and wrote, "𝑻𝒉𝒆 ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β‘Γ‚Β―ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚Β–ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚Β•ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚ΒŠΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚Βˆ 𝑺𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒐𝒏 ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β‘Γ‚Β©ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚Β†ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚ΒˆΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚ΒŠΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚Β’Γ‚Β”Γ’Β€Β¦ #SalaarCeaseFire dominates the global box office, crossing ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚Β—ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚Β“.ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚Β• ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β‚ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β‘ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŽΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β‘ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β„ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β’ ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β†ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŽΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β‚ (worldwide) 𝐒𝐧 ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚Β ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒƒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒšΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β²ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β¬! #BlockbusterSalaar #RecordBreakingSalaar #SalaarRulingBoxOffice"

Earlier, the day 1 box office collection of the film was confirmed by Prithviraj Sukumaran on his official X (formerly called Twitter) profile. He wrote, "The most violent man announced his arrival #SalaarCeasefire hits ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚Β•ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚Β–.ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚Β• ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β‚ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β‘ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŽΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β‘ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β„ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β’ ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β†ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŽΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β‚ (worldwide) on the opening day! ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β“ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β‘ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Βž ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β›ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β’ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒžΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β¬ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β­ ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β¨ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β©ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒžΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β§ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β’ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β§ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β  ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β¨ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β« ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒšΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β§ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β² ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒˆΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β§ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β’ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚ΒšΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒΓ‚Β§ 𝐅𝐒ðÂΒ₯𝐦 𝐒𝐧 ΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚ΒŽΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚ΒΓƒΒ°Γ‚ΒΓ‚ΒŸΓ‚Β‘."

The much-awaited first-time collaboration of Baahubali star Prabhas and KGF director Prashanth Neel has indeed created a mega-blockbuster with Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire, which has started to make history. The film has secured the title of the biggest opener for Indian Cinema.

With Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire now a roaring global success, the stage is set for the sequel of the film, 'Salaar Part 2: Shauryanga Parvam.' The way Prashanth Neel has presented the larger-than-life, action-packed world of Khansaar in the film has earned tremendous love and appreciation from all across.

Produced by Hombale Films, Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire features Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Haasan, and Jagapathi Babu. Directed by Prashanth Neel and produced by Vijay Kiragandur, the film has now been released in cinemas.

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