Anupamaa Update: Anupamaa sits on a dharna outside the Mehta house when a paper rocket lands up at her feet!

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Will Anupamaa be able to act as a catalyst in getting justice for Dimpy?

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The day starts with Vijendra Mehta (father of the culprit Manan Mehta) calling the police inspector to lodge a complaint against Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly). To which, the inspector says that he has to personally come to the police station to lodge a complaint. Mehta, then, vows to take ultimate revenge from Anupamaa. On the other hand, Anupamaa, with the help of Samar shoots a video of Dimpy wherein she narrates her ordeal in front of the Mehta House and also in the presence of the media personnel who are shooting the proceedings.

Anupamaa urges everyone to share the video so that the real face and true colours of the culprit Manan Mehta comes in the forefront. Just as when shooting in going on, Manan Mehta accidentally enters the scene. Seeing him in front of her, a bold and fearless Dimpy immediately identifies him and points him out in to the media personnel. Anupamaa passes a message to Manan through the camera warning Manan to surrender himself within 24 hours before the police.

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Just as when things are proceeding in a positive way, there enters Kaavya and Kinjal, who tell Manan and his father that they are live on their social media and that there are many people watching them. Samar gives the good news to Anupamaa that their video is going viral now. Meanwhile, in the Shah house, Baa, Vanraj and Babuji also start seeing the viral video on their mobile.

That*s when Kinjal and Kaavya enter the house, only to be scolded by Vanraj and Baa (Alpana Buch) for not respecting their husband and mother-in-law and their decision (of not supporting Anupamaa). Babuji, as always, offers his support to Anupamaa and her mission. An enraged Vanraj, in his trademark element and style, ANNOUNCES that, come what may, Kinjal and Kaavya should not step out of the house, something that the duo refuses to listen. Pakhi expresses her embarrassment to Vanraj over the viral video.

Meanwhile, the neighbors of Mehtas not only offer their full support to her, but also tell Anupamaa that, Mehta tortures his wife and daughter as well and that such people should be taught a lesson. In no time, many ladies come and sit outside the Mehta house on a dharna against the monstrous father- son duo. Suddenly, Anupamaa realizes that Mehta*s daughter is about to get married. In no time, Anupamaa decides to call off the dharna as she feels that it should not act as a hinderance in Mehta*s daughter*s marriage.

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Just as when she is about to call it off, a paper-rocket lands up at her feet, which is a written message from Mehta*s daughter, who, not just offers her full support to Anupamaa and her cause, but also tells that her father is getting her married against her wishes and that her brother should be punished for the heinous crime that he has committed. This only strengthens Anupamaa*s decision of fighting for Dimpy*s justice.

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