Exclusive! Surbhi Chandna opens up about the challenging phase while dating Karan Sharma: ‘He told me, we should move on in life’

08 April,2024 09:19 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Shachi Chaturvedi

Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma in conversation with midday.com took a trip down memory lane and revealed exciting details about their wedding, their journey as girlfriend and boyfriend, their low phase, and much more

Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma`s grand wedding ceremony

Surbhi Chandna tied the knot with her longtime partner Karan Sharma in Jaipur, Rajasthan on March 2nd. Their marriage was nothing less than a dream come true. Before getting married, the two dated each other for about 13 years and had their share of struggles. Now, the couple in conversation with midday.com took a trip down memory lane and revealed exciting details about their wedding, their journey as girlfriend and boyfriend, their low phase, and much more.

Surbhi Chandna, in conversation with us, recalled the beautiful time they had during their wedding and how the evening wedding turned out to be a night affair. The actress shared, "We were going to get married in the evening at around 5 PM, but the baraat only came at 8. And at 8, he is calling me when my photo shoot is going on. I asked him what is happening? He said that none of his family members came. What can I do standing at the door? We had a lot of fun. We actually had fun."

"We didn't treat it as a wedding. We wanted to keep it more fun, and we wanted to make our friends and family enjoy it. No one from our family knows what is going to happen at the wedding. By the way, we didn't involve anyone. The main thing was done by Karan and his team, and I and Pranavi got all the clothes," Surbhi added.

Later, Karan talked about how he managed to pull the entire event on his shoulder, the businessman quipped, "That is fun, actually. I enjoyed this. I realized this when I started planning. And when we were there and everything was getting materialized, I started enjoying it more. This is fun for us. All the planning and everything has come to the fore. So we enjoyed it. That's why I didn't feel tired."

Further, when asked about how the two managed to stick around for such a long time, Surbhi said, "We didn't manage actually. It happened. We didn't have to put in any effort. We didn't plan it. I said, Karan, whatever happens, we will be together."

Further recalling a low phase in their life, Surbhi told us that 7-8 years into the dating, there was a time when Karan asked her to move on. The actress shared, "Very honestly, I have never said this, but there was a phase in our life when about 7-8 years into dating, he wasn't going through a great workspace and he couldn't give me that time and that kind of commitment. Commitment in terms of how will he call me every time. He was going through a lull phase and that was my moment to stand up for him and be with him. He told me ‘I think we should move on in life.' There is no case of any wrongdoing. It's just that he was mentally, work-wise, not so stable. So because of that, he said ‘it shouldn't affect you. I am not there for you.' He was thinking this in that too. He would suggest that ‘let's take a break and go get more busy with your work and we will see.' I was hell-bent. I said ‘there was no reason to leave each other. There is not a big issue in life like you are cheating on me or something. There is nothing like that.'

She further added, "We are so secure as partners, as individuals. So I decided I will never leave him for this. Because I don't want to lose something that is so precious. And we stuck around."

For the unversed, Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma tied the knot in the royal Chomu Palace. Chomu Palace Hotel is a historic royal palace where Akshay Kumar's starrer movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa was filmed. It has been considered a palace that Bollywood loves to shoot in.

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