Sunny Leone reacts to Splitsvilla X5 contestants Siwet & Anicka’s break up: ‘It is their job to decide what’s toxic’- Exclusive

23 June,2024 12:16 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  Shachi Chaturvedi

In an exclusive chat with, Sunny Leone talked about the new season of Splitsvilla: ExSqueeze Me Please and discussed Siwet and Anicka’s sudden breakup

In Pic: Sunny Leone, Siwet Tomar and Anicka

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Sunny Leone has been hosting Splitsvilla for a while now, understanding how the show works. She is one of the most loved hosts of the show. In an exclusive chat with, Sunny Leone talked about the new season, Splitsvilla: ExSqueeze Me Please. The actress shed light on the idea of Oracle Sakshi and Justin's relationship and talked about Siwet and Anicka's sudden breakup.

"We observed that Sunny's presence on the show is relatively less this year. When asked about it, she shared, 'I had some other commitments. But that's good because, you know, that distance makes you miss me more.'"

Further, we asked Sunny about the new concept of the show and if she agrees with it. "According to the show, it's based on data. And with that data, we match people together. Sometimes that data can turn out to be modified as time goes by because we all change as human beings. Also, I do think that data doesn't always control the heart," Sunny said.

She further added, "In this way, for Justin and Sakshi, who are still together, it was not correct, I guess."

When further asked if couples breaking up after the show bothers her, Sunny Leone said, "Absolutely not. I think it's great. What I mean by this is that they're in their 20s. This is not a show where we're suggesting that they're going to get married. Do we want to see them together like Justin and Sakshi? Of course. But they're in their twenties, and a 20-year-old should be having fun, going out, exploring, meeting different people. And if they meet that special someone, of course, be with them for as long as that lasts. But you can't expect to put so many high expectations on 20-year-olds. It's not realistic."

Further asked about Siwet and Anicka, and if bringing exes led to multiple breakups, Sunny said, "I don't know why they're not together. I think that the concept of the show is going to change every year. And it is their job as individuals, contestants, and human beings to decide what's good for them and what's not good for them. What's healthy for them, what's toxic for them. And, you know, the environment in which they are meeting is not our normal space. They didn't have their phones, they didn't have their friends, they didn't have their family. So when you put a group of people together who are, again, in their twenties, their hormones are raging, and they are there to have fun and meet people, sometimes when you go back to the regular world, it just doesn't work out. And that's okay."

Splitsvilla: ExSqueeze Me Please streams every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm.

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