JD Payne on 'The Lord of Rings, The Rings of Power': We can’t ever meet everyone’s expectations

24 August,2022 07:08 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Uma Ramasubramanian

Presenting a prequel to The Lord of Rings, The Rings of Power showrunner on staying true to Tolkien’s material and anticipating polarising fan reactions

The Amazon Prime Video series will premiere worldwide on September 2

On September 2, fans around the world will keenly watch The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the latest adaptation of author JRR Tolkien*s fantasy novel series. So far, Tolkien*s work has translated wonderfully on the big screen, giving audiences The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Creators JD Payne and Patrick McKay have the pressure of matching the bar set by the immensely successful film series, as they offer a prequel of sorts with the Amazon Prime Video offering.

Payne, who recently visited India for the series* promotions, says that when attempting such a magnum opus, it is ideal to go with one*s creative instincts. "We had a vision for what it should be, and went out and made something better. [During the making], I learnt when to stay true to my initial vision, and when to be flexible. Sometimes, an idea seems [bright] when you are in the writers* room, but you [later realise] that it*s practically impossible to create. I don*t think we can ever meet everyone*s expectations. Some people will be frustrated with our [creative] decisions, others will be excited. But we have tried to do the best we can and been faithful [to the material]."

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JD Payne

The big-budget series is set thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. While the book series is known for its dark themes, it was important for the screenwriter-showrunner to add an uplifting touch to The Rings of Power. "As a creator, the challenge is to deal with darkness [without] creating something dark. The world has enough darkness; I don*t want to add to it. But I need to explore what happens when people have to face the darkness. Ever since I started making this show, the world has gone through a lot. I hope that special feeling of middle-earth finds audiences in such times."

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Payne*s love for movies has made him familiar with Indian cinema. He notes that Hindi movies resonate with his "joyful spirit". "India is a thriving film market that is influencing world cinema for good. I have enjoyed every Bollywood movie I*ve watched. [The actors] break into a dance. I have a joyful spirit, and the idea of song-and-music [appeals to me]. I love the visual storytelling of Indian movies."

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