Want to ace the oversized fashion trend? Fashion pundits share tips

22 August,2023 09:43 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Aakanksha Ahire

Grab that large T-shirt and those baggy pants that have been lying in your wardrobe unused because we have expert tips that will finally help you ace the oversized fashion trend

How hard could it be to look good in a simple oversized T-shirt and jeans after all? “It`s the little things that matter,” says fashion experts. Photo Courtesy: iStock

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Move aside skinny jeans, because baggies and oversized tees are here to stay. With brands launching oversized collections to celebrities pulling off the trend looking absolutely stylish, it's ‘comfortable' to say that the oversized fashion trend (once considered clothing of the obese) is making a loud style statement in the fashion world.

This has tempted us to sport a loose T-shirt and look stylish too. And yet, somehow, even after multiple attempts, the only thing we manage to pull off is a fashion disaster. How hard could it be to look good in a simple oversized T-shirt and jeans after all? "It's the little things that matter," says fashion experts who share with us hacks to ace the oversized fashion trend.

"Oversized clothing encompasses more than mere loose T-shirts; it embodies a distinctive style narrative that has been impeccably embraced by icons of hip-hop and pop culture. Layering the appropriate garments and skillfully orchestrating their presentation further contribute to mastering the art of oversized fashion. To truly excel, it is essential to think beyond conventional boundaries," says Priyanka Pandey, design director at Fashinza.

Adding to this, Hemlataa Pariwal, celebrity fashion stylist says, "Oversized fashion is all about feeling relaxed while looking ‘put-together'. It makes you look good without putting in much effort". We got Prableen Kaur Bhomrah too, a skin-positive fashion influencer who tells us why oversized fashion is her go-to and how we can master the skill of acing it just like she has.

She says, "Wearing oversized outfits just lets you be your most comfortable self. For people who are conscious of their weight, wearing oversized clothes and acing them with confidence is the best thing. I personally love wearing oversized dresses and styling them with belts or jackets and boots. They make for a really chic look".

Decoding the trend
This trend, which prominently featured baggy jeans, loose coats and relaxed shirts, was quite a popular trend back in the 90s, way before the fashion police could set unrealistic beauty standards. Over the past few years, fashion has become more inclusive and unconventional too. People have also become comfortable with their body sizes and styling ideas; which has led to the resurfacing of this trend.

You can ace the trend by wearing various garments other than T-shirts. Some of them include shackets, baggy jeans, oversized jackets or formal blazers. Apart from its undeniable style quotient, oversized fashion can be tried on by all individuals of all shapes, sizes and age groups making it the best fashion trend ever.

While the essence of the trend is to sport oversized garments, it is essential to pair the outfit with the right jewellery, hairstyle, footwear and other key details to complete the look.

Styling tips to get the oversized fashion right

Tips by Pariwal
1. Grab that oversized T-shirt or chunky sweater. Pair it with biker shorts or skinny jeans. If you wish to go ultra-comfy, you can also opt for leggings.
2. If you choose to wear shorts, high socks and boots will enhance your overall look. If boots aren't your favourite, you can opt for sandals.
3. Layering an outfit never goes out of style. An oversized denim or leather jacket can make any outfit pop. You can also opt for a long cardigan to keep it cosy. Layering is the best way to elevate any simple look.
4. Wearing the right accessories can be a game changer.

-Hand Accessories: Stack up on bracelets and don those chunky rings for a dash of dazzle.
-Earrings: Go bold with hoop earrings. They're the ultimate statement piece.
-Neck Jewellery: From chokers to layered chains, the choices are endless.
-Hair accessories: No hairstyle is complete without a touch of flair. Hair bandanas can be your go-to, whether tied, wrapped or just loosely hanging.

5. Don't forget to give your oversized outfit a suitable bag. Cross bags are in trend and are stylish and easy to carry. For a sporty touch, you can also try waist bags.
6. Go all out and sport the belts you haven't used for so long. Cinch your oversized shirt at the waist with a belt. It will shape up the look while also keeping the oversized vibe intact.
7. To amp up the look further, try combining different materials like satin, denim or knit. Try different patterns like polka dots, stripes or even florals. Use bold, contrasting colours to break the monotony and stand out.
8. You can also balance out the look by wearing either an oversized shirt or an oversized pants.

Tips by Pandey
1. To pull off an oversized maxi dress, use a waist belt and ankle-length boots. This is a good option for casual outings.
2. Oversized hoodies or sweatshirts can be worn with baggy jeans and sneakers.
3. Oversized blazers with high-waist trousers or tailored shorts when paired with pointed-toe heels or loafers and highlighted with a low bun makes for a good ensemble when heading for professional meet-ups.
4. Pair a fitted crop top with an oversized shacket, layering it over the crop top for a chic look. Match with high-waisted jeans or shorts and add a waist belt for definition. Complete the look with chunky sneakers and layered accessories for a stylish casual outing.
5. You can also turn an oversized shirt into a crop top. This is especially for those who love wearing boyfriend T-shirts. Simply turn the shirt into a cropped style by knotting the front. Roll up the sleeves and pair them with high-waisted bottoms. Finish the look with platform sneakers, a statement belt, and effortless hair for an excellent street-style appearance.

Tips by Bhomrah

1. If you have an oversized denim jacket, you can wear a bodycon dress or any outfit hugging your body. Layer it with your oversized denim jacket. You can add heels, bracelets and rings to make you look chic and fancy and also feel comfortable.
2. Another oversized look could be wearing basic skinny denim jeans with an oversized shirt and tucking it in. To accentuate the look, you can wear flip-flops or sneakers and add some accessories like minimal jewellery with sunglasses.
3. Wear ripped boyfriend jeans with a basic tank top that hugs you at the right places and add a loose oversized blazer or a shirt on top of it. You can accentuate your look by wearing any boots of your choice, adding a same-coloured belt and throwing in some accessories. A nice watch with a sling bag and sunglasses would make for a perfect look.
The key to acing the trend is to ensure you maintain a perfect balance between your clothing and accessories. This said oversized fashion is widely open to experimenting with different styles. It's versatile, comfortable, and suits everyone. So what are you waiting for? Put on that large shirt and baggy pants, slip into your sneakers and head out with style.

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