Here are five tips to improve the parent-child dysfunctional dynamic

Ahead of World Mental Health Day 2023, Dr Shaunak Ajinkya, consultant, psychiatrist, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, shares helpful tips for improving parent-child dysfunctional dynamic

Updated On: 2023-10-08 02:21 PM IST

Compiled by : Aakanksha Ahire

Every year, World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Open communication
Encourage open and honest communication. Let your children know they can come to you with their thoughts, questions, and concerns without fear of being judged. Listen actively and pay close attention when your child talks to you. 

Acknowledge your child's emotions
Let them know that it's okay to feel the way they do and that their feelings are valid. Show empathy and understanding even if you may not agree initially with their perspective. 

Avoid overreacting
When your child makes a mistake or faces a challenge, respond calmly and constructively rather than reacting with anger or disappointment. Set realistic expectations about your child's abilities and behaviours. Avoid placing excessive pressure on them to achieve perfection. Celebrate their achievements, big or small. Assure your child that your love is unwavering and not dependent on their achievements.

Respect the young adult’s privacy
As your child grows, respect their need for privacy. Avoid intruding on their personal space or possessions without a valid reason.

Be a positive role model
Demonstrating kindness, empathy and effective problem-solving around them. Children often learn by observing their parents' behaviour. If you make a mistake or react inappropriately, be willing to apologise and admit your error. This models accountability and demonstrates that it's okay to make amends.

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