'I love the space of independent music right now', says composer Amit Trivedi

23 November,2022 10:37 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Shriram Iyengar

Putting his Bollywood setlist aside, composer Amit Trivedi’s new album is the culmination of a 15-year-long journey

Amit Trivedi in performance. Pic Courtesy/@parxmusicfiesta on Instagram

Creation is the only answer to pathos, believes Amit Trivedi. The composer knows better than anyone the struggle of working to find the right voice in an industry that is largely conservative. His solo album, Jadu salona, released under his independent label, AT Azaad, marks a new turn for the composer. Released earlier this week, the album contains six singles that stitch a very filmy narrative. "It has been in my head for the last 15 years," Trivedi reveals, adding, "I have always wanted to do this, and finally I got this opportunity. It was long overdue."

With its mix of electro-pop and synth, the album captures some of the composer*s signature elements. It also brings to fore a touch of Bollywood to the composing style despite the attempts to forge a different path. The difference lies in the non-conformity of songs such as Nirmohi and Rahiyo na with their touch of poetic pathos. A dash of mischief and fun adds to the tempo of Jaan leke gayi and Shehnaiyan to diversify the sound.

"If you notice, there is a story that runs through the songs in the album," the composer explains. Trivedi points out that the tracks portray a typical romance from flirtation and mischief to separation that directs its sound. "The album is an expression of me," he says.

It is notable that the composer is able to find space for this experiment under his own label. The foundation of which, he admits, was born of a need to explore. "An artiste needs to find a way to communicate the conflicts, the desire, and the creativity within him. It is the only way to find catharsis," he elaborates.

The album marks the first venture for the label, launched in 2020. Trivedi promises more collaborations in the pipeline. "I have always enjoyed working with fellow musicians. It is part of the process," he says. While refusing to divulge details, Trivedi hinted that more releases will follow.

The exciting part, he says, is a platform to connect with listeners. "I love the space of independent music right now. It feels like a déjà vu of the late ‘90s when we had the rise of indie-pop," he suggests, adding, "It is a completely new medium of consuming music."

Teaming up with Spotify for the release, Trivedi accepts that the availability of information about streaming - what listeners are tuning in to, city-wide trends, changing interests - is revelatory. "As an artiste, you learn stuff. The danger is when you start to think in numbers or just the commercial aspect. There has to be a balance," he observes.

That balance will be crucial with the composer aiming to create music, both commercially and through the independent label, AT Azaad. "I think the future is an exciting one," he signs off.

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