IN PHOTOS: Speeding car crashes into parked vehicles in Mira Road, three injured

In a harrowing incident on Tuesday morning, a speeding car crashed into parked vehicles in Mira Road area of Maharashtra, the officials said on Tuesday. Pics/Hanif Patel

Updated On: 2023-09-26 08:52 PM IST

Compiled by : Asif Ali Sayed

The car crashed into multiple vehicles on Tuesday. Pics/Hanif Patel

The accident took place at the Shanti Park area of Mira Road East on Tuesday morning at around 11:15 am, the officials said

The accident was also captured in the CCTV cameras installed at the commercial units at the spot

In the accident as man as three people were injured, the officials said

The distressing mishap took place in front of the Bank of India in the Shanti Park area branch

The incident involved a Maruti Baleno car hurtling at a high speed

The car ultimately collided with parked vehicles along the roadside

The collision resulted in injuries to three individuals, one of whom suffered severe harm and required immediate hospitalisation, sources said

The police officials are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the collision, sources added

The force of the impact was such that the car's airbags deployed fully, underscoring the magnitude of the crash. Furthermore, several vehicles in the vicinity suffered damage as a consequence of the accident, an official said

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