This unique musical setup in Mumbai wants you to reimagine the sensory escapade

19 November,2023 09:25 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Gautam S Mengle

A unique concert experience combines the best offerings of music legends with the soft glow of candlelight, bringing you a complete immersive experience

The Candlelight India concerts go beyond the traditional idea, decking up the Royal Opera House with thousands of electric candles for a dual experience on your senses. PIC COURTESY/CANDLELIGHT INDIA

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Think of the words "music concert" and a familiar scene unfolds - a dimly lit auditorium, the melodies wafting from the stage, an immersive auditory experience urging you to close your eyes and surrender to the music's embrace. However, Candlelight India beckons you to reimagine this sensory escapade. Picture a venue bathed in the soft glow of hundreds of candles, transforming the ambiance into a visual spectacle that complements the auditory delight on stage. It's not merely a concert; it's a dual experience, a symphony for both the ears and the eyes.

Richa Makkad, the Project Lead at Candlelight India, unveils the simplicity of their logic. "We place as much importance on the ambience as we do on the music. This aligns with what we've observed about the current generation of music lovers. Even when selecting a restaurant, they scrutinise the ambience as much as the food. Our concert selections resonate with their eclectic tastes, so naturally, our ambience becomes a crucial part of the overall experience."

The Royal Opera House in Girgaum, where history whispers through the walls, serves as the canvas for these unique concerts. Held several times each month, these performances pay homage to timeless favourites through the enchanting melodies of string quartets. The candles, however, are electric, in keeping with safety policies. A diverse repertoire, ranging from the soulful notes of AR Rahman to the rhythmic beats of Taylor Swift and the poetic verses of Ed Sheeran or the timeless tunes of ABBA, caters to the varied palates of music aficionados.

Asad Lalljee, CEO of Avid Learning and Curator of Royal Opera House, recognises the transformative power of the arts. "The arts have the ability to uplift and empower and the Royal Opera House has been conscious in presenting events that enhance the beauty and history of the venue alongside the talent of the artistes. We are happy to have illuminated the auditorium not just with candlelight but with the shared essence of emotion."

However, Candlelight India is not just about bringing global musical sensations to the forefront. Makkad emphasizes, "The purpose is also to give a platform to local musicians. The string quartet that plays in Mumbai is from Mumbai. The one that plays for us in Bengaluru is from there, and the same is the case for our next lineup, scheduled in Delhi. But we never promote it as a particular musician playing; it is always about the complete experience - the music, the artiste being paid tribute to, and the setting - for a complete sensory experience."

The next concert in the lineup, an ode to the musical treats of Ed Sheeran, is set to grace the Royal Opera House on Friday, November 24. "The core objective at the Royal Opera House is to engage and support experiential theater performance and unparalleled experiences, and we take immense pride in being a platform to host programmes such the Concerts by Candlelight. This experiential performance at the historic Royal Opera House provides a rare chance for the audience to engage with the art on a personal level," says Ashish Doshi, Honorary Director of Royal Opera House.

WHAT: Candlelight India - A Tribute To Ed Sheeran
WHERE: Royal Opera House, Mumbai
WHEN: Friday, November 24. 7 PM
COST: Rs 999 onwards

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