International Day of Happiness 2023: Two ways to help you put a smile back on your face

19 March,2023 07:53 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Sharanya Kumar

It’s International Day of Happiness tomorrow, and it’s the small things that help us feel warm inside. From sketching to origami, here’s how to put a smile back on your face

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If you need a day to reclaim your narrative, then International Day of Happiness could be the right time to start. Here are two ways to tune in to what you are feeling inside, and how to turn the overwhelm into something positive.

Pick up a colouring book: Who said colouring is just for kids? Nein. It helps all of us relieve our stress, lift our spirits and actually helps us connect with our inner child. Adult colouring books have become increasingly popular as a way to unwind from a long day at work and create beautiful art, all while staying away from technology. This writer found that colouring within mandalas and similar intricate patterns can be a very relaxing and ultimately rewarding experience. There are no rules here: you can use sketch-pens or glitter pens, go monochrome or full rainbow - all that matters is that you express yourself freely. These adult colouring books are easily available online. Many have soothing nature/floral themes, while others are more irreverent, allowing you to colour giant swear words and insults! If the concept sounds intriguing, you can start with "Calm the F*ck Down", "F*ck Off, I*m Colouring!" and "You Are F*cking Awesome: A Motivating Swear Word Colouring Book For Adults", all of which can be found under the author Adult Colouring Books on Amazon. Happy colouring!

Make a senbazuru: Teach yourself some neat origami skills and make colourful paper cranes. A set of origami cranes aligned and joined together by thread is called a senbazuru. In the olden days in Japan, the crane was considered a symbol of good health, happiness and a long life. According to Japanese tradition, folding 1,000 paper cranes gives a person a chance to make one special wish come true. It*s also a great way to flex your motor skills, dexterity and concentration, and you*ll have a lovely house decoration at the end! If you want a more hands-on experience than a simple online tutorial, there are a host of origami teachers around Mumbai. Partho Sarathi (on is passionate about origami and all things DIY, and his affordable lessons are sure to help you create beautiful works of art, even if you*re a beginner. If you have a deeper interest in the craft, Rajeev Raul (on has 10 years of experience in origami classes, with a specialty in 3D models and construction.

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