Battle of the jams! Two new brands with offbeat flavours to choose from

Jul 17, 2015, 08:00 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Banana Rum or Jalapeno Pepper? These aren’t cocktails but jams! Giving a makeover to traditional jams and preserves, two new brands, Deelicious and Lejion Kitchen, are have created unique flavours in their jars. Here’s a face-off to figure who is the champ at breakfast table


(From left) The Caramelised Onion, Dragon Fruit and Jalapeno Pepper variety of jams from Deelicious. PIC/Datta Kumbhar
(From left) The Caramelised Onion, Dragon Fruit and Jalapeno Pepper variety of jams from Deelicious. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

The jam-maker: Like many other budding city entrepreneurs, culinary enthusiast, Dipti Lewis, puts out information about her home-run brand, Deelicious, on her Facebook page. Started two months ago and work-in-progress, the Mulund resident offers a range of preservative-free jams and preserves in flavours like Sour Cherry, Peach Rosemary and even Kiwi Pineapple.

Our order: When we dialled the number mentioned on the Facebook page, we found out that she stocks her products at a few retail stores (one each in Andheri and Bandra, two in Mulund). We picked up three varieties of jams — Dragon Fruit (`135 for 200 gms), Caramelised Onion (`135 for 200 gms) and Jalapeno Pepper (`120 for 200 gms).

The look: The cutesy rotund glass bottles mentioned the manufacturing date (April), the expiry date (best before nine months from manufacturing date) along with the ingredients. We were told that the next batch of bottles would also feature recipes that could be made using these preserves and jams.

The flavours: The Jalapeno Pepper was high on red peppers and red jalapenos (naturally), the piquant jam had a hint of sweetness; it tasted great as a bread spread. While we’ve tried onions in pickles, we preferred this jam version in the Caramelised Onion variety, that was less pungent yet flavoursome. Though better than the regular strawberry variety, the Dragon Fruit lacked a defining taste. We would’ve liked more chunks of the fruit.

Rating: 8/10

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Lejion Kitchen

Lejion Kitchen
(Clockwise, from left) Banana Rum, Pineapple Chilli Relish and Whiskey Marmalade served by Lejion Kitchen. Pic/Dhara Vora

The jam-maker: The brainchild of city-based home chef Radhika Mathur, Lejion Kitchen offers a range of preservative-free jams from the classic pineapple, orange and mango flavoured varieties to the more innovative Whiskey Marmalade and Banana Rum. These are currently sold on the food portal, Yummade.

Our order: All the flavours were still in stock. We picked Whiskey Marmalade (`300 for 200 gms), Banana Rum (`250 for 200 gms) and Pineapple Chilli Relish (`250 for 200 gms). Ordering online was a hassle-free process and the deliveries appeared at our doorstep the next day.

The look: Seal-packed and covered with a pretty chequered cloth, the jams were packed in sturdy jars, sans any spillage. The expiry dates (best before 60 to 90 days) and refrigerating instructions were clearly visible on the packaging. The makers also threw in complimentary samples — Mango Jam and Apple and Dates spread.

The flavours: We loved that the portal mentioned which dish each jam tasted best with. For instance, Whiskey Marmalade could be whisked into salad dressings while the Banana Rum could be a topping on cakes. Meanwhile, the Pineapple Chilli Relish would work even as a glaze on smoked ham and sausages. Our only grouse — These reccos weren’t mentioned on the bottle. So, we tried each flavour with brown bread. The Whiskey Marmalade was high on thinly cut orange slices and low on whisky. It tasted like any orange marmalade but with sulphur-free sugar. The Pineapple Chilli Relish was tangy with the right amount of roasted chilli flavour, and would complement the spicy kebabs and tikkas, as recommended by the brand. Banana desserts are one of our favourite dessert picks; so, we spread a dollop of the Banana Rum jam onto the bread and took a bite. Yum! The rum and brown sugar gave a total makeover to the modest fruit. The thick, not-too-sweet jam was our winner.

Rating: 7/10

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Deelicious and Lejion Kitchen didn’t know it was us.

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Overall verdict

Both scored in terms of flavours and unique varieties, but Deelicious gets an extra vote for smarter pricing. Now, if only they’d stock up at more retail stores in the city.

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