Bizarre! These 10 food items have been made from poop, vomit or spit

Feb 08, 2017, 13:25 IST | mid-day online correspondent

While browsing through this article you will get to know about some food items that are made from the filthiest things in the world. Their ingredients and names are definitely going to disgust you leave you in a state of 'yaaakkkk!':

We all want our food to be branded, good quality, hygienic and adhere to norms of food administering bodies. We tend to keep the kitchen spotless, utensils sterilized, and ingredients fresh and clean. However, ‘human nature’ is a term that is quite unstable and varies from time to time. This will be proved in this article when you will get to browse through some food items that are made from the filthiest things of the world. Their ingredients and names are definitely going to disgust you leave you in a state of 'yaaakkkk!':

10 foods that will make you vomit
Baby Poop Sausages. Pic courtesy/YouTube

1. Baby Poop Sausages: All these days you must have heard about the fresh delicious chicken and or sausages. However, sausages have another variety too, known as the Baby Poop sausages. These sausages are prepared from a type of bacteria found in baby faeces. While the ingredient of these secret sausages can make a lay person vomit, scientists on the other hand term this as super healthy and delicious.

10 foods that will make you vomit
Honey. pic courtesy/YouTube

2. Honey: Infused with medicinal properties, honey is considered to be the best medicine for cough, cold, obesity, diabetes, etc. However, do you know how is sweet medicinal food is made? Bees store nectar in the stomach and when they are overloaded, they pass on the nectar to worker bees by vomiting it up. The process is repeated until the partially digested nectar is made and deposited into what is popularly known as the ‘honeycomb’. Water is drained out of the nectar and is converted into our favourite honey.

Traditional Chicha. Pic courtesy/YouTube

3. Traditional Chicha: This beer dates back to thousands of years. There is a traditional way of making the drink and you will be surprised to know what. To ferment the ingredient, the brewers rub the corns thoroughly with their tongue and their own saliva, because they feel that the enzymes in their saliva are strong enough to convert the cornstarch into sugar. After drying the sugar for sometime, the corn cakes are ready. Don’t get scared, because this step happens before brewing. However, some breweries still follow the traditional way of making Chicha.

10 foods that will make you vomit
Kopi Luwak. Pic courtesy/YouTube

4. Kopi Luwak: The most expensive coffee in the world is made from beans passed through a Civet cat. The cat, native to Southeast Asia is a coffee lover. It eats the coffee cherries but is unable to digest the beans. The beans are passed out through the cat’s digestive system. One good point is that the beans are smooth, aromatic and contains less caffeine.

10 foods that will make you vomit
Un, Kono Kuro. Pic courtesy/YouTube

5. Un, Kono Kuro: For a change, the beer is made from coffee and that coffee is collected from the elephants of Thailand’s Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation. The beer is said to have a great taste and quite popular across the world.

10 foods that will make you vomit
Panda Dung Green Tea. Pic courtesy/YouTube

6. Panda Dung Green Tea: Panda dung is uniquely put to sterilization and processing for making the world famous green tea.

10 foods that will make you vomit
Shellac. Pic courtesy/YouTube

7. Shellac: The product is used to coat food items like candy, chocolate, and fresh fruits. It is a purified version of lac, a secretion from an insect called Laccifer lacca Kerr. The secretion is soaked into water to clear away impurities and later soaked into sodium carbonate. Apart from food, it is also used to varnish furniture.

10 foods that will make you vomit
Kuchikami No Sake. Pic Courtesy/YouTube

8. Kuchikami No Sake: This is a rice based alcohol which has a traditional form of making. Apart from rice, another basic ingredient of the alcohol is human saliva, because the brewers start the process by chewing rice, chestnuts, or acorns.

10 foods that will make you vomit
Yan Wo. pic courtesy/YouTube

9. Yan Wo: A delicacy in China, the basic ingredient of the food is bird’s nest. A bird called swiftlet produces the nests with its own saliva secretions. Yan Wo however is rich in protein and is used in soups and desserts.

10 foods that will make you vomit`
Ambergris. Pic courtesy/YouTube

10. Ambergris: The rare substance is produced in a sperm whale’s stomach or throat. It is very expensive and is used in a wide range of food items like egg dishes, cocktails, and ice cream.

So, after reading this, are you going to check the ingredients of beer, sausages or green tea? 

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