Burger goes desi

Sep 24, 2012, 09:58 IST | Ashishwang Godha

Pune's received another Mumbai eatery � this time it's a burger joint. While Burgs offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, the pricing of this eatery is a tad on the higher side

First, they lured us with their tagline that promised us gourmet burgers. Then, they challenged our expectations with their proud-to-be-Indian, desi menu. We ended up liking both the concepts in theory. Practically, the gourmet tag doesn’t do justice, though the desi one does. That’s not to be read as being snobbish and considering desi un-gourmet at all. Just that the images of salmon and cream cheese and cutlery didn’t get transformed into reality.

So what? Burgs is about burgers and not about being a fine-dine. They do a good job with the 16 burgers on their menu and that’s what counts. The little quick-service café done in white and blue, even has customised burger bun lamps above. Like burger joints should be, this one too is a semi-self-service, and serves its burgers wrapped in butter paper, uses plastic glasses and trays and does not fuss about much else.

Burgs offers 16 different options for burger lovers and a few yummy shakes to wash them down

The menu focuses on the 16 burgers, fries, onion rings, a couple of slushes and a few ice-cream shakes. We begin with their namesake and signaturedish, The Burg (R179). This one is a minced tenderloin patty dressed with lettuce and caramelised onions. The fresh in-house patty is quite nice and gives off the flavour of the meat. Not meant for those who have gone non-vegetarian recently but we enjoyed the meatiness.

Our Fries (R50) came in a little paper bag and were crisp and well-salted for starters. We recommend you eat them fast, for they tend to go soggy soon. We tried a Strawberry Slush (R89) and it took us back to the bubblegum taste associated with childhood. A tad too much ice and too sweet for adults. We shall try the lemon version next time.

For a veggie option, we went with an Aubergine Delite (R150). A crumb-fried and crisp exterior coated the thick-cut, moist eggplant: unusual and quite nice, even for a non-eggplant loving person. We only wish their sauce had as much character as their patty.

We opted for a Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake (R115) and loved it. The flavours came together perfectly and the quantity was just right. So, we ordered another burger to help us along. This time we tried the rather unusual, Birdy Num Num (R185). This is a chicken patty that has cheese oozing out of it. Yum. Only the ketchup dressing kills it. We would have liked it with no ketchup but, for lovers of the tomato sauce, it’s quite perfect.

A pat on the back to Burgs for offering at least one beef and pork option, as well as going beyond potatoes and paneer for the veggie varieties. Another pat for their unusually flavoured and delicious shakes.

Issues? The pricing is a tad high. The service could definitely do with their staff staring a little less at the television. And their sauces could be much better — the Inferno isn’t really hot, the BBQ is too sweet and the Chipotle isn’t really chipotle.

Overall, it’s a nice and perfectly located stopover outside the upcoming multiplex — ideal for a quick bite before or after a movie.

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