Campa Cola demolition: Action against illegal flat owners to commence from June 17

Jun 12, 2014, 22:05 IST | PTI

The BMC will now start it's demolition activity against the 'illegal' residents of south Mumbai's Campa Cola compound from June 17

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) on Thursday said it will start taking action against the residents of illegal flats at Campa Cola compound in south Mumbai from June 17.

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"We will start taking action against the residents from June 17. But before that we will send a notice under section 488 of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act to all unauthorised flat owners on 14th, 15th and 16th June," an MCGM official said.

The residents are not willing to leave the illegally built flats, which are to be demolished, even after the Supreme Court's refusal to give them relief.

Most residents of Campa Cola Compound feel that protest is the only option left for them. File pic

The officer added that the eviction process will be carried out in three stages and may go on for a year.

"We have to be very careful in carrying out the demolition work to make sure that the legal flats in the buildings are not harmed in any way," the officer added.

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In the first stage of eviction, MCGM will cut off supply of electricity, water and gas to the illegally built flats. Internal walls of the flats would be pulled down in the second stage, and finally the balconies would be taken down.

"MCGM will be spending about Rs 2.20 crore on the demolition, and the money will be recovered from the property tax of the legal residents of Campa Cola," the official added.

Residents will also face action for violating the court orders to vacate the flats.

Meanwhile, some of the residents said that handing over the keys of flats to MCGM was "out of question".

"We do not intend to defy the orders of the Supreme Court. We will not handover the keys of our flats to the MCGM at any cost because we have no other place to go. If there is any law and order problem, it will only be because the state government is not ready to intervene in the matter," said Ankit Garg, a resident of Campa Cola compound.

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