Chomp your way to Singapore at Singkong

Apr 13, 2014, 08:59 IST | Kareena Gianani

Singkong’s dim sums have superpowers – they can take you to Singapore. Only if you take up the Chomping Championship and eat 45 dim sums in 45 minutes. Are you game?

We are left agape when foodies coolly gobble up multiple hot dogs, hamburgers or crab cakes in minutes at speed eating competitions. But if you knew that eating something comparatively lighter could take you to Singapore, would you give it a shot?

Dim sums at Singkong

Singkong, the Bandra-based Pan Asian restaurant, thinks so. The restaurant’s Chomping Championship challenges foodies to finish eating 45 dim sums in 45 minutes for the first round, which will be held on April 16. In the second round, which will be held the week after, winners will be challenged to eat dishes from a special menu created by Chef Vikas Seth. The final winner wins a three-night-four-day trip to Singapore, inclusive of flight tickets and stay.

Seth sees the festival as a way to celebrate the holiday season. “Every holiday only gets better with food, right? So we thought we could have our food lead to a holiday,” he says. He adds that the idea of eating 45 dim sums in 45 minutes might look daunting, but it isn’t — and he says that from experience. “I tried doing it myself and I could eat 42 in the time limit.”

At the competition, the non-vegetarians will be served the Crystal Shrimp, Fish and Sesame and Aromatic Spicy Chicken dumplings. The vegetarian fare includes Wasabi Edamame and Water Chestnut, Spiced Broccoli and Celery and Spinach and Vegetable dumplings. Should carnivores be worried about the vegetarians having an unfair advantage because meat’s almost always heavier that greens? Seth doesn’t think so. “We will serve the standard size of dim sums at the competition.

And I feel non-vegetarians are used to the fact that their dishes are heavier.” If you clear the first round and qualify for the second, expect Singkong’s signature dishes to put you to test. Prawn Tempura (served with the restaurant’s house Screaming Sauce), Pattaya Fish, Chicken Wrapped in Banana Leaf are some of the delicacies you could expect. “Everyone loves a good challenge, and during such a competition, dim sums are healthier than hot dogs or burgers. Even if you don’t win, you would have had a rather filling lunch,” smiles Seth.

Entry:  Rs 2,000 plus taxes 
At: Singkong 604, Pinnacle House,  15th Road, Khar West. 
When: April 16  
Call: 67094444

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