Curb your 'Hunger Pangs' in Bandra

Apr 16, 2014, 08:30 IST | Ruchika Kher

Positioned in the middle of the bustling Hill Road in Bandra, Hunger Pangs is hard to miss for its simple  fare that demands a return visit

The name made our stomachs growl in anticipation; by the time we reached Hunger Pangs, the new eatery at Hill Road with its blown up images of food didn’t make things easier. Instead of dropping by in the evening, we decided to make office lunch hours a little more interesting and opted for a takeaway. We called for Potato Wedges (R179), South of the Border Burger (R219), Chicken Cheese Logs (R199) and white cream pasta (R239).

The White Cream Pasta was creamy and flavoursome

While we were inspecting the clean space with white-and-red interiors, our order — packed in sturdy, microwavable boxes — was ready in 20 minutes. Without losing any time we headed towards office with enticing aroma coming from the boxes. We reached office in 40 minutes, and were thrilled that our packed lunch had survived the commute, and was still relatively hot (brownie points for the boxes).

Chicken Cheese Logs had succulent chicken inside with a crisp coating on the outside

We plumbed the pasta first, which was simply lip-smacking. The penne in creamy white sauce with pepper and a generous amount of herbs nicely established the mood. The next target was the chicken roll. While the cheese was not a prominent feature (unlike what the name suggested), it still gave us plenty of reason to gobble up the flattened chicken with a crunchy coating.

The South of the Border burger is massive, and serves as a full meal. Pics/Dhara Vora

The massive burger (plus fries on the side) was intimidating. After our first bite, we were in burger heaven. The chunky chicken patty with tomatoes, avocado, lettuce and cheese toppings were a meal in itself. The wedges deserve a mention as well, though they taste best when served hot.

Overall, Hunger Pangs makes for a delish, wholesome working lunch option.

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